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Write for me capstone law center pc

Write for me capstone law center pc ashland va railroad webcam for money web content writer position ´╗┐hey everyone it's sarah with registered nurse Orion comm and in this video we're going to go over the topic do nurses eat their young now if you're a nursing Souter a nurse at some point you have heard the phrase nurses ether young whenever I was a student this was the first time I heard of it and before we were starting clinicals some friends had said I heard that nurses ether young and I had no idea what that meant so in this video I want to talk to you about the following things I'm going to explain the meaning of it I'm going to talk to you about my experience with this why it tends to happen and what to do if it happens to you so let's get started first let's talk about the meaning what does it exactly mean when someone says the phrase nurses eat their own young this phrase originated from some nursing students or nurses who have been treated with disrespect maybe they felt like a nuisance to a nurse who maybe was orienting them or they had experienced some type of aggressive behavior from a more experienced nurse and apparently nursing has really got this negative perception to it but you have to remember this type of thing not only happens in the nursing field but it happens in other professions so say you were getting a degree to become an accountant in you get hired on your you're the new accountant sometimes more experienced people try to make the new people feel like they have to earn their way because they had to earn their way so you may encounter some aggressive behavior in that but overall whenever I was a student and a nurse and a new nurse I really didn't experience this as much as people who have maybe graduated like five to ten years later than me so it has in the past really been a problem with some people and I think nowadays especially with the newer generation of nurses coming up the culture of Nursing is changing especially with the Millennials and because as a nurse I've seen new grads who are really open to the idea of having students with and they love it they love sharing the knowledge they love teaching them because they remember how stressful it was and how hard it was to be a nurse but overall you can encounter this but generally it's not as prevalent I think as it used to be so let me talk to you about my experience with it because I have had some experiences with this and I have to just share the story so whenever I first was thinking about doing this video and thinking about this topic this was my first experience that I wanted to share with you guys that came to my head came to my memory I remember being a student I was um in my OB orientation and I was on the postpartum unit and I was at the nurse's station looking through a chart on a patient and there was no one else in the nurse's station except for a doctor over across from me looking at a chart as well and there was a lot of empty seats and I was setting down read my chart and then all of a sudden I hear someone stomp their feet and put their hand on their hip and go like that and well I looked up and there's this nurse standing over me and I was like am I in your seat and she was like yes you're in my seat so I picked up my chart and I got up and went somewhere else and sat down and she plopped down in the chair and sat down and I had looked across over at the doctor who was observing this situation unfold and he rolled his eyes and was realizing how ridiculous it was and the fact was that there was all these other seats she could have set in but apparently that was her assigned seat so that is a little taste of what nurses ether young means and that was one of my experiences that I had now let's talk about some other examples that you might experience as a student I've seen where students and I didn't experience this on some floors like during your clinicals you may go to a floor and the nurses on the floor really just ignore the students they don't talk to them they don't really go out of their way to show them anything and if they do it seems like it's a big chore and a big task and that makes you feel unwanted and then as new nurses I've seen where other co-workers have been sort of rude to the new nurse if there in a question that everyone should know in the new nurse didn't know it or not seen support for that nurse whenever they may need help because they're sinking in their patient load and I've seen instances with that now what why does this happen why um do nurses sometimes tend to treat this student or the new nurses not very well well I tend to think what happens is that one reason is that they are just really tired themselves and overworked maybe they're on their fourth 12-hour shift and they literally all they have energy to do is take care of their patients they don't have time to teach a student or just take that extra time to do that or maybe they forgot how it was to be a student or a new nurse themselves because after he after five six years those memories seem to fade and maybe they forgot how hard it was and how it's really you you just need help and you need someone to teach you and last but not least a lot of times maybe that person had it done to them as a new nurse or a nursing student so they're just like well I had it rough and people didn't teach me I had to learn the ropes myself so they're just gonna have to do it themselves so that might be a reason why this happened sometimes now what if you're experiencing this right now what what to do if this happens to you well there's three steps that I think you can do first you want to do the most non-invasive one you just want to if this is an isolated event that happens like during clinicals or as a new nurse try to just shrug it off and try to just think of well maybe this person is going through a difficult time right now maybe they have some major family issues on maybe they're just under a lot of stress and maybe that's why they snapped at me because I remember one time I had a co-worker whenever I was a new nurse and they were just on edge all the time and it turns out the reason that they were was because they had some major family issues going on so I'm glad I didn't approach the issue or anything like that because that could just really set them off okay number two say that this just keeps happening over and over and it's not an isolated event the best thing you should do is approach that person and do it tactfully and just explain you know I noticed that I've seen this behavior is there something I've done to offend you how can we work better together I want to work together because you know this is a team work if that doesn't work say that made it worse always go to like your manager or beyond to get like some advice or to report this from happening because as a nurse our new nurse er student you are not subjected just because you're new to harassment of any kind so you always need to take care of it and get the support you need so that is a little bit on the phrase nurses eat their young I hope I explained that and just in conclusion you know it's not as bad as people really make it out to be I had some random instances with it and you probably will too um but if it does happen to you just try to follow those steps nursing is really a great profession and you know whenever you become a nurse just remember how you should treat other nursing students and other nurses and you can lay the foundation of saying hey I want to help others and I'm going to mentor them and welcome them into this because we need new influxes of nurses coming in and learning the ropes because one day we're going to retire and they're going to be taking care of us and we want to make sure that we have good nurses so thank you so much for watching this video and please subscribe to my youtube channel do my enterprise risk management policy guidelines Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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