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Write for me capstone associated services ltd

Write for me capstone associated services ltd bridgestone books capstone press for money art work worth 30 million ´╗┐hi folks welcome back to the shop my name is Doug and this evening we'll be going over the installation of a DL 400 digital readout from Dro pros.com got it in the mail yesterday did an unboxing and it looks like a real nice unit I'm looking forward to it being installed on the Bridgeport mill here and I'm going to take some video of it so in case somebody would like to put a digital readout on their Bridgeport might be able to give you a little bit of a heads-up of what's involved so please stay tuned and thanks for watching alright guys we're here at the mill and what I've got is the x-axis sitting here on the table I've got my reader head pair of scissors here and some double-sided tape the length of the x-axis I've got a 42 inch table the length of the x-axis is 30 inches and it fits conveniently right in between the holes coming off the back of the table that are used for a coolant return so there really isn't any need with a stock x-axis to to cut to size if you do have a mill that that you need to cut it there's instructions on the Dro pros website that states specifically how you can go ahead and do that looks very straightforward really shouldn't be an issue if you have to do it what we're going to go ahead and do now is take the double-sided tape and this is all recommended on the installation videos that are on the website and we're going to cut a couple of strips here and attach them to the back of the slides and basically all what we're trying to do here is go ahead and be able to mock this up before we go ahead and start drilling and tapping holes for the permanent installation so I've got the double-sided tape on the x-axis we're gonna go ahead and put some tape here on the reader head and this has got a simple installation mount that comes that comes with the unit itself the reader head bolts onto the top and the looks like it's a cast aluminum mounting bracket has a as a step in it I'm not sure if you could see that but that's just about the width of the slide itself so this reader head should fit right up snug against the against the axis given the shim that they give you which is about 20 thousands thick standoff between the head of the reader head and the actual magnetic scale itself so what I'm gonna go ahead and do is I'm going to what I've actually done is I've taken some lacquer and cleaned the sides of the of the table here so that I can get some some decent adhesion from the double-sided tape so I'm going to go ahead and take a just a preliminary look as to where this needs to be and it looks like I've got plenty of room on the back of the table here the gentleman in the video from dro prose seemed to have to alter his mounting bracket slightly given the fact that his table wasn't as high as the as the bridge ports go ahead and stick that right here like so now you'll see the cord coming off of this side I'm right-handed so I plan on having my read out on the right-hand side of the machine what's important about this is that as you'll see in the installation videos is that on the magnetic slide itself there are a series of striped lines the only important thing about the installation is that these lines have to line up and be in the same configuration as the reader head here or apparently there's going to be it's going to give the the reader of the inability to to accurately use the scale as it was designed so for right now as I just mounted this the court is coming off the left-hand side this will actually have to be taken off reversed so that my cords flow off to the right-hand side of the machine so that they can be gone ahead and screw it into the back of the display but for right now everything's pretty much symmetrical so I'm gonna go ahead and put the the x-axis on the table itself and what I'm gonna do is just kind of ballpark the position I mean it's really nice and close in between the two output holes for the coolant like I said so that really shouldn't be a problem ballparking the center of the table and I've got a lot of a lot of room in the saddle here up and down to be able to go ahead and and find a nice place for this to to go boy this thing is really really sticky so wha-what am I trying to do take this off right here where this needs to go right like so and this is gonna go right back here all right alright it looks like I've got about half an inch on this side and maybe a little bit less than a half an inch on this side here so if I really wanted to I can take this off move it a bit and reapply you can see my reader head has decided to depart from the program here get that back on there like so now this double-sided tape is fairly thick so you see some bowing going on here but that really shouldn't be an issue obviously once the tape comes off when we go for permanent assembly everything should everything should be flush but looks like I've got just about 3/8 of an inch about 3/8 of an inch there that looks pretty good I think that my height of the reader head is pretty good in fact that's that's really pretty good in fact I might be able to go down just a skosh just like that let's get spring this down a bit get the other side just a little bit there are guidelines set up for this spacing wise this is very rough obviously once we get this fully assembled we'll be taking a dial indicator running it down the length to make sure that our parallelism with the table is is square parallel I should say and this should be this table should be a ground surface so I'm not as concerned about the bow because it's going to go straight up against the edge so the y-axis will be a little different because will actually be bolting that scale to the casting of the knee and that's obviously not as that's an imperfect surface there so what I'm going to do is kind of eyeball this a little bit more then we'll come back Center punch the holes the mounting hole on either end of the scale and start drilling and tapping for our mounting all right folks now that we're getting set up to center punch drill and tap the mounting holes for the x-axis scale we're going to take a look at the this engineers black book I picked this up after hearing about it from Tom Lipton and a couple of the other guys at a tox tool and and and some of the other YouTube channels that I subscribe to and turn right is another good one with Keith Fenner at any rate I picked this up it's it's great it's a real good packet of information just about anything that you'd want to know off hand is is in this thing really nice piece it's nothing more than a condensed version of the Machinery's handbook but pretty much straightforward what we've got on this thing this scale is going to mount with some m4 by 7 pitch screws so what we really want to do is take a look at we've got em 4 by 7 come across excuse me it's a number 30 drill go over to our drill index here and still in frame get a number 30 out and that's about a hundred and twenty-nine thousand I'm going to use this this digital caliper that it picked up at Harbor Freight for for just $10 it was on sale and I just had to see if there was any difference in the the quality and honestly for it's not too bad you know I just use it to double-check the drills here it should be about 128 we've got the 128 right there 127 and a half so always double check to make sure that you've got the correct drill size you never know when when you might put one of these things back in the in the wrong hole so now that we've got the right drill diameter for the tap I've got the center punch and we've got the tap sit on the table right behind us we're going to go ahead and center punch these and start to drill ccna 3 capstone project ideas order European School of Economics.

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