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Write for me capstone logistics holiday pay

Write for me capstone logistics holiday pay mizzou biology capstone recognizing and reporting child abuse neglect class oregon ´╗┐so the new flight pre-workout is pretty strong that's all guys I say you could pricey to my eyes so today is gonna be a maximum effort deadlift day which I haven't done in quite some time reason being I've been away I've been away all summer and then on October 1st I leave for a month until November 1st to go to California for some army training not like LA California like desert California so today I'm just having some fun with it see what I can do last time I did maximum effort you know months ago with 600 pounds so I'm nowhere close to that but hopefully I can get somewhere in the fives when I get back from California November first I'm gonna start a new program I'll show you the program which I'm gonna write over the next couple weeks over the course of the next month and I'll show you what I'm gonna be working on but mainly it's gonna be focused on hypertrophy volume and then it's gonna include some sort of strength training revolved around squats and deadlifts and then presses so we'll see what I can do today hopefully you guys enjoy it hopefully I get some impressive numbers but if not always impressive food really really did not expect that but I'll take it 585 deadlift if we're not doing deadlifts uh majority of this summer I'm just going in kind of cold I'm happy I'll take it so what I'm gonna make post-workout is some stuffed french toast so this is a pumpkin cream cheese stuffed french toast I gotta give credit when credits do this is not my idea I got it off Instagram from scrawling Aaron Owen so she posted a picture up the other day I screenshot it excite that eventually so what I'm gonna use is this new pepperidge farm swirl pumpkin spice bread tis the season four slices of that I'm gonna use a tiny bit of almond milk about an eighth cup of egg whites one whole egg 1/8 cup of pure pumpkin fat-free cream cheese two tablespoons that it's a vanilla extract some cinnamon and then one serving of chocolate morsels chips all right so in case I've been slacking on my recipes lately they should be some Redemption so the French toast top it off so that that stuffing there is just uh the pumpkin and the cream cheese and a little bit of pumpkin pie spice and then a little bit of chocolate chips some motor farms to sweeten it up a little bit all right so we are leaving this 13 acre leash free dog park in Austin called Red Bud i'll these absolutely beat beat but every every so often just because it gets to run around hang other dogs like let loose heading home now I'm gonna stop at sprouts in Round Rock and my home because the only place I know of that sells halo top ice cream so I'm get a pint of ice cream and then head home for dinner right now it's 4:30 4 p.m. and Oh slobber everywhere you know what this is not halo top so I guess the sprouts I go to just doesn't sell halo top ice cream anymore but they sell literally every flavor of Arctic zero so I picked up the one that in my opinion tastes the best chocolate chip cookie dough 175 calories per serving 300 for the old pint so I'm about to eat that with some sugar-free Hershey's chocolate syrup and then in addition I picked up some of this better in peanut butter so I've had this before it has better macros and regular peanut butter but the consistency and the flavor is a little different I really don't mind it I'll put it on sandwiches no problem I think it's pretty good so for two tablespoons 32 grams it's 2 grams of fat 13 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein so I like using it's a little more expensive I think this was about $6 but you know use every so often it lasts a while and then I ran in the house after Austin I was absolutely starving it was about 6:45 I just made a quick dinner but chicken sandwich or Ezekiel bread with arugula tomato and onion with some barbecue sauce and honey mustard and then 10 ounces of red potato Friday and a half a tablespoon of coconut oil woke up this morning two hundred eight point eight which is pretty low for me usually I wake up around to eleven to twelve and by the end of the day I'm like two fifteen to sixteen maybe so I will make up for that today on another note waking up and drinking at least twenty twenty-five fluid ounces of water makes you feel so much better I can tell like on days where I do drink water right when waking up and days where maybe I wait a few hours and just start my normal day my day goes so much better so much more energy natural energy if I just drink a lot of water right when waking you up especially if I'm gonna hit the gym in a few hours so I go in the weekends if I wake up drink a whole shaker bottle of water go to the gym two hours later I feel so much better and the rest of my day just gets in that rhythm and I feel I just feel good and with Labor Day tomorrow I'm gonna be doing twenty percent off our site so if you use the code Labor Day which will be right here right on this screen you'll get 20% off the shopping cart anything you order whether it be branched chain amino acids creatine or pre-workout so take advantage that deal that we starting as soon as this video is uploaded and go until Monday night at 12:00 midnight this is how I put a lot of my pictures on my Instagram so I'll just take like screenshots of clips from the videos on Final Cut Pro and put them into Photoshop I'm like this is a 600 by 600 pixel picture just because like personally I like to do like the white framed pictures I think it just looks really good so I'm gonna send this to my email real quick put it on Instagram so if you're not following Instagram do it do it now alright guys so heading to the gym I'm gonna hit leg day so I really don't know where I wanna hit yet I know under squats like press extensions curls I think for like a rep scheme for squats we're gonna stick with more volume to probably upwards of eight to ten reps working with probably 315 I'm sure you multiple sets I'll probably do upwards of seven to eight sets in that rep range because the main focus today volume getting a lot of blood flow going and then working with a lot of weight archives the requested live commentary from what you guys are calling the casting couch and I guess it makes sense but getting today's workout so focus on a high volume like day and after doing max s for deadlifts yesterday my lower back is just super taxed so you know getting right into the first set I could already feel really tightening up and like almost a strain in my lower back so I think over 315 and I did about seven sets 315 working from seven to nine reps total and I just wanted to really focus on Form and my squat is definitely starting to come up again I'm really hoping to get upwards of that four or five and the upcoming weeks hopefully before I leave for California cuz I know after California it's gonna be an uphill struggle again getting my strength back in some size back and then after squats I did four sets of light press and I'd say 10 to 12 rep range and I use six and a half plates so almost a little over six and a half six plates plus a 35 and then four sets of calves now for calves I use a 45 and 25 on each side and I focused on higher reps so upwards of I'd say 25 reps so really focusing on the squeeze on top and then finishing it off with extensions and then some curls I'm pretty psyched because that tree right there like I say a month ago a month and a half ago came home randomly from the field and all the leaves were gone like all my neighbor's trees had leaf still mine was just like stick I thought it was dead and then randomly this week start growing buds again so it's coming back to life alright guys I'm going to get a much-needed haircut right now if you're wondering too on the side mid fade don't touch the top hope you guys have a really good Labor Day and I'll talk to you in the next video mba capstone project book order School of Humanities and Sciences.

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