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Write for me capstone group property

Write for me capstone group property do my arduino uno timer library ley 1306 de 2018 analysis essay ´╗┐hi in this video I want to talk to you about sexual offences of course that we detail detail with in chapter 8 of the textbook and particularly thinking about if you're answering a problem type question how you can identify which one of those offenses you're going to apply to your problem facts now this is particularly challenging in relation to sexual offenses simply because the Sexual Offences Act 2003 introduces such a variety in such an extreme amount of offenses that many of which overlap considerably with one another so one of your main challenges is not simply to apply the offenses but actually the first step of identifying which offense you are going to discuss in detail can itself be quite challenging now in recognition of that sometimes your lecturers will be nice and they will tell you at the bottom of a problem question discuss liability for and then name a particular offense so they might discuss David's potential liability for sexual assault that describe or discuss Paul's potential liability for rape or whatever it might be now in those scenarios of course you have your direction you have your offense already picked out for you and all of your discussion within the problem question should about me should be about potential liability for that particular offense however there will be problem questions of course which simply say discuss potential liability and in these scenarios you will need to identify a particular offense now to try and help you with that within the textbook we have a chart where we basically detail the types of offenses and trying to give you a kind of a route through to identifying which offenses are probably more likely to be applying or more appropriate to be applied and we do that in a couple of ways the first way and I think this is often their useful starting point is to look at the age of the victim so within the flowchart that we give you or within the chart that we give you within the textbook that's on the left-hand side where we have 18 plus at the top then 16 17 year-olds 13 to 15 and naught to 12 those are the ages of the victim now the reason that's important is because particularly in relation to the very young victims we have offenses which recognize that if the defendant is committing the actors rares of a sexual crime in relation to that very young victim then issues that are often quite complex such as consent aren't really at issue they should they're not relevant to those offenses the very fact that our defendant has chosen to do that to a very young person we don't have to engage with whether that young person willingly accepted that contact or not rather it's simply enough to say if the defendant did it and if the victim was that young then there will be liability so if you have a particular young victim as we state across there we've got sections for example one to four wouldn't message be necessary in all cases they will still apply but for the sections one to four you need to demonstrate a lack of consent which is often very difficult rather than more appropriate offenses would be sections five to eight for example where simply a very young victim in itself satisfies that requirement and there's no need to go on to look at issues of consent so first of all as I say you can place the types of offenses that we most appropriate depending on the age of the victim from there you can then also start to think about other potential vulnerabilities so for example we have specific offenses that deal with sexual contact where the defendant is in a position of trust so having identified the age of your victim you can then look for those other potential vulnerabilities or if for example the defendant is a family member of the victim or for example if the victim has a particular mental disorder that impedes their ability to make a choice now in each of those scenarios you basically can cross-section that along and identify which are the most likely offenses you should be applying in practice now this kind of chart should be useful to you obviously particularly in courseworks where you have time to think in over a longer period of time about which offenses you think and more appropriate but equally if you get used to using it when you are doing your practice essays it should become more of a second nature to you then in the exam as well to identify what are the crucial points what's the age of our victim are there any other associated vulnerabilities and in that sense he'll be to identify what is the most relevant offense that you should be looking at now generally when we think about that choice of offense there are three other factors that we need to consider the first one is generally speaking we would be applying the most serious potential offense that's a general rule across the criminal law that a prosecution would look to what is the most serious description of our defendants behavior and that will usually be the more appropriate offense but secondly you've got to look at the more appropriate label so for example if you have sexual assault by the defendants in a position of trust even though it perhaps might be just as easy to charge a simple sexual assault under Section three you might say to your reader within your problem answer that either offense could be charged but actually it looks like a more appropriate label to charge the offense based on the abuse of a position of trust and finally and this is also important of course for sexual offenses in particular you want to think about what's the most likely to actually be satisfied so if you were the Prosecuting Authority which offense do you think will be easiest for you to prosecute for you to demonstrate the elements of and this is why in particular although sections 1 to 4 are the most serious generally conceived as the most perceived as and most serious offenses because they require a demonstration of a lack of consent they're often very difficult to prosecute which is why the variety of other offenses where you don't have to demonstrate that lack of consent are often more appealing so again within your problem question answer you may well say this potentially could be for example even a rape under Section 1 however because of the victims age or because of other aspects of vulnerability it's likely that a prosecution would actually charge this alternative offense although it perhaps although as I say perhaps the full offensive rape could be charged an alternative might be more appropriate because it doesn't require us to engage with questions of non consent okay so that might sound quite convoluted and there are a number sometimes of different factors at play when you're choosing your offense but hopefully as I say the chart will help you but also consider those three factors in terms of seriousness generally the more serious is the one that you would apply in terms of appropriate labeling what is the best description of the defense it's behavior and finally in terms of what is it going to be easiest for the prosecution to demonstrate as long as you take account of those and you tell your reader why you're choosing the offense that you're choosing that can only be the right way forward thank you global business plan competition 2019 order New York City College of Technology at MetroTech, Downtown Brooklyn.

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