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Write for me capstone global consulting

Write for me capstone global consulting do my rims enterprise risk management workshop write dissertation abstract on advertising for me ´╗┐hey what's up guys Mike is back again oh it's been a while as you can see it's already gonna be a review and it was shipped in the past like two weeks I did pretty much 18 consecutive night shifts at my job and it it suck it's all on me man I apologize for not uploading any videos it was just constant wake up go to work sleep and just the same routine I mean it was just it was just a constant grind that's all I could say but I want to make sure I stayed up later so I can get one in today will be a review of Eagle 20s alright and then this will be mental silver so this is if you want to consider it an ultra-light um excuse me FSC fire safety cigarette let's see made under the authority of metal on brands from men being North Carolina all right now metal on brands that also does include I believe possibly Cibona or something like that cigarettes it does include the US the USA's not the gold set I'm sure just the USA's I forget what the other universities are exactly right now but um but yeah I have done stuff from that being North Carolina that they met along brains I should say and basically just to sum this up how these little like other corporations are they're not kind of like marburo and stuff like that they're kind of like a just a whole big corporation that I'll just lead to the top and then all the branches underneath will be your other cigarettes you know what I mean like the USA's the Eagle 20s and they'll just venture out like so far and stuff like that mainly they're really called the the budget brand you know distributors that's what I can figure them as down here where I live $4 73 cents tax included on these and they only had done in 100 did not see them in regular 88 millimeter size 20 class a cigarettes and yet pack presentation is pretty cool I mean you got the Eagle going like right here Eagle 22 semental silver then it says hundred unlike a stop sign it's like things don't know if you can see that as you will yeah kinda right here and then um Eagle 20s menthol silver 100's on the top surgeon general's warning medal on brands says over here and basically a dr. green down to a lighter green and then the silver outlining and stuff like that so it's pretty cool let's go ahead and uh first time I did a hundreds review it came out of the Royal artists company with maverick menthol Gold's yeah the Gold's the lights those were not too good I really didn't smoke the rest that package just kept the pack is my collection as I keep it you know and yeah so this should be my third hundreds review from full packaging yeah I'm really care for them too much but if that's all I can really get hey that's what I'm getting mine so pink came off nice and dandy just your average foil piece right here dude that's not too good put up some of the backhand but uh let's see what the lucky and you can tell if these are cheap these basically when I show you in a minute all right this is basically no indication of what you were smoking this is almost like a USA menthol which my dad smokes they will kind of like this it's just strictly as you see here two great bands right yeah two great bands I mean great Green sorry Thai I have two green bands that one on top of each other filter does overlap they did a pretty decent job in there and yeah white filter and smell bit is kind of uh now kind of has a newport smell to it it's interesting so yeah let's go ahead and wait them up all right to better now remember I am expecting an ultra-light out of these so I don't like them I'm not going to be surprised but don't knock it until you try it is going down pretty smoothly that I can say not too bad it is going down pretty smoothly but kind of heavier more than an ultra light then I would expect and it's not too bad so far let's go ahead and give it a deep inhale alright it went down very smoothly didn't yell a lot on that too and it's kind of seeming like a cigarette for when you kind of have a cold or something like that you can't take anything really too harsh menthol this will pretty much seal the deal for you no I mean not too heavy just nice and relaxing kinda for a cheap price at least we're out with him so um Stewie knows EXO all right didn't really feel anything there honestly it was a didn't feel like anything at all very like tasting as you can tell it is a hundred so these are burning pretty good though I must say and I'm very happy about that at burn time is very decent all right it's gonna be that body of this all right it tastes a tad bit of a menthol and it's you do taste it I honestly must say it's not like the Maverick where you're basically not gonna get anything from it but just smoke no taste I mean that's the way that I got it from from the best treatments that I did and we're about halfway done here so I'll just smoke the rest of the cigarette out as normal and just talk a little bit I guess all right filter is getting a lot of that shit and right in here doing its job not too bad haven't had any requests lately if you guys have any requests menthol lies please I always get the normal you know Marlboro Reds or white or something like that look it's menthol only okay that's just the way I am and yeah pretty much and I still need questions for the question answer video I really want to do that so long yeah beautiful 75 degree day here in Florida can't complain the burn on this cherry lies it's pretty even really can't complain ultralight ace is getting me now man not used to always used to a traditional marlboro menthol but but yeah it's a no experience I guess you know what I mean thinking of for my next video to do another story I do have another one lined up if I do have another story it would probably be the time that I almost got expelled from my high school say if you're interested in that one just let me know and I'll tell it to you you know and I'll even give you guys a choice with that well my story videos I'll give you a choice I can do three things one smoke to dip my three I can chew tobacco notice I'm kind of open to because it's not really a review but um but yeah just let me know in the comments below or message me and I'll get so now when we're driving you'll get to the ratings alright so with the cigarette rating honestly not too bad it is pretty good for an ultra-light as I must say and yeah it's gonna be getting a six out of ten not too bad I was expecting like a three or a four some shitty tight for a budget brands as they call it and pack design this is pretty cool anything giggle like I do like I mean it is black kind of I mean a little weird but besides that the color tone is pretty cool I like that so this is gonna get a seven out of ten on this one so six out of ten on the cigarettes seven out of ten on the pack design and yeah that should be y'all do not know what my next video will be coming out like another week or something like that I honest I don't know I'm just going around my work schedule it's really the number one priority in my life right now the videos I do both making and stuff like that but I do have to you know taking consideration you know that there's something stuff that I gotta do and stuff like that but I always since I've been on here since August of 2000 I've always made sure I got out to my subscribers and stuff like that and always got videos ality stuff and everyone that follows me I appreciated all 280 something of you I appreciate it much I mean you're the ones who keeps me doing this I like interacting with my subscribers and stuff like that you guys have any questions it could be anything just message me and stuff like that and I should be able to talk to you alright guys take it easy write for me internet of things market size gartner Finger Lakes Community College.

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