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Write for me capstone construction nj

Write for me capstone construction nj do my ap capstone iwa stimulus materials free essay everyday use by alice walker ´╗┐welcome too much is human gift human gift machine I'm Matty Matheson and this is my brand-new kitchen do you see this kitchen brand-new because I'm doing really good things in my life and today I'm going to show you how to make a perfect ribeye steak and perfect baked potatoes you ever have a perfect baked potato bar not like this one so the first thing we got to do is get these potatoes in because they're gonna take about an hour hour and a half we're taking a beautiful little pump to tear we're gonna turn this into power potato you guys shouldn't be eating that kind of lesser big potato we're gonna take the potatoes we're gonna bake them we're gonna scrape out all the good stuff we're gonna make a mix then we're gonna stuff it back into these little gems we're gonna make bacon and pancetta cheddar cheese some green onions bocconcini marscapone some broccoli oh I'm gonna poke some holes in these guys because you know what just gets air in there if you had a bad day at the office you come home make baked potatoes we got the oven pre done at 450 that's going to literally take about an hour so what are we gonna do until then we're going to make lard on so we're going to cut the bacon we're going to cut the pancetta up make lard dome so that's just rendering out the fat getting them crispy about a half a pound of streaky bacon so we just need to get that in the pan I'm going to turn this on nice and low half a pound of pancetta we're gonna cook this down get this nice and crispy so with lard all you don't want it to be burnt that's why this is that like mid temperature it's not even mid high see that perfect lure dome golden brown so then we strained it we wanted to be really dry because we want it just to be that crispy beautiful homemade lardo see oh my goodness and now we're gonna do something really amazing we're going to make the broccoli I'm just going to shave off the green bit we're going to save the tops we're going to use that as the garnish on top of the baked potato you know what broccoli stems amazing and we're just going to dice this stuff up and we're gonna use this to fold into the potatoes you got the really nice broccoli crunch choking on broccoli I'm gonna blanch off these broccoli stems check it out this is the water season bang bring this up to a boil you guys are going to be tonight you guys are going to be together or napping it's either/or it's a 50/50 chance so with the broccoli stems you want to put it in here maybe a minute tops make sure it still has some crunch you can run that under cold water and chill that out in the filling you always need green onions in a baked potato it's the nicest and we'll fold this in with our with our broccoli tops for our garnish maybe I'll slice the white parts put this into the mixture so then nothing's wasted guys we're not trying to waste stuff take the cheddar 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the boat cuchinis is going to make it really string you just restore back in and then you're just going to put it into the oven at like 350 warm it through the way that you guys are going to do it is probably going to be better you guys are getting really good out there and internet world I'm proud of you you guys are my children my peers the people I look up to though you guys a method I'm just here being a psychopath in my room yelling out goddamn camera let's talk about steaks for a quick second here okay I like really thick rib eyes these are boneless you want them to be room temperature so when you put them into the pan they don't get all super tense and then they're well-done on the outside and then like raw in the middle you want a beautiful crust on the outside and pink all the way through not well done Brown dark so let's begin the steaks are room temp I'm just gonna Pat them off we take the big all juicy beautiful steaks we salt them so you put your cast iron pan on canola oil pretty much cover the entire bottom of the pan and we just let it sit there at medium-high temperature you just want to be warm so we don't want to do a hard hard sear that's what you're looking for perfect golden brown not blackened just perfect so then we're gonna flip that and do the same to the other side patience is the number one key when cooking a big piece of steak like this they can just brown up the sides a little bit so I'm going to take the steaks out this oil is going to allow the butter not to burn as well so now we're going to put in a lot of butter that's like four tablespoons of butter throw your garlic in give it a smack peel it whatever you want so you got your garlic got the time mmm now this is basting basting just gets all the butter into all the little crooks and cranks and little areas of the steak you're just in that meditation vibe zone you're just thinking about your day you're loving your life you're at home you're cooking some steaks and you're just basing the butter based on the butter you're just sitting here there's the final on Andy Andy the PA it's got a open the front door doesn't he now doesn't he Andy yes he does the steaks are out I pulled them you can feel these are going to be good these are going to be nice medium-rare there's a lot of different ways you can tell by the steaks you put your hand here that's well done medium well medium-rare you can do that but I don't know a lot of it's about time and experience but you got to let your steaks rest a long time at least like 10-15 minutes so now we have the broccoli but tops the garnish for the potatoes green onions melt a little bit of butter add a little bit of water I'm going to cook this up and then that's going to be our garnish crack a little okay so just crack a little garlic will melt the butter add some thyme just melt this down to just pour over the steaks once we slice them so the baked potatoes the baked potatoes are perfect and then we got a perfect little broccoli tops you can see the gumminess in the middle and then you're just going to spoon that on that slice take a little bit of sea salt on top and then here's the time for the pepper there you go so here we go we got the steaks perfectly rested we got the nice butter and we got the baked potatoes my buddies came over Damian and Scott good dudes you know repping the hardcore punk scene whoa Canadian punks hardcore here you go Damian that's for Damian this is amazing no it's fine I'll get you a fork oh my god it's a gun that is incredible Oh Scott doesn't want to say anything make your family some beautiful food your kids are at school trying to be heroes they should come home to a hero meal well I'll speak for both of us Maddy yeah thank you delicious huh for diet out spanking potatoes is what snap write for me capstone logistics traveling selector Tisch School of the Arts.

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