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Write for me capstone financial cbre

Write for me capstone financial cbre capstone project udacity report tax fraudsters arrested ´╗┐alright Ben Stein is going to join us momentarily but I want you to watch this this is from a special which aired this week it's going to arrogant tomorrow night at seven p.m. right here on Newsmax TV watch democratic party of mrs. Hillary Clinton is totally different from the Democratic Party of Bill Clinton they say what you want about Bill and his girlfriends that was a pretty moderate democratic party and a pretty and he was a pretty good president not a great president but a pretty good president didn't do much about the genocides in the former Yugoslavia or in rhondda but domestically he was a pretty good present mrs. Clinton is a very much more radical person she's always been more radical Portsmouth she was pushed into that left corner there by Mr Sanders and she's still there all right ladies and gentlemen that was a clip from newsmax TV special Ben Stein presents the Nixon Library now the special originally had earlier in the week but it's rearing 24 hours from tonight tonight tomorrow night saturday night 7 p.m. eastern and I'm joined right now by ben Stein film actor and author former speechwriter for President Nixon and Ford and starved that great that great documentary hello sir how are you sir I'm doing well so congratulations that was a wonderful piece that you did with Bill Tucker and the Nixon Library it's fascinating and everyone can watch it tomorrow tomorrow seven well and I hope people go to the libraries in Yorba Linda a short drive from Los Angeles it's very very close to Disneyland and it's a lot more amusing than Disneyland well you say something very interesting and I think we both talked about this in the past and that you know basically this isn't the Democratic Party I mean built Bill Clinton has apologized now been for everything that he's a compliment when it was the crime bill welfare reform Don't Ask Don't Tell Defense of Marriage Act he's apologized for at all because he has to fit or his wife has to fit into today's radical leftist party like the Democratic Party has it pushed farther and farther left why I don't know what good it does them or anyone else i do not know it's certainly not the country is certainly not good for the world I blame Mr Sanders senator Sanders and I blame Senator Warren senator Warren I think busty the biggest hypocrite in the history of American politics is second only to mr. and mrs. Clinton and it's to see to see senator Warren who gets huge amounts of money ten thousand dollars an hour for teaching at Harvard 10,000 an hour we're teaching at Harvard money paid for by the corporate stocks in harbors portfolio and then to hear her blastula corporation is just astounding you can't make it up I do want to go to Bill Clinton again for a moment here as well earlier today and he was making a speech for his wife of course campaigning somewhere and he said he's never felt as sorry for anyone as he felt yesterday watching Melania Trump give a speech talking about cyberbullying considering what he says her husband has done now I mean to me that is nothing but hutzpah how could he say that what about did he not feel sorry for his wife and his family when he did what he did I don't think anyone in the public life of the whole world has been as humiliated by a spouse as this is clinton was by Bill Clinton I mean I give him I give him full marks he's a manly barrel man he wants to have lots of girlfriends I mean that's what according to mr. Trump that's what manly man do but to then humiliate your wife shame her and then say I feel sorry for Melania Trump because she said words against bullying that's incredible it's absolutely unbelievable I mean the nerve of this guy is beyond belief it's just absolutely incredible it is it is our own glad sure I'm glad you got that out there now let me let me ask you this we are 13 days away four days away from from the election actually happening Ben I can't believe it mine we've talked about this that's going to happen well and what what is the question to you though is what is going to happen well I I'm sorry to say this but I assume that mrs. Clinton is going to win I assume she's going to win because you will win by the suburban voters outside Philadelphia that will be what pushes her over the top but why that is I don't understand that no one has ever been more of an anti woman campaign or than mrs. Clinton no one has ever done were to shame humiliate bully yes bully intimidate women than Hillary Clinton protecting her husband okay give her my credit for that we want wives to protect your husband's but did you have to threaten them did you have to use the force of law in the state of Arkansas the threatened people to have have her minions go up to women who are fusing Clinton and Bill Clinton and say we know where your children go to school in the other names and sweet children I want to happen is she really have to do that I mean that I mean that's that's so anti-woman it's unbelievable I mean my wife a full-scale woman it just cries and she thinks of discipline and their behavior towards women and not okay so you think Pennsylvania goes obviously to Hillary I think it does and you know the tragedy here is a year cycle after cycle Republicans think maybe some that will pull off Pennsylvania and they almost never do and almost always is decisive and in this case it's a true heartache and a heartbreak of is because Pennsylvania is a big coal mining state mrs. Clinton has promised in blood which is going to put all these people out of business and put it on welfare wyd wild Pennsylvania elected why would the suburban women in Philadelphia presumably don't want their husbands going around to getting rates and then having be wives expects culpa still excavating them why wouldn't you voting for Clinton's I don't understand it let me ask well let me ask you about you you know as a speechwriter for Richard Nixon what are we going to be going through if hillary clinton becomes president whether she is pardoned or not pardoned the investigations the the impeachment proceedings possibly what do you think is going to happen if Hillary wins the presidency as far as a constitutional crisis possibly well I don't I think there is the dead grunts take Congress take both houses of Congress there will be no constitutional crisis if the Republicans regain either to have or the seven or both there will be a constitutional crisis somebody along the line is going to say look she's got to be indicted and the Obama before the inauguration a partner and the country is going to be torn to shreds once again when the country is mr. Clinton I want to give him credit when he was present uz jinafire he really was he really tried to justify I think he was in many ways when he is present a great man but mrs. Clinton no mrs. couldn't likes to fight well she will get one and have one certainly if she should win then it's always great to talk to you it's an honor sir thank you very very much thank you sir have a nice day you too Ben Stein ladies and gentlemen and up next you're not going to want to miss this jay christian Adams former Department of Justice attorney who is torn that current Obama Justice Department apart with the truth and he'll do more of it do not go away write for me capstone presentation powerpoint examples SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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