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Write for me business capstone examples

Write for me business capstone examples write for me keystone capstone pinnacle bhiria city weather report ´╗┐so in summary these are ideas that recommendations we are not saying we should do all this or any of this we're just showing you what other communities have chosen to do to address this issue of affordability I think it's also good to highlight we are not alone Ottawa County West Michigan this is being faced by communities all over the nation and our hope today is that we would just sparked that conversation of what do we want to do as this community I think probably the largest thing I want to point out is as I was reading off those solutions I hope you notice that cross-sector collaboration was absolutely essential you needed to have private nonprofit government working together on those solutions affordable housing is too messy if you don't portable housing can be done with quality again wanting to change perceptions a little bit it can be done well it can become an asset to a community and again you're not rated top solutions you're simply not at that stage yet again going back to this where we're going to transition to here in about three minutes is really focusing on answering this question so to wrap up I've talked about a talk to your office I've made a lot of statements here are some of the summaries we need to build the bridge if we have low wage jobs we need housing that supports the jobs this issue is part of a larger system we need to work with others on this takes a village truly one of you met as it takes cross sector work to see change funding is available if we work together I didn't I didn't make this point but there are a lot of initiatives happening around the state that if you can show that you're working regionally if you're working across sector and it's true collaboration there's money there we have that opportunity if we do this well to receive those funds so we wrap up where I began I will counties a wonderful place so if you live all nodes right we've received all the applicants a little quick on their own ad work on is a desirable place to live I fear it is not a practical place to live for everyone and we have a real challenge at her hands I already let you in on the secret our estimated population today to learn 69,000 somewhere around by 2020 316,000 by 2030 369 thousand hundred thousand more individuals in this community 16 years from in 2020 is right around the corner so again I go back to the different individuals I've talked about who's affected with this issue I asked the question where will these people live in our community and hobbled lately goals for today elevate the conversation to a different level of community stakeholder we've done that whether you agree disagree whatever it may be we've elevated this what's taking place in our community to a different level second goal in the store in transition for the next hour is to identify first steps to answer the following question this gets back to the question mark on the diagram we don't want to jump to solutions right but what we firmly believe on the planning community and part of this time in the breakout is you can tell us we're wrong but this is what we believe the next step is how do we create the implement a cross-sector regional and long-term strategy to provide housing for all we believe that all of those things are for us to do this well as a king that's why this is being done as an accounting issue not as a local municipality issue I've already highlighted what happens in one min this penalty affects another well one sector does affects another we're trying to think more regional about this kind of challenge so now it's time for breakout and what I want to do what I want to do here in a way we're going to answer this is we are going to look at an abbreviated very abbreviated exercise because we only have an hour this is called the change formula for some of you is going to be familiar for some of you may be brand new what this states is that certain factors when multiplied have to be greater than the resistance to change in a community otherwise nothing will happen so dissatisfaction you have to be unhappy enough about the problem right vision you have to have a compelling vision of where you're headed if you don't know where you're going it's going to be hard to get there you have to have capacity someone actually has to help get you through that vision someone has to work on this problem and f is for first steps if you don't know how to get off the ground or net we're not going to get anywhere so what this says is all hypothetical but it's so there aren't actual numbers behind these but says that all of these factors need to be so great that is greater than the resistance to change again you talk we talk through some solutions everyone has to give something in order for change to take place and it's not easy so if we can get the left side greater than the right side something might happen so here's how we're going to do this and this is we're going to get you up and moving a little bit this first exercise I want to take five minutes and K could I have you right dissatisfaction on one of those whiteboards again vision on the other one and post it on this wall up here so the first exercise you have a green and pin and pink stickies in front of you I want you to answer this first question based on what you've heard are you dissatisfied enough to be a part of the long-term solution part of me okay doesn't mean you have to quit your job and join this team to solve this problem cod if it can rain right you can invite others into the conversation you can you can ask this presentation to be presented at an organization or the association or somewhere else you can invite others in you can serve on a subcommittee you give him something to help with this issue so if yes you're going to sign your name on the green and you're going to post it on a board that's going to be up here in just in a couple seconds that's all you have to do is know and there's this isn't about pointing fingers or saying you know you're not with us and it's not about that at all if no sign your name tell us why we need to know this we need to know is this does this not appear to be an issue to you and if so why not you can write one word to write one sentence again this isn't supporting us but we really need to know as we move forward what are getting to the resistant part what are some of the objections ok so if yes green if no red and put it up on the board on the wall at the same time answer this question is the vision now the vision will change but this is the vision right now as it stands out of the vision of ottawa county is not only desirable place to live work and play but also a practical place to live because housing is accessible to all residents is that compelling enough for you at this point that this would not only put in a desirable place for the practical place if yes sign your name on the green put it up if no sign your name and tell us why and be honest if I mean you can say hey this is a political nightmare for me I can touch this if we want to know that we need to know these kinds of things as we move forward so we're going to circle back here in about five minutes to do some smaller group conversation around the other issues but this gives you an opportunity to stand up post your notes up there fill your coffee cup grab some food go to the bathroom and come back here at five minutes ap capstone 2018 training Manhattan School of Music, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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