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Write for me capstone lighting costco

Write for me capstone lighting costco international conference on artificial intelligence 2019 for money printable writing paper for elementary students ´╗┐good afternoon this is aaron whiskey's wit came and Mama press release distribution and today we're speaking with dr. James Shui executive director of southern senators dr. Shaw thank you for joining yes thank you for having me Jeff tell me why brad has been making headlines in the news due to the new center you opened in Tampa Bay for those who don't know what is Saturday well the CyberKnife is a system for delivering very high doses of radiation therapy to a very very concentrated and small target volume in a very short period of time and by doing that one is able to destroy or oblate the tissue within that very tightly confined target volume of and and destroy in most cases the tumors are what's treated and how did you get involved with second well I've been involved with this field of radio surgery which is a type of very specialized radiation therapy since the late 80s when I went to the University of Miami as the first chairman of the radiation oncology department of that institution and at that time radiosurgery was really in its infancy and we started with a system that had been developed at the University of Miami and then progressed through commercially available systems and I was involved with the initiation of two gamma knife sites in in Miami the gamma knife is a other system for doing radio surgery but it utilizes a cobalt source and can only treat lesions in the head and upper neck area and has some limitations because it requires a frame to be screwed into the patient's skull to immobilize the patient and only allows a single a single fraction of treatment CyberKnife on the other hand uses a lightweight linear accelerator which can mover which is attached to a robotic arm and can move the patient from virtually any angle and the CyberKnife can be used without any form of immobilization which is much more comfortable for the patient and can't read anywhere in the body it's not limited to the head or neck area but it can treat the head and which includes lesions in the brain or the upper aerodigestive tract it can treat lesions in the bone anywhere the body can treat spinal lesions lung lesions pancreatic lesions it can treat tumors in the liver lesions that are in the abdominal cavity and that's being widely used now for the treatment of prostate cancer as well is there a specific stage that the CyberKnife can treat at any stage from beginning stages to well advanced well the CyberKnife really really treats individual lesions so some patients with very advanced stage cancer can be treated if the lesions the individual lesions are small enough and so it's it's it's useful in some patients with very early stage cancers or benign tumors such as lesions that very commonly in the brain or in the prostate or in the lung and in many cases it can be used to treat individual lesions that that have spread in patients with more advanced stages of cancer lesions that may have spread to the lung or spread to the brain or to the liver and the limitation is mostly the size of the lesion in general the CyberKnife is useful for lesions that are less than about six centimeters that's about the the thickness of your thumb when you get lesions larger than that it becomes difficult to maintain the very very tight dose gradients that is that the the advantage to the CyberKnife over many other forms of radiation therapy and other forms of treatment is that we can confine this very high dose of radiation to a very tightly confined target volume but when we get to bigger lesions it becomes it becomes more difficult to have that tightly defined dose gradients and when you just spoke about the gamma ray you mentioned something called a cobalt what is the cobalt well the the gamma knife uses a a source of radiation is a that's radioactive cobalt cobalt is giving off gamma rays and it's all it's a radioactive isotope that's constantly decaying the CyberKnife uses a lightweight linear accelerator which produces x rays x-rays and gamma rays are essentially the same thing but the the the CyberKnife is able to produce a six million volt x-ray dose as opposed to the gamma rays from cobalt which are only 1.2 million volts and the there are various qualities of linear accelerator based radiation that make them more attractive than than cobalt apparatuses and the gamma knife is one of the only surviving pieces of equipment that that still utilize a radioactive cobalt source virtually all other all other radiation therapy utilizes a linear accelerator or other type of accelerating device what are the benefits of camp CyberKnife cancer treatment versus traditional options as far as pain and recovery well since the CyberKnife treats such a very confined target volume there's very little dose that goes to the surrounding on tissue and that means that there are less side effects and less problems that can occur in normal tissue than you would find with other forms of radiation therapy so for patients who have individual lesions that can be targeted by the CyberKnife there isn't as much effect on surrounding normal tissue and this this means that the patients can get in and out of the the treatment room much easier it means that other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy or immunotherapy can be delivered in many cases at the same time as CyberKnife without the CyberKnife treatment interfering with with those other treatments other forms of radiation therapy frequently have more effect on normal surrounding tissue and interfere with the ability to deliver some of these other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy or immunotherapy at the same time as the radiation therapy and qualifies for CyberKnife treatment well as I say some some of the patients who qualify for CyberKnife treatment may be patients who have very early stage cancers or early stage benign tumors and some of the people may be people who have tumors or cancers that have spread elsewhere in the body the real thing that would make a patient suitable for CyberKnife treatment would be whether the individual lesions that they have our less than six centimeters which is about the largest size that can be treated and still maintain the very very tight distribution of dose to the to this very tightly constructed confined target volume CyberKnife has treatment centers in Miami West Palm and now babe does each Center specialize in a particular type of treatment well the CyberKnife centers that that we run in Miami and Palm Beach and Tampa all can treat a variety of lesions and treat all the things that CyberKnife has been used for but we have a very special expertise in the number of areas in particular our centers have probably treated more patients with lung cancers than anywhere in the world and we have a particular interest and expertise in treating prostate cancers as well but we have treated GI lesions brain lesions head and neck lesions pancreatic cancers bone lesions spinal lesions on patients from both local area and actually patients from all over the world what are the future plans for second centers well we are looking at some other areas where we where where we feel that it would be useful to place one of these facilities but right now we're contempt on continuing to build on what we feel is the best organization for doing radiosurgery any place in the world in our in our centers that we're currently operating fantastic and how can people find you on the web for more information well they can either find us at ww or CyberKnife com or at CyberKnife miami.com CyberKnife Palm Beach com or cyber Knife tampabay.com well thank you dr. shui thank you very much for your time and exclusive interview with came in mamma.com press release distribution we wish you the best of luck thank you very much my pleasure you do my marshall university capstone biology New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

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