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Write for me capstone behavioral health iowa

Write for me capstone behavioral health iowa write for me capstone kids tuscaloosa al social network movie review rajeev masand and ranbir ´╗┐and we were getting very nervous and very scared because this is real money it's a lot of it and for college students this is now your bird and this is unfair and so we put our foot down as much as we could to say no there weren't enough of us but we tried and it was on both sides of the aisle we tried to stop this from going through and we're going to keep trying and as far as I'm concerned all the money that's been let out that hasn't been spent yet reel it back in don't spend one more dime this question is for Congressman Paul why a gold standard why not a silver standard or a fixed certificate of some kind gold has no intrinsic value it's merely a shiny metal a lot of people like that shiny metal I said the paper standard will be this paper standard would work as soon as they start making our wrist watches out of paper now you have to out the true free market would allow the market decide now that would be my first choice we're not quite there yet we're just trying to close down the Fed but if you allow the market to do it it might be silver it might be gold it might be a basket of commodities Hayek argued a basket of commodities the main thing is to restrain the monetary authorities don't allow people to counterfeit if it's even private or government they're not a lot of counterfeit if you're not a lot of counterfeit the government shouldn't be a lot of counterfeit but the reason the reason gold is used is just that it was the most practical commodity to be used as money has been known that way for 6,000 years it's very very ancient and it's still not a bad source of money you know the other day somebody was after me about about this and how come all the currencies are going down right now I say yeah I accept gold and if if you'd have seen this coming in the 1960s in gold was thirty-five dollars an ounce you know that wouldn't have been a bad place to park some money now it's a thousand dollars an ounce so no gold gold withstands the ages if you're going to have government I would say that you should have either gold or silver the mistake we made in the 19th century was that we fix the ratio of gold to silver we had bimetallism and that should be freely fluctuating but the market would probably pick the various commodities maybe gold and maybe silver but it should be freely fluctuating and that would solve the problems but you don't have to say absolutely everybody has to use gold but history is betting that gold would probably be used changing topics why do you think socialism has become a dirty word in our society when such a system has worked well for European countries okay identify yourself in the audience there's a lot of people that want to talk to you I it is such an awesome question because you look at the living laboratory of the last 100 years and America Ron is right we have not been a true free market economy I wish we would have been but if you compare the Soviet Union's economy to the United States economy you look at the progress you look at the innovation you look at the developments you look at the continual increased standard of living I think I would choose the economy that's been more in line with free markets than socialism I just I just want to add one thing because obviously freedom is more productive and we have a great board prosper in socialism the 20th century was more or less the failure of socialism 21st century or so far right now is going to show the failure of interventionism and Keynesianism but but but so socialism you know can't work according to mrs. mainly because there's no pricing as a structure and that's where that's where we get into our problem so it it can't work won't work and we shouldn't give up on it we have to realize that we've had a grand experiment let's not give up on it and I since I guess we agree that socialism doesn't work why is it true free market solution the best alternative for health care because i think that the free market is the best way to deliver any commodity or any surface and the more important the service the free or the market ought to be but if you if you compare what do you think it would have been like if we to turn it over the Department of Homeland Security to make sure that everybody in this country had a cell phone you know and they would have gone out and they had to pick one person to produce the cell phones and distribute a cell phone and it cost us five hundred dollars a piece and only half the people would have had them know the distribution everything is better it's just a shame that we give up on services and this whole idea the basic flaw in the medical care delivery system is that that we have a accept the argument that you have a right to medical care but you don't have a right to somebody else's life you don't have a right to somebody else's money so we we should just really if that's an understanding of the market once you understand the market you don't have to try to justify a little bit of socialism in certain areas that's where the flaw is free it free markets and healthcare give you the highest access to health care at the lowest possible price to the greatest group of people and that's true in almost any commodity any service that there is that's what free markets deliver and probably the best alternative to the current crisis now the best alternative to government takeover of health care would be fairly simple and it'd be a very quick bill and it would be this it would be government doesn't own your health care your employer doesn't own your health care you own your health care you have the freedom you have the freedom to band together with anyone you want to band together maybe like a credit union people in your area maybe all farmers are all realtors so you own your health care you band together with anyone you want you have the right to buy any level of coverage you want from anyone you want anywhere you want and you'd have the right to set aside tax-free money to pay for it and what that what that doesn't cover you could deduct on your income tax return and then have real lawsuit reform that solves ninety-five percent of the problem will always have a safety net for people who through no fault of their own can afford to get health care maybe they're disabled or whatever but ninety-five percent of our problems could be solved and we're not looking at trillion-dollar deficits why not try that option first this this touches on the same topic is health care or right why or why not I think I just answered it no it's not a right because you only have a right to your life your life and if if if it if you had a right to medical care it would mean you have a right to take it away from somebody else and you don't have a right to somebody else's life so whether it's no matter what it is the government has no authority to give you stuff it it can be boiled down to what basquiat rights in the law and I think it's such a simple clear answer basquiat and the law says that if you can't go to your neighbor and take what you want or do anything as an individual neither can the government do that I can't improve on bastiat in the law but I'll say this in the United Kingdom healthcare is a right in the Soviet Union healthcare is a right would you want to get your health care in the United in the United Kingdom or in the Soviet Union or would you rather get it here biomedical capstone projects University at Buffalo.

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