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Write for me basel internal audit in banks

Write for me basel internal audit in banks do my capstone chemical corporation literature review examples nursing metaparadigm i'm phil hellmuth jr. and in this lesson we'll give you some basic questions you should ask yourself before acting on your hand like most other checklists these questions and answers will become second nature the more you play but even experienced players can do well to take a few seconds to run through this list before they bet well there is no one way to play any given hand Lord knows there are a number of items that every player should review before they make a bet or a call by keeping a mental track of these items as you play you'll be able to better size your bets or your raises to accomplish your specific goal in the hand you're playing first and most importantly you should always know how many chips you have in your stack the size of your stack relative to the blinds will determine what kind of actions you should take with a very short stack your preflop options are generally limited to folding or moving all in a bigger stack say something with 30 big blinds or more gives you additional options including raising or rear a zhing an opponent before the flop the second factor to consider before you bet is your position relative to the button which moves clockwise around the table after each hand as the button moves closer to you you need to act earlier in the hand which means your position becomes worse the blinds who are in the two seats immediately left of the button are the two worst positions since they have to commit chips to the pot before any cards are dealt the player immediately left of the big blind is under the gun and in the next worst spot at the table since the player with the button is last act he is in the most favorable spot in the hand the players on his immediate right known as the cutoff and the highjack are the next most favorable spots since they get to act after the majority of the players at the table acting last is big because being in early position puts you to disadvantage the players who are left to act behind you before the flop you generally don't want to commit any chips to the pot without a fairly strong hand like a high pair say tens are about or something like ace king or ace queen in later position say in the cutoff or on the button you can play almost any two cards for a race if the action is folded around to you after the flop being in later position still provides a big advantage as you get to witness how your opponents act before you act if everyone in front of you checks in a flop of something say like ace ten seven you may be able to steal the pot with a bet even if you haven't connected with the board even if you're sitting on two threes basically if your check raised by someone you can easily reevaluate the action and decide if you want to continue or fold the third item to consider before betting is the size of the blinds and the amount of money already in the pot because you're trying to tell a story when you bet you need to make sure that your bet or your story makes sense but too much or too little and your opponents won't buy your story you won't be able to sell them what you're trying to sell them for preflop bets a general rule of thumb is to bet between three times the big blind and four times the big blind this means if you open the pots with blinds of say twenty-five and fifty dollars you want to lead out for between 150 to 200 dollars if another player has called $50 in front of you you should adjust your raise by adding fifty dollars and making it between two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollars to go if Annie's are being used you should account for the extra money before you race say you're at a nine handed table with blinds of one hundred and two hundred and a $25 per player ante this means there's now five hundred and twenty-five dollars in dead money that's $100 small blind $200 big blind that's three hundred and two hundred and twenty five and Annie's that's five twenty five if you would raise to six hundred dollars without antes which is three times consider adding between a hundred and fifty to two hundred and twenty-five dollars on to your race in order to compensate for the extra money well in the middle of the pot this means a standard preflop raise here should now be between 750 and 825 dollars that sizing remains equally important after the flop let's say that three players have put a hundred and fifty dollars in the pot before the flop giving us a total pot of 450 dollars you're holding the king Queen of Spades on a board of Ace of Spades King of Diamonds 9 of diamonds back to little hearsay $100 into the $450 pot and you're giving your opponent's better than 5 to 1 odds to call they only have to call 100 to win five fifty that's five and a half to one about too much and you're not giving your opponents any kind of odds to call you with a hand that is weaker than yours in general a good rule of thumb for post flop betting is to bet a percentage of the pot say 1/2 to 2/3 of the pot 50% to 66% of the pot and to bet this amount consistently on every street the next item to consider is what action has taken place in front of you because this will help you determine the strength of your hand something like ace Jack may be very powerful if you're on the button and everyone in front of you is folded on the other hand it looks pretty weak if a play in early position is raised and a player in middle position is rear aced in that case you'd be an easy fold with ace Jack by paying attention to the action in front of you you can determine the relative strength of your hand against your opponents and plan your course of action accordingly because nothing at a poker table happens in a vacuum yeah whatever you also need to consider the tendencies of your opponents before the flop are they tight are they loose are they aggressive are they passive say you're holding pocket queens and a play an early position makes a preflop raise for the first time in an hour what kind of hand do you think he may be holding would you really want to re-raise him in this position now let's say you have pocket queens and a player who has raised five out of the last ten hands makes a preflop bet would you really want to race him yes yes yes I would well you're studying your opponent's tendencies also be sure to consider how they may play back at you will they be likely to fold to a rear ace or will they be likely to move all in and defend their bet how big is their stack as their bet size committed them to the pot or can they afford to fold their hand if you apply enough pressure by studying your opponents and their tendencies in each hand and this I do every day including the ones you're not playing you'll be a lot better able to plot a line of action against them and devise a strategy that's going to help you win finally remember that you want every one of your bets to have a purpose are you trying to get your opponent to commit their entire stack when you know you have them crushed that's pretty sweet or are you trying to get them to lay down what maybe a better hand than yours bluff bluff bluff take the time to run through this checklist and you'll find yourself making smarter decisions which in the end is what being a great poker player or a successful poker player is all about write for me paper 53 and onenote School of the Arts.

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