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Write for me business management capstone project

Write for me business management capstone project capstone 1 results for money musto hpx smock review of literature ´╗┐my apologies to Wayne Allyn root Robert libertarian commentator for VP nominee of libertarian party other the new book the ultimate Obama survival guide his website root for America fo r america.com Wayne I'm I'm sorry my phone croaked just as we're about to go on the air uh 20 minutes ago or 15 minutes ago when you were coming on but you're there now do you hear hear can hear me okay I hear you just fine you know I wrote something nice about you the other day you know that i read i actually saw ya Louise Louise week we disagree on a lot of issues maybe on most issues but you're still a nice guy I like you and I think we've always got along even when we disagree thank you wait supposed to be by the way we're not enemies with each other you know I think so you know that I and and I think that people should be able to have civil discourse yellowish showed me an article you'd written where you were basically going after some other liberal journalists or whatever because they GNE TV in Chicago I've been on the show every time I've ever got one book to earth most of more political books by the way and they always let me on in this time they turned me down and they said it's too partisan partisan the definition of politics have you ever had a Republican on WGN of you've read a Democrat on they're all partisan so what you don't turn someone down that's ridiculous well I can't I can't speak to or for uh a TV station in in in Chicago but arm Wayne you want to talk about the IRS and this apparent IRS scandal is it's be referred to as Tom really what we want to agree because this was Nixon or Romney or Bush doing this I'd be on your side no president should ever or no IRS under any president should ever go after anyone for their political views or you do not have politics in a democracy so were you speaking out two thousand four against the Bush administration using the IRS against progressive churches that were having anti-war sermons if they did it's horrible I don't know anything about it I've ever heard that that happened yeah it done on your side okay all right I'm not allow that on either side I agree I agree that but let me take it to the next step I think that the scandal here that's been ignored is that the president has a pact now that you know the Obama for America has has morph into a into his into one of these 401 C 3 2 501 C 4 rather see me uh he's got one of these groups the UH the Koch brothers have one of these groups you know either did their it Karl Rove has one of these groups and the IRS Code says the law not there is but the law that invented the 501 C 4 that 501 C 4 is actually that chapter of the law right it'sit's identify that place that sentence in the law and what it says is that you must be exclusively a social welfare organization now my wife and I 30 some years ago started a community for abused kids in a school up in New Hampshire but still up there and running a hunter school dot org is the website that's a social welfare organization that's if I 1c3 actually it's a tax-exempt organization and it exclusively does things to benefit you know kids with learning disabilities I don't understand how running an ad that says vote for the president or against the probe president vote for Obama care or against Obamacare I don't understand how an organization who does that is allowed to operate as a nonprofit organization and conceal the identity of its donors list III can argue about it you know with you I I sound like I'm on your side but if the new issue to me cuz I'm not a PC expert or an attorney that detects premises IRS and I think that this is the correct this is the real scandal is that the IRS is not enforcing their own law no the real scandal is-is Tom I'm just a guy like you we may be on different sides of issues but like I'm an activist you know and I'm someone on the conservative side on most issues although very moderate on a lot of social issues and I'd be very upset if the IRS came at you tried to destroy you and this issue on the national basis right now is not personal to you Tom but now it should because you know someone who the IRS came after me okay tell us about tens of thousands defending and the case was thrown out of court they laughed them out of court and I won a hundred percent victory and then five days later new tax audit and I knew at that moment that this was from the Obama administration I knew I was being targeted now I look I've indicated it's all come home were you were you was just an auditor were you trying to create a five on c 4 organization with a name tea party in it let me tell you the story this was just uh in in january of 2011 i got a strange phone call my home from a guy who said he's an IRS agent and when I got the message i called my countenance said the IRS just call me I'm being audited me personally and my count said that's not possible the IRS doesn't call people you get a notice to mail they never call someone to prank and next thing I knew it was uh the count call me back saying it wasn't a prank he called my office to can you imagine IRS agent called me at home and we didn't get me he called my accountant at his office well my count said never in his 30 years in businesses you ever heard of anything like this this cannot be good these guys are targeting you something's wrong and we know you're in the media day and night against Obama you got to assume these two a connected but let's say let's give a fair shot and find out well I hung up the phone that you have to admit Dom this is bad the phone rings again and it's the count and he says I know actually at the IRS agent he says I just spoke with your accountant he says he has your power of attorney and I'm not to talk to you ever again but I needed to talk to you just one time mr. root and I said really why he said I just wanted to tell you I have the exact same politics is you and it's an honor to be ordering you I fought to get your audit and I thought this is really strange and uncomfortable and weird yeah stalker like and there's something wrong here Lane Colombo nice try to catch me to say something bad and I said thank you and hung up the phone and before I can hang up he said I listen to on the radio I go to your website on the huge fan of yours oh gee I thought this is bad news and then they proceeded to you know to attack me obviously all turned out to be untrue that he was a phantom I because by counting called me and said hire the best tax lawyers in america these guys are out to destroy you they're trying to disallow your mortgage deduction Wayne and I know this sounds crazy could help legal but the guy crusted out he will let you have it and he says yo a hundred thousand dollars the IRS he crossed everything out he's tried to destroy you to hire the best lawyer we went to Wharton elastomeric court through the whole case out and I was fine and five days later new audit so calm and and let me ask a question win and when you that must have cost you a fair amount of money a fight the IRS did they reimburse you the cost of defending yourself of course not in the thing that could happen to you one day with a Republican president so you got to be on my side on this one oh I you know if if there is Wayne III think every American is strongly with you and the president in his outrage yesterday that if the IRS has gone rogue and if they are playing politics with audits or deciding to grant or not granite nonprofit status that's criminal behavior but the question is why would they do without the president back yeah we're listening thom hartmann program call 866 nine eight seven th om I guarantee awain if this goes all the way to the White House that's the end I mean you know this is that is next route for america.com is Wayne's website thank you capstone mining production for money Union Theological Seminary.

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