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Write for me capstone financial planning linkedin

Write for me capstone financial planning linkedin do my capstone auto parts in houston texas bradford school admissions 2018 ´╗┐hey this is brandon from crobat you're watching metal next [Music] [Applause] performativity into this week's segment of the budget let's talk a little bit about what's going on robot right now y'all played a great fan today thank you thank you rubies in there - Chris female after man did you all possess together after a time you know unfortunately we wish it would be under better circumstances as I said but we just had to do it because robot would not be a blip on anybody's radar if it had not been for Chris Cornell and anything that he does and he was just such a huge influence on me as a singer huge influence on Bishop as a guitar player because that's the thing with Chris Cornell is that he wasn't just a singer you know a lot of those old Soundgarden - some of my favorite tracks like you know slaves and bulldozers to do those are Chris Cornell's all do so you know he totally transcended just being a singer and this is an amazing songwriter solo stuff it's incredible and for him to fill the shoes of Zack de la Rocha and form Audioslave I mean enough said that first Audioslave record is just and probably top ten for me especially growing up listen to that stuff it just really really influenced everything that I do and I think you did that great distance um oh the deer he's definitely not someone that's easy to cover yeah I was like you really full doll thank you and we were reacts installment rebellion for the for show so still fresh you know how he owns to me so you definitely pulled it all are you on a current tour right now yeah yeah we're doing a headlining run with a band called Royal Thunder Thunder - awesome yeah they're awesome yeah they was great yeah yeah and it's been a real awesome tour so far we've only had about four dates with them made our way up up to these parts and hit in Detroit tomorrow we're going to make the round so it's exciting exciting it's a great bill and we're excited to bring it out there this week we decided with the bucket list we're going to go a little throwback oh cool normally we do active bands yes do you have the possibility to sleep but if you can pull a building's head we pull an adventure and go back in time to see Bob band Thursday maybe in life and I'm gonna have to say so cliche but Led Zeppelin absolutely changed my life listening to that those live recordings I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be actually in the room with Led Zeppelin as they're doing their jam session and just taking the song in two different places I've always loved that band for that and the fact that they can write any kind of song whether it be a reggae song a blues song you know I mean they've saved the Britain any kind of song and pulled it off in full sound like Led Zeppelin for a year a lot of sentimentality pros absolutely absolutely yeah and you know what one thing that resonated with me about Led Zeppelin is Robert Plant who has claimed that the reason he sang so high was because back in the day of EA's you had to sing that loud because the VA is weren't up the snuff of you know being you know it was just drowned out by Jimmy Page and the rest of the band so he had to sing that high to to cut through the mix so I thought that was really interesting an interesting approach to you know taking a frequency look at things and how you know you want to hold your sound into you know what what gaps are filled to create the pool pool picture by 12 yeah number two that's the m54 let's let's go let's go now we'll go down the list from from from one so we do intend to stay or five do five okay so the necklace ever worn Eklund's number one and I would have to say rainbows number two right for rainbow I mean my dad turned me on to rate rainbow and I grew up with it it's in my blood Ronnie James Dio anything that guy does anything Ritchie Blackmore does you know it's gold and I would love to have seen Bo command the stage with such a presence that he did and you know something that I've never had the pleasure of seeing but would love to and you know I'll segue into number three and say deep purple because black black more again anything that guy does and I don't mean I don't even care which era it is if it's Ian Gillan or if it's Coverdale I mean it's all it's all great to me Glenn Hughes is a madman with madman I remember being at Hellfest last year I think it was and I was walking around and I'm just hearing this singer just wailing just hit the high notes that I've never heard anybody hit and I'm like who is that Glenn you this guy is like pushing 70 if he is not over 70 and he is in probably the best vocal shape of his life dude as an animal animal did you ever hear that a previous painting nothing is helping you breathe yeah yeah yes but stuff that would be something I would like to see yeah yeah yeah anything he's a part of I mean trapeze and anything Glenn Hughes has done is just incredible stuff okay set three three so number four I would have to say the Beatles gotta say the beetle okay I'm an Abbey Road fan I love Abbey Road I love the journey of Abbey Road you know I love the White Album the white album's got great song and it's such an eclectic mix but Abbey Road I feel is like their journey and sergeant Pepper's the same way but I feel like Abbey Road sort of hit that tingle with me and I don't know the medley you guys say more I would probably think that we're starting paper yeah if I had a big one employment center yeah in the final one final one you know I'm gonna I'm going to have to say Sabbath and have to say Sabbats like 74 you know like early Ozzy Sabbath now I guess I would be mid bitch Ozzy's Abbas at that point but and I I would just love to have seen them when they're all strung out the ball all you know yeah yes they're gay the top of their game yeah I've been looking at the wonderful life reinforce ahead feel 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there over there as well yeah man I don't see Phoenix came off the line four o'clock in the morning yeah there's something yeah like there's like only a hundred people away it's crazy probably we were that crazy to think right so how much longer is this tour with rural Thunder last until like the fourth of August I believe is our last date so it's a good good track we're making the rounds you know Detroit Cleveland and we got another festival of Maine coming down the East Coast or doing Pennsylvania Jersey Virginia Beach Atlanta make our way back to Austin so well here does you definitely heard that so get out there and seek robots taking ice on the road royal thunder is great as well get out there and clean thanks walk around and fruit oh yeah any time [Music] [Applause] you [Music] write for me research paper on virtual technology The New School for Drama.

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