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Write for me capstone interactive digital books

Write for me capstone interactive digital books do my cpa capstone schedule 2017 writing add ins for visual studio net ´╗┐hey guys over here welcome to boardwalk at Morris Bridge where we consider ourself a class above the rest priced at the best my name is Celia and thanks to lift somewhere you guys are on a 360 virtual tour which means if you move your handheld device to the left right up or down you can get a 360 view of what we have to offer what you guys have seeing right now is our pool deck we have a pool jacuzzi grills and tiki huts all of this is offered 24 hours to our residents we are the only student housing property in the USF area to offer a 24 hour pool and jacuzzi deck so if you want to go for a late night swim after work you have plenty of time what we're gonna do now is we're gonna head over to our club house where we can check out all the amenities that we have to offer here let's go take a look welcome to the lounge so in this area what we offer you guys is we have our pool table as well as our ping-pong table dartboards over here in the corner and TV hooked up right here also has a Wii device so you guys can enjoy gaming and watch a movie out here in this area every Tuesday we have tasty Tuesday where one of the local restaurants comes and delivers different foods every week so if you want free lunch between the hours of 2:30 and 6 stop by the clubhouse where you can pick up a freshly cooked meal what we're gonna do now is we're gonna go ahead and head over to the gym so this is our 24-hour fitness center over here to the left so you guys have your ellipticals and over here to the right you have all of your three weights I mean if you're having trouble sleeping at night come down to the gym and work it out it's open 24 hours another cool thing about our property is we having private trainers go there Monday through Saturday she teaches classes she teaches yoga boot camp as well as pool training and a 5k run so if you're looking to meet people and get a good exercise it's the new year let's start fresh come join Christine here Monday through Saturday for some extra workout classes so this right here is our tanning bed I mean although we live in Florida if you're looking to avoid those 10 you can come use our tanning bed during office hours Monday through Sunday 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. ever thought about going to watch a movie but you don't want to go for a drive come check out our 24-hour movie theater you can watch one of our various selection movies bring your own play our leaf this dumb use Netflix and eat cook up your computer to do a product and this is our computer lab where we offer free printing during the day we'll provide 10 sheets of paper to every resident at write ink is still free you just have to bring your own paper and now if you're looking for a little bit of a quieter place to study you can always utilize that study room you're able to hook up your computers to our TV to project anything as well as using our tables and our whiteboard behind you to do your homework what we're gonna do now is we're gonna head out to the outside of the leasing office to show you what the front of the clubhouse looks like then to close the tour of our club cause right now what you're seeing is a leasing office you can come here to ask general questions about your knees pay your rent and even put in service requests what we're gonna do now is we're gonna head over to the models will take you on a tour of our apartment hood over here to my left we have our private shuttle now we are the only season housing property that has a contract at USF to allow other shuttle other than the bull runner on campus so if you take classes during the day between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 and you want to avoid the traffic on campus and the expensive you co come take our free shuttle you can get a free ride to campus Monday through Friday every week what you're standing in right now is considered our common area or common area consists of the living room our dining room and our kitchen it is fully furnished so what you see is what you can you have the sofa the untangles the coffee table give it 50-inch TV mounted to the wall as well as a private Wi-Fi Robert you guys can get better ultra vice the Internet you head over to the kitchen now what you see is is fully equipped with all your appliances you have your fridge freezer with icemaker your dishwasher stove microwave garbage disposal as well as your full loader washer and dryer everything in the common area here is shared with all four roommates what boardwalk has to offer is all of our apartments are four-bedroom four-bath layouts and they're fully furnished and rent is all inclusive so that includes your electric cable water high-speed Internet and pest control all for one flat rate we had over here you have your pool dinette set it's a four-seater put 20 chairs and table only you guys can have your dinner with your roommates invite friends over Meghan told me it's possible to make sure to take air boardwalk enjoyable what I'm gonna do now is admission show you guys all the bedrooms all of our bedrooms are exactly the same out of all student housing properties here the USF area we are the only one to offer the largest bedroom layouts and when I mean large they are huge they are eleven point six by thirteen point six so you can fit plenty of stuff aside from our fully furnished furniture so what you see that you have is you have your queen-size beds large Jasser huge desk with chair as well as your nightstand and over here to my right you have your bathroom and that's a full bathroom with your shower tub sink and toilet over here to the left you have your mirrored closet open up and you have a full rack of clothes that you're able to hang up and bring it stored all your stuff what I'm gonna do now is take you guys over to bedroom B C & D just to give you a heads up in all of our bedrooms they come equipped with a panic button this panic button is hooked up either to our front office or to night on one so if you ever feel nervous or unsafe where you just want somebody to come over and press that button they will alert us roll alert 9-1-1 so let's head over to the other bedrooms and I'll show you what their layout looks like so this is bedroom B what I can think about bedroom B is bedroom being bedroom a share this connecting wall right here the gym B also shares this connecting wall over here with bedroom C so this one is located in the middle of the apartment but like I said everything is dyed entacle you have your large bed your dresser your dad your nightstand and your bathroom over there to locate right and that's up once again fully equipped bathroom for bedroom be the panic button is located over here on the front and that's within every apartment that we have here so we're gonna do now is we're gonna head over to bedroom C and this bedroom happens to be everyone's favorite it is bedroom D it is the only bedroom that does not share another wall with a bedroom it's the only bedroom that shows the wall with the kitchen which is a small right here as you can see one time as I said earlier all of our apartments here are four-bedroom four-bath fully furnished all inclusive we are the only student housing properties are to offer the largest bedroom layout as you can see as much as decoration goes we've added a lot of other decorations and furniture other than our own so you get to see how big our rooms actually are aside from the fully furnished and all-inclusive rent as far as upgrades we have the hardwood floor in the bedroom and we have the private Wi-Fi router and all of the apartments so you guys can pick up the ultra high-speed Internet I hope you guys enjoyed your tour this is the rest of bedroom D and I would enjoy to love you guys come and be one of our residents here at boardwalk at Morris bridge thank you enterprise risk management coso 2017 Cazenovia College, Cazenovia.

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