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Write for me bus 499 business administration capstone comprehensive exam

Write for me bus 499 business administration capstone comprehensive exam penn foster senior capstone motomart solution specialist periodical reports organometallic chemistry ppt ´╗┐okay I've been asked to show how there's a couple minor scratches on Colt Magnum carry just got and a lot people very interested in what I do to remove those since the scratches are in two different places here two different types of scratches there's the ones right there you see that roughness right there on that edge that's a rounded edge and a flat edge so I want to do two different ways there this up here this little nick on the is on a flat edge so there have to be different ways of dealing with both of those scratches for the flat edges I need two things or three things I need a flat piece of wood this is a little piece of molding that I'm using here I'll need some gun oil or any type of oil three in one oil whatever I don't need a piece of 300 grit wet 320-grit wet-dry sandpaper okay the first thing I need to do to the wet/dry sandpaper here is I need to wrap it around the piece of wood for the flat piece then I soaked it down pretty good with the oil just oil on it good there then since that scratches are on the side of that I lay the flat edge right along that edge and I just wrap very lightly very slowly just Rev just a few seconds of rubbing you can see that the burr has started to disappear from the side so then I have to start doing the same thing along the top now Paul jaws for the poor lighting in this video I couldn't like my video properly and still get to the gun so in the way I need to so I just alternate rubbing Top rubbing side just slowly gently Top rubbing side is to make sure to keep my sharp edge I don't want to rub along the edge like this never rub on the edge you'll lose your sharp edge just keep rubbing top then sides and make sure to go in the grain of the steel to keep the pattern right in the brushing about 30 seconds of rubbing and the scratch is gone now I can also now take a dry piece of the sandpaper and just very lightly scrub to give the brush texture back that'll that'll bring the brush texture back to the steel or I can go take my bead blaster and give it a nice bead blast all across the top which is what I'll do when I finished again but that shows you there that Nick is gone so let's move on to the one on the curved area remember on the flat areas never use your fingers because your fingers will shape and round things off always use a piece of wood something flat wood is great it's not too hard and yet it's the soft hard enough to keep the surface so never use your fingers when sanding a flat surface like that or a sharp edged surface this part is going to be different because it is on a rounded edge on a rounded edge you can use your fingers you can just simply put your hand there and start rubbing along that edge make sure the paper has some oil on it you don't want to rest up the surface too bad that keeps you from roughing up the surface too bad or damage energizing the surface and you just keep rubbing like this checking occasionally to see what you need to do what you don't now this does have a flat section too so on the flat section I would take the paper put it on the steel and rub it back and forth just like that on the flat side so let me work on that for a second here well I'm in progress here one thing I want to do remember remind you to say specifically do not use the flat edge on surfaces like this just like you don't want to use your fingers on its flat or sharp edge cuz you'll lose the sharpness and the flatness you end up with valleys and Hills you don't want to use a flat surface on a rounded edge if you use a flat surface on a rounded edge you'll end up with flat spots that show up really badly believe me they'll show up bad and they'll be nearly impossible to get rid of so remember to use your fingers to fix that way you can feel around the edge your fingers give to the shape of the edge make sure you fingers on the rounded surfaces or you'll just destroy them okay those marks now are gone to my satisfaction you see there they're gone now one thing I did do on this tension didn't mask this off you should always tape the areas around where you're working I didn't do it intentionally here just so I can show you where the rubbing of the paper marred the main surface now I could brush that back out just take the grips off and brush that back out I intend this to polish this get up so that's not a big issue for me right here let's go polish that out buff that out but if you're going to not buff out the gun if you go live with the natural brush you would want to tape all around the area where you're working so that you the edges of your paper aren't scratching your surface like that because believe me you can make yourself more work than what you started out with if you don't pay attention to what you're doing as you can see those scratches there are gone the ones on the up here are gone so that was all the damage to this guy there's not a lot of sharp edges not a lot of deburring to do on this one there might be a little I'll go through and maybe take off a few little sharp edges but it'll be the same process you just saw so that's pretty much how you remove the scratches and imperfections from a gun like this a stainless gun now if you're doing this on a blue gun if you had a blue gun that had damage you would have to remove the finish do that and then have it refinished which I would not recommend on older guns or guns that have a collector's value because you wanted it's better to have a nick or a scratch with an original finish than it is to have a perfect new finish but on stainless guns you can do all the work you want with them no one will ever be able to tell they were ever worked on because it's still the original stainless but that's pretty much how I do what I do to these scratches and the nicks two more things I want to show you here small things I did Mar one of the screws a little bit taking it out so I will have to fix that another thing the sly of the cylinder release has really rough finishing in there the person who buff that did a crappy crappy job so I will want to fix that as well the screw head is easy just take it and take these wet the wetted paper and just rub it right across going right along with the slot you see I've got a nice good screw again that took off any marring along the screw slot there real easy to do takes a couple seconds okay in the case of this concave surface like this what do you do is I need to find something that fits in that surface this little pin worked out perfectly so what I do is I take that I wrap my paper around the part of the pin that I'm going to be using to get my edge and I just start working plain and simple just start rubbing it right into the crack in the area right there then once you have the general shape down then you just start using your fingers just fold the paper over your finger and just start rubbing into it allowing yourself to shape it a little bit as you go okay as you can see I've got this side bout to where I want it a little more buffing when I polish it out but I don't want to work it too much into such a small piece if you'll be real tempted to overwork this and get it and start losing shape and start losing metal you don't want to do that as you can see there's what it going to look like before with the little like to unzip dam pant with a dremel this is a little more polished out that's another thing I want to say never be tempted to just use a dremel to round things like this out you'll find yourself taking out too much steel taking off too much work and you can't put things back do it by hand do it slowly and don't make those mistakes it's easier to take a little more off that is to put anything back internet of things trends pdf order Evangelical Christian.

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