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Write for me capstone financial edina mn

Write for me capstone financial edina mn do my white paper on technology looking for someone to write case study on sex education for money ´╗┐hi my name is Eric Jackson today I am coming to you from Durham North Carolina which I had no intentions of being in but in this case I actually had to write down the story because it was almost too hard to fathom all in one shot so it goes something like this I'm currently enjoying an unexplained southern hospitality in Durham North Carolina from the owners and not necessarily owners but from the staff at Bojangles restaurant and it's a Saturday morning here it is July 26 I am supposed to be in Manhattan at an Andy goal of body painting event with Craig Tracy and mythic and Shelley and Jess and all my friends but I'm not I'm here in Raleigh dorm and/or Durham North Carolina I'm a little west of Raleigh and that's a two one two number for the Buffs behind me and this restaurant is on Hillsboro Road and until midnight last night I had no intention of understanding what the level of North Carolina's hospitality was but unfortunately I was on a bus not this one but one very similar to this that pulled up about 40 feet in front of where I'm standing right now where they store their boss on the property adjacent to Bojangles I took the bus at 7:30 p.m. from Columbia South Carolina it was $60 online on go to bus comm geo teo bus dot-com and go to bus charged me which I found out later twice as much as if I had called the bus company or if I had just walked up and paid for a ticket on the spot to the degree that the bus company felt so bad that they were charging everybody else less that they in fact gave me a coupon for another trip back to South Carolina and I said unfortunately when I get back to New Jersey I'm moving to Denver do you have a bus to Denver they said no I then I can't use it and gave it back to him now after that everything was wonderful spoke and interacted with the driver because of my disappointment of overpaying but I still felt it was worth $60 to get from South Carolina directly into New York City rather than having to fly from Florida and I was in Boca Raton at FAU campus with my son and I would have had to go to one of the airports Miami or Fort Lauderdale that would have taken time I would have had to then go on to get a pickup at the airport in New York to get into the city or pay expensive money for transportation now I chose my travel arrangements accordingly I typed in South Carolina to New York bus in Google and so feel bad now that I trusted Google more than I did my research it was not smart of me I should have done more research not that I found anything to say bad things but what happened to me is going to be the bad thing what I did was get to the location in Columbia my friends went on to their festival in Westminster both in South Carolina they're enjoying themselves still today as the second day of their festival and they're having a grand time I'm supposed to be in Manhattan at a body paint event we're 40 fully nude models and 30 of the best body painters or some of the best body painters from around the country I don't want to discount anybody that didn't come from around the country were painting today and this is the industry that I involved myself in and it was a brand business opportunity for me to interact with a lot of other people that I have not yet but I missed out on that and I'll live but the Oriental Pearl bus at Pearl bus bus pearl calm is the operators of this bus line I got on the bus at 7:30 I asked the bus driver if we were making any stops or it was straight throat he said no it's straight through I said okay thank you very much so I can go to sleep he's like oh yeah you'll be able to sleep the bus driver was Asian I communicated with him very clearly there was no seem to be lack of understanding for his communication back he wasn't just yessing me to death it didn't see I believe the drivers name was mr. Lou I got on the bus at 7:30 I fell asleep some hours later I woke up at 4:00 a.m. locked inside a bus that was in a parking lot not running and nobody else was around I was laying in the back three seats of the bus understandable that I would fall asleep on what is to be a 12 hour bus ride I did my luggage was underneath the bus in one of these chambers my full backpack that I've been backpacking with like a cross-country type backpack or backpacking through Europe type backpack and they moved my luggage to another bus and transferred buses and at no point in time check the inside of the bus and woke up the sleeping human being in the back three seats so I awoke and I'm gonna read this for verbatim because it's it's actually an order of operations that took me time to think about what I was feeling now I'm looking around and I open my eyes to a dark quiet bus and I'm laying down in the backseat but it's too quiet because I realized that we're not moving I picked my head up everything's dark and silent no driver in sight we're not moving I look across the street and I see McDonald's through the bus window at four o'clock in the morning and it was lit up in seeing the McDonald's my thought and assumption was Oh perhaps they went to get breakfast and they were just nice enough not to wake me okay then I look a little closer and I realized that the red blanket and the pillow that the couple was here five seats in front of me is no longer here and there would be no reason to take that into McDonald's and I could feel it in my chest at that moment dad I'm alone I was just left alone I did not have my phone in my hand or in my pocket it was in my bag I had to turn back around immediately grab my bag and look at what time it was and it was 4:00 a.m. and I was panicked because it didn't seem right anymore their stuff should be here if they only went to McDonald's I now get to the front of the bus and if they had gone to McDonald's the door would probably be left ajar for people to come back to the bus like it usually is for a tour that I've taken many many times and we stopped at a rest stop and go in and we don't we're grown-ups we don't all wait outside the bus like we did in high school for the bus driver to push the button and let us in we just get back in the bus then I've done it many times and I didn't think much of it I walked to the front of the bus expecting to be able to get out and I was locked in I'm now locked in a bus that's parked and I'm now standing in the front on the side of a highway Road in a local town not on the side of a highway on the way to New York at a rest area and the panic set it and there's a little red switch no it's not it's not the same style bus but there's a little red switch right inside the door and it's an emergency and I turned him and I heard a little air relief as if there was a piston or something hydraulic happening and the door did not open and nothing happens and I pushed the door and nothing happens and I started to panic me then I go pull out my flashlight because my blackberry doesn't have one I pull out my flashlight out of my bag from the backseat to now look at the bus drivers panel to see if there's a button to release the door and get me out of this 85 degree summer overnight stuffy that's the only reason I woke up is because I was sweating by the way it's not because of noise or anything else the bus was silent and the bus was pretty quiet to begin with it wasn't allowed noisy bumpy bus it was decent bus and I was pleased I had no problems I was pleased right up until the second I fell asleep I was pleased with the driver I was pleased with the other passengers that I interacted with I was pleased with the whole day that I waited in South Carolina for the bus but when you wake up alone on a bus locked in because you were sleeping in the backseat there's something very very wrong with the operation of the bus company and in this case it's oriented Perle travel out of 47 Christie Street capstone capital solutions llc for money Queens College, City University of New York.

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