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Write for me capstone exam definition

Write for me capstone exam definition do my capstone project examples nursing bsn how do i write a document on an apple computer ´╗┐if that doesn't really matter what if your nostril is in female and you can feel it you can hit carrying a sling it doesn't matter whether that infant is help us for a week a month or a year because you've actually solved the problem and that opens the way for increased billion or frozen for the foot then if you have switch with pressure on intelligence for example which you might then have because you're in an increasingly technological world where being smart enough to invent things and make things well is beginning to come from to survival then you get an upward pressure on the on the basically the influence that our slower maturing are going to be the ones that end up producing the greatest genetic effect that's just a graph of some of the issues that happen as the pelvic pelvis remodels into that so effectively natural selection because it happened we've kind of ignored this paradox but natural select network electro pressures mean that walking upright shouldn't excluded in civilization on in the classic there biomechanical grammars and and you know to argue the way I've done I'm I know I'm on dangerous ground I mean I'm not the first person to bring up the Begley sling idea it's been around among feminists paleoanthropologists for about 14 years and it always runs up against the thing but they don't survive so it's just theory but I mean there are a lot of things I'm afraid that we have to infer logically to make a coherent picture the sorts of facts that we may be able to get to dignify this eventually will be things like asymmetry I mean carrying in Victorian Britain for example shawl carrying which was done by siblings and young mothers produces quite a lot of asymmetry in the upper skeleton we've got a lot of the armor in particular models on one side and not the other but it's also clear that we underestimate I think as I feel like just the sophistication of Technology in the past this is my favorite object from my favorite site learn quite often visit the site of house tucked in in Australia this is the Bronze Age but the salt line and this is a this is a pinewood modulus staircase dating to 13 44 BC on dendrochronology and it's it's one length of a modular staircase you can fit these wherever you like in the mind and alterable triangle and three from war progressed up in it or whatever and reassemble it but if you didn't have a salt preservation you wouldn't have hypothesized that level of technological sophistication and there obviously there are carry sacks from house we've got quite a few examples but we can't push actual out of archaeological finds of this sort of thing back into the time scale of a hundred thousand years for a million years over 2 million years ago and we never will be able to they won't survive in any form but effectively they allow us to become a marsupial life and to continue gestation in a technological womb under where the brain can actually then develop expand and hardwire itself in a cultural milieu earth aggressively domestic increasingly seeing through the eyes the use of material culture technology by parents and the rest of the group and that must have profound effects that just graphs the gives a lobster I shouldn't have done because it's much more dramatic if you look at it but it's to do with brain light after birth and it's massively more in humans than in chimpanzees so this is from The Observer last week this was the bit that was picked up on this idea that with the products of our own technology so what have I got to say about modern technology this is about five minutes what you know we've talked about what pebble does for us the motorola pebble does for us and particularly I want to come to this end of the graph now so just broadly summarizing what I've said I think that here we've got stone tools coming in for the first time and I would put the baby swing in this period it's what allowed is that that take off which couldn't otherwise happen but what what causes this it's often noted that many Neanderthals many Neanderthals had larger brains than us but also Homo sapiens between 100,000 and 30,000 years ago quite a lot of large pregnant that's a very wide range but you can see that he has been and it's very interesting when you graph it that the majority of fossil remains going back to the emergence of Homo sapiens around about 200,000 years ago okay knowledge of brain capacity than we do know and the the sort of flattering argument we'd like to make about this is that maybe they were like gas-guzzling cars and we are kind of nippy little you know modern willpower I don't think that's the case I think what happens of course at this point about what between fifty and thirty thousand years ago is we have the emergence of the symbolic revolution we have the point at which we begin to be able to farm intelligence added and no longer have to remember things so I would argue that Neanderthals probably innately in terms of innate biological brainpower have whatever we want to call it was smarter than I am they weren't smarter than I am with my computer but they were smarter than I am without it and it's the fact that we began to develop this symbolic culture which I won't go into the whole materiality theory now I don't have time but basically beginning to create images and notations by which things could be remembered we began to be able to need lets innate brain capacity this is the bruno puppet there's another one of my favorite objects is from twenty eight thousand years ago in Bruno it's the pitch there's a mammoth ivory puppet that would have been articulated probably with sinew and and could do a little dance for you carved out of mammoth ivory and of course the the there's a whole set of implications of this which I won't go into now but it needs obviously to the emergence of ideas about creation once people become this creative and they make models of themselves that will move questions such as well who may need come up and so curiously right there at the birth of technological science in a complex there's also the birth of creationism and literal religious ideas of things being measured by a higher power as I say in the book it's all the in a sense part of the same mindset and just to you know continue like pop shops against means drop the vehicle yeah the obviously one of the things I love about technology once it comes off the leash is that it has all these random effects these things skeuomorphism this is a skewer more it's not not real wood but we expect it to expect tables ought to look like this so we stick this stuff on it doesn't fool anyone but it meets an expectation and at the time that Darwin was not convenient what was rounded down the house that were carved out of elephant ivory and rounded off that wound if you like the technological successes of the of the head of the Grenada public elephant numbers on the African savannah absolutely crashed because the popularity of billions in the late 19th century and put an immense pressure on people finding synthetic solutions out of which as you will know came the first plastics and these sorts of ball bearings that are actually in the knees of the first bipedal bipedal truly completely technological aid Ponder's a sumo robot which then plays football but you can see there that the idea is is this complicated unfolding with unexpected consequences to people trying to find a solution for billiard balls we're not thinking about building robots that could ultimately play billiards finally I just want to talk about the the fact that technology now insulates us so much from genetic and environmental pressures that we are building up at a rat and running from whole series of biological deficits eyesight is a very obvious example topics for research proposal in business management Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

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