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Write for me capstone behavioral health pc

Write for me capstone behavioral health pc capstone turbine c30 for sale discourse markers in english essay example ´╗┐and good evening everyone you're listening to another episode of smoking reviews brought to you by your host smoke my reviews now um today I have a cigarette that I've never actually tried but but I'm excited to try it and this is an all-american cigarette so let's get into it this year I'm gonna be reviewing is the wings 100 read now I've never actually had these so will be a new experience for me and I hope they're good and these are a budget Brian so let's get into it first let's get first let's get into the pack design it looks awesome for a budget brown cigarette it looks completely awesome I liked a little Eagle design right there with the star and they said wings red American blend and it just says the FC label on the side surgeon general's warning on this side says wings on the bottom with the California excise tax the bottom sarle all good practice on I like it a lot all right let's give these a pack before we get into the actual review you know it's been really really windy this packable day so the pools all filled with dirt and such all right that should be good enough let's turn off the cellophane and it comes off clean which is actually surprising usually with the budget brands they don't have something that comes off clean it usually tears in one part some of them but let's open the pack yeah let's open the pack and turn off the foil on the inside get a good grip on it and pull comes off nice and clean nice no no rough edges awesome and let's pull out a cigarette take a look at it this is a new pack so it's a little bit of rigid let's close that up yeah you know they make these wings packs so tightly okay so I took a look at the cigarette itself pretty plain actually uh it kind of um the design of the cigarette reminds me of like an llm red as an i think LNM has just the just a standard why compacted filter with it with the filter seam right here but this is what reminds me of but anyway it has just wings playing simple and bold fault font just wings awesome awesome awesome awesome why compacted filter standard with the for crap and take a look at the tobacco inside it is a light colored tobacco on your end it's going to show up as dark cuz of the lighting so anyway that's the tobacco on the inside let's go to a smell test hmm it smells sweet but you can but there's a sense of the richness in there too hmm like I so far all right let's do a drop out first clean very nice smooth clean and I packed it down just a little bit to get that taste that paper it's gonna have a bite for the paper so nothing to do but fire it up first initial pull off the paper oddly enough no chemical taste yeah there's zero chemical taste at all it just tastes like paper so that's good um let's take the bottom this thing big body nice every party ok now that taste is coming in ah tastes really gritty but he can sense the two back on there but tastes really really gritty at the same time I don't know how to put my finger on it alright let's do the biotic test one more time thick heavy body comparable to my MA breads as you know I smoked Marlboro Reds on a daily basis marble red one hundreds so this is comparable that only as a budget brand mmm alright let's do the regular inhale now and pull it all the way to my lungs and see how she takes down and see if there's any kick down here goes down all right a little bit of tickle in the back of the throat like a miniscule amount miniscule amount and these things make you spit a lot but a little bit of kick let's try that again little bit of kick a little bit of burn in the back of the throat but not much and you got to remember with these budget brand cigarettes they don't put as much their cigarettes in general aren't gonna be that smooth it's just to keep in mind that let's do the deep pull whoo-hoo oh this is gonna rip me a new one but all right let's do the deep pool now and see how she takes down there okay there's still that little bit of burn and the gumminess in the back of the throat is a little bit of kick a little bit of burn going down but but surprisingly it's not much and that is what is most interesting about the cigarette so far hmm it's impressive for a budget brand let's do that one more time every time I pull it in I've noticed this now every time I pull it in down deep you get this really really weird aftertaste I mean like I'm okay you could taste the tobacco it's there but you can also get a sense of it's dirty it's it's not clean tasting it's very very dirty but it but it has a tobacco taste to it it's really really weird taste all right let me blow it back out from my nostrils and see how and see the aroma I get my nasal cavity wow that is strong that's really mm-hmm that's really really strong huh oh man there's a clear sign that sounds up this will clear your sinuses out for sure Wow see is burning really quick to only been sitting here for now eight minutes and it's only it's already almost done it's a good again yeah you yeah you really really get a sense of that grittiness when you when you blow it out through nostrils interesting that case though I can't really put my finger on what today's did um I would compare it to like if you had a cigarette that you haven't smoked in forever and it's just been sitting up and your desk for like let's say two weeks and you smoke it this is what that tastes like it tastes like a very very sale secret but um I give them marks for trying at least let's check the body one more time bodies all right nice think everybody it does I it does have that going for it so that's good and these things were only like what like I think so four bucks yeah four bucks really really cheap but it's okay it's not the best all right let's jump in the ratings on this for body give it a non at ten it earns are not at attend on body oh and pack design solid solid solid ten out of ten I like the design I like what they're doing with the wings and and the eagle here and the star awesome and I think they kind of borrowed some elements from Marlboros design because there's an upside down chevron and marlborough like this is an empty marlboro red 100's back this is what they're trying to copy here the upside down the chevron instead on the wings they have it right side up pointing downwards like an arrow so it does have that going out for it so it's solid 10 out of 10 unpack design and taste um no it's not good um five out of ten at best it's not good it's it's okay yeah it's just five out of ten all right and um that one's out anyway these things burn really quick all right that's outing right um so the overall rating on this with the body the taste excuse me okay with the body the taste and the pack design and the nicotine satisfaction ooh even with the pack design being on a 10 out of 10 mm I have to give this one a 6 out of 10 it doesn't it it just isn't doing the trick for me I mean the body's all right to its it has a really really nice body but the other elements of it just it just not destroys what they're trying to do is just it just doesn't do it for me it just this cigarette isn't doing it for me so anyway this has been the review of the wings red 100's I forgot to point out our earlier and so 100 the wings 100 threads all-american blend and these are made by JT international I assume this is the same company that makes the waves too so that's good so this has been a review of the wings red 100's and now these cigarettes aren't doing it for me anyway I hope you catch you guys all in a future review of smoke on reviews and I hope you all have a pleasant evening and I will see you again in another installment of smoking RVs and have a wonderful evening capstone financial advisors downers grove il State University of New York at Canton.

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