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Write for me capstone evaluation online

Write for me capstone evaluation online do my capstone c65 ichp microturbine looker detective agency how to start an essay who is dominating whom sing like science or not as an opportunity to evolve that was a story like also in your other thing you know in classes like my closet and where you use you to attack science yes I know I say no she proves to us it's a notch my soft damn thing we be made up so to speak you know in piano it's already read that way yeah right right right but why not because see both your sidewalk and your critic of science just proves something what we call that humans have to create their life in an artificial way there is no natural way for humans you have to rehash the responsibility so to speak to make up our our environment and what you bring to it what you bring to it is only to say it's not that creation ex nihilo is something I call a generation that means we need the material attend we need to technology and now you improve if I understand you right we need the other organisms set our garage the other organisms are not just material for us so on they are say say will influence as much as we influence them and your proof somehow as I read it it's now the dogs I got a sensible of exhaustion it's the dogs educate us know is that what you mean that sighs this companion will probably have an influence like he has on her oh no she that's something very similar and I realized you keep funding but yeah but you're real good news about that is said we can now look at humanities that's actually only our only interest you know you don't want to know what dogs are you just want to know who is this we we you and me I learned about the dogs but not really yeah real honest honest to god it isn't really true do the same thing hiding ovens advised if you want to know about humanity look away from who may yeah yeah that's all well and good thanks oh yeah right now and the dogs you want to know about it talks but you cannot escape you are set you are being a human being you know there is no way that you can ever love your enter / morph you parts and it's all using at me you know it's not you don't have to be edible centric that means only for my own good you can certainly ask other people above you always have an entrepreneur viewpoint that whatever you do it will be done for yourself is this what we talked about this morning yeah yeah yeah menezes my question to you actually is really then you stay away from your actual research and action Gill there's a big question what can i what so what what no no no that's it I stand sit lie down and probably for the sake of people people holding cameras I oughta sit still um at that kind of question obviously is the sort of thing that anyone trying to do scholarship with some kind of joking seriousness i'm trying to do say something is always asking so then so there's no final answer to that but i do have a lot of answers in a small a sense to that kind of question one of them is that just as i learned through my own inhabiting the figure of the cyborg about the non anthropomorphic agency for lack of a better word liveliness of artifacts that are that the kind of sociality that is that joins humans and machines is a sociology that constitutes both and that there is some kind of liveliness going on here that is both human and non-human and who humans are ontologically is constituted out of that relation ality so there isn't some non-trivial sense not a pre-existing anthropomorphic point of view onto which you know you know from which vision proceeds to the world but that kind of being in the world that kind of getting on together with the other inhabitants most of which are not human and which are actors in the process of making what is the furniture and dramatis personae of the world then in some non-trivial way these interactions of humans and machines have produced both it isn't humans that produce machines in some unilateral action the arrow it does not move all one way even in those areas of direct human invention much less in rocdur areas of material of what it makes what makes us happen in the world so that that that kind of relentless insistence on the non transcendent being always being in medias race and in the midst that with that action is always that life is a verb and the actors aren't all human and that there are very important nodes of energy in that kind of action and I think of human machine interfaces or interdigital ities or interacting try actions as particularly potent places to stay in and work think meditate try to describe and I think human animal and other organisms not only animals also that what one learns here is that humans are not the only actors and not the UH and the point of view is an important metaphor but a limited one for getting act all that's going on so that i'm trying to find descriptive languages out of this work that that name emergent ontology is I'm trying to do a descriptive practice out of a very particular mundane small place to pay attention the world is in the details out of a very particular and not making giant claims for general relevance I am in fact making some extremely arrogant general claims on that have to do with for example it that the rig risk insistence on commitment to finer to death and non transcendence in the explanation of the history of Technology and the nature of scientific knowledge the resistance to both universalism and relativism a pox on both your houses thank you we will find another way to name what's going on in knowledge practices then then that deadly fraternal sibling rivalry of universalism and relativism neither realism nor social constructionism thank you it's wrong on both both supposed choices are a false choice there is another way and these descriptive practices are emergent among us in part because of the crosstalk that we are being forced into by actual life practices crosstalk that is partly the result of post-colonial practices partly the result of reconfigurations of economic life partly the result of feminists intersectional feminist analysis of various kinds and many other things that the actual rearranging of life and death is producing Cross talks that are forcing us to read ascribe our philosophical inquiries and particularly to let go of extremely durable recurrent binaries and in the history of science you can't miss the binary of universalism relativism and realism social constructionism none of the above thank you so that part of the reason general relevance in the work I do is hard to name is because it's an argument against that kind of general relevance it's an argument for and in the most simple-minded possible way on the kind of reveling in sign itude and the reveling in arm in that there is no way of doing ethical action outside of actual engagement there is no way of listing the conclusions of the bottom line outside these domains of practice and mutt they must not be conceived in a relativist fashion they must be conceived in a way that domains of practice make claims on each other partial translation stuttering communication making claims on each other refusing not to name the violence of the other as well as yourself a kind of ongoing pneus that refuses the easy closing off of cultural relativism or social constructionism that insists on making claims in the world and making claims on each other that insists on a kind of taking up life with each other because of inhabiting difference together because you're not the same and because translation is never perfect or even close to perfect that's why communication communication can take place because translations not perfect that's not that's not a barrier at the pre content is the condition of signification surprise the condition of language is trumping droping is tripping etymologically there is there is no making sense in general there is only making sense in fact bsn capstone project template for money New York State College of Human Ecology (HumEc).

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