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Write for me business research paper topics in the philippines

Write for me business research paper topics in the philippines write for me ap capstone seminar 2018 frq my holiday essay in malaysia ringgit ´╗┐car thefts in Pinellas County are a problem particularly by juvenile offenders nearly 500 arrests in 2015 alone according to one analysis and 18s died in crashes in the last two years in stolen cars one lawmaker from Pinellas County has an interesting but controversial solution to the problem democratic state representative Windgate newton joins me now to discuss House bill 927 good morning sir good morning thank you very much for coming in here the bill has gotten mixed reviews you said that you've been getting good support and the emails that you're getting tell me about what caused you to bring this bill about and and about that the feedback that you have been getting well I first and foremost I want to thank Charlie for bringing light to the this this epic epidemic in our city first and foremost I've noticed that we had a rash of car thefts and we've been having a lot of panels with the sheriff on them the the congressman the police chief everybody's sitting around just talking about what they should do and it seems like the media want to make it more appeal them toward the juvenile which I concur with last session represent gray had a bill that would extend the stay of a juvenile from from chronic auto theft to blouses 397 throughout the state six or seven counties for in 12 cities it would extend their stay in juvie from 21 days to 45 days were to eight-million out of physical and I voted for they supported it so I'm all about kids and still cars that should obey the law the current problem we have is there's a law in the books currently forget about my bill forget about House bill 97 there's a law in the book currently it's a section three 16.1 97 five and it says unattended motor vehicles this is the owner or operator of a motor vehicle is not permitted to leave it unattended unless they first stop the engine lock did initially remove the key and if you do that chances are your car be there when you come back and that's the problem we have like you said almost 600 auto thefts of my city alone but correct me if I'm wrong representations but that is an infraction the bill that you're proposing would make it a second degree misdemeanor for this but which could be a fine of up to $500 and up to 60 days in jail right live some of the feedback let me push back against you this yes that this is victim-blaming that it's no different than saying a woman who is dressed in provocative clothes is asking to be sexually assaulted how is this different well I would ask you this way your six hundred over six men the vehicles you talked about ask yourself then once that juveniles got there were unlocked either running with the keys of them how many I met guns in the console I mean any made iPads and people's private property got taken along with the car my bill I would submit to you you don't have to worry about it because law enforcement Sheriff and the police chief have only written four and seven tickets respectively so you think he's gonna enforce the bill I'm putting forth we're lawmakers they're law enforcement officers well but that's a good example they both what's going on well but they both have come out and in opposition to the bill right and said that they don't know that it's necessarily right to be blaming victims who of car theft if you are a law-abiding citizen and the current law on the book says you must not leave your vehicle unattended running with keys in there a lot okay how could you be a victim and you got two officers saying that they won't support this bill we have current law on the books I'm a lawmaker their law enforcement officer someone smarter than Newton before Newton got to tell ask you thought leaving your car keys your car over there running unattended a lot was a bad idea so even if my bill don't see the light of day the current law in the books is not being enforced so they're not gonna enforce any law anybody bring forward I think which is part of the problem and it was creating the epidemic hmm but again shouldn't the focus be on people who commit the crime it is it is I supported the bill last session I'll say again that made it more peeler for the chronic auto theft juveniles we have three hundred eighty-seven throughout the state of Florida the bill calls for the said about twenty one day a 45 day and an eight million dollar taxpayer funded that I spoke supported and voted for but we just cannot be more appealed toward a juvenile we had to get the whole situation number one how are they getting these cars you know I mean when they're sitting in jewelry even for that 21 days or that 45 days they're not talking about ATT scores they're not talking about college prep exams they're talking about how to be a better criminal where can I get cars there with less effort and easy and then sharing that information in my district they had 1800 autotest last year okay so if you check that 1800 multiply it by 65 because Saint Petersburg is 65 percent of my district that's over 1200 auto thefts okay and then you multiply it by the chief number which says 70 percent seven ninety ten the car is stolen a lot running unattended with the keys Oh 70 percent that seven out of ten and they've written I think four tickets you tell me what stance I'll listen but I am a lawmaker I'm passing the funding laws to the juveniles that are still in these cars the juvenile issue is a big problem yes how what are what are some ways that you can get at this problem besides this bill in particular more broad solutions well bra solution was I asked on the floor represent a grant I say you know we're putting eight million dollars into the lot kids are longer what's gonna happen at the end of 45 days they're gonna get back out you know where the cars are easy accessible keys and I'm running with guns and the consoles and everything else they go right back to doing what they've been doing so we have got to make sure that number one young people on for so long we and we do things keep them occupied and doing construct the beds on the other side we gotta make some law enforcement its enforce the laws that we have on the books because you cannot not wear your seat belt if you're getting a ticket it's not criminal but you're gonna get a ticket so what I'm saying is if you have more information and that the people that didn't know that by not locking your car you're creating the situation I served eight years on st. Pete City Council I went to hundreds of Neighborhood Association meetings every time the officers got the report the crime stats for the month he talked about how many cars there stolen he said we had 12 cars stolen ten I met akiza I mean I'm gonna switch gears for you one of the things that you mentioned about being in the state legislature is how difficult it is to be away from your family yesterday we have seen that some of these things have led to some state representatives and certainly on the national level some lawmakers misbehaving sexual misconduct sexual assault sexual harassment being a big topic right now you're in the state legislature in Tallahassee yes what's the culture like there do you see it I don't see it but I could say you have things that lend themselves to that atmosphere and you have to be a willing participant no one's being cohorts of forcing their doing any of this stuff well from what I can see I go home at night I've been married 27 years stay married hi baby and I can only say that you know we are gonna do a job it's a hard job and we ought to focus on getting that job done that was a real thing by the way he told me when he came in here that he loves him sleep next to his wife every night so that was that was no joking around represent Wingate Newton I appreciate you joining me today thank you so much we'll be right back folks do my capstone project big data SUNY Cortland.

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