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Write for me ap central ap capstone seminar

Write for me ap central ap capstone seminar do my what is capstone project coursera cooper review smsf report [Music] nine-one-one what is your emergency yes I just got a call from Douglass High School a FEMA on the line advice they believe there's a shooter at the school okay at Douglass High School in what city yes in parkland okay Christine I know one Pine Island yes okay let me see if they're working anything there and a second hand information from a student it sounded like possible shot in the background okay I think I heard five or six in two different bursts and you're coming from where I'm from Coral Springs okay [Applause] do they have a specific location or they just said it Douglas I'm gonna try to it looks like I still have an open mano and I want one I'm gonna try to ping it okay thank you so she doesn't seem to be on the phone anymore but I'm like I said I redid the phone GPS it mm-hmm and your operator is five or six cam operator and is in November 1 zero okay I got another caller advising someone was shot in the 1200 building okay and the GPS is showing it was just sitting at the tower end of the street so that so that's a one shot in the 1200 building hang on one minute you guys have rescue going out correct we have rescue but they won't be able to go until they're cleared in turn right then they're still hearing gunshots on other calls okay so we're receiving multiple calls at this time forget we're getting multiple calls yet on my line with DSL relaying information yes please okay now we have one patient that we know at this point we have one one confirmed patient at this time but we're not sure exactly how many okay at the 1200 building is the only one we have hundred buildings Diana Diana before you pick up intercom News team assemble okay we got units responding okay okay very good I think we're getting calls this end as well but thank you every way thank you five all right yeah one what is your emergency hi this is my son with the transfer hold on ma'am I have a caller on the line whose child was just Stoneman Douglas high school supporting a shooting hello I want one man go ahead my son is in Stallman Dartmouth high so he said he heard noises and pop and he thinks those are shooting going on at the school okay we do have police on scene at the school police is on scene there is it secure we don't have that information is the a man like where is your son inside the school what remember is Yeti's in one she said he's in one of the math classes okay do you know what remember that it helped me enough I have one he said he's lost in the math wall okay he's locked okay just tell him to stay locked in that room and what what grade is he in he's an 11th grade what's your son's name ma'am hello oh hang on one second let me talk first - so this is focus you have to call it snowmen Douglas for the shooter for a shooter yeah the caller is stating that there's a an active shooter in the school where at well what's the address jongmin Douglas high school in parkland Stoneman Douglas high school zone wolf okay does anyone have an address - where where I'm sitting the police - you don't have the address for your high school hold on just a moment just a moment are you saying you have it it's enough okay all right any information on this on the active shooter did anyone get any information now that the children are hiding okay and we're okay are you at the school sir are you calling from the school no I'm talking to the mother on the phone you're talking to a mother on the phone yes okay she's talking to her daughter right now Edward find out what CA but did she hear any shots fired what the 1200 buildings to 1200 building yes the 1200 building they heard shots they heard and how many shots did they hear how many she doesn't know the girl she don't know how many she hurt no she's right she's terrified right now okay second another caller forgetting about yes just down the line do not hang up stay on the phone with me here's the address 59 oh we had it we have it we have it we have it okay okay coming Dharam 1200 building anything else um she couldn't tell how many shots um that that was her anything else she could say nothing no she's afraid to talk they're hiding right now okay where is her daughter hiding it like what room is she hundred building I understand she's in the 1200 building does she know what room she's in where she's hiding at does she have a clear she doesn't want to talk to girls silent she's too afraid all right tell that mother to keep her on the phone when she can tell her to say if she hear anything if she hears anything tell she was to tell you now she's being quiet right now they're hiding do she okay understand she and that's good okay but I'm just need to find out this 1200 building does she know that like um this is her science area like what clients would this period be for her I don't know can she get money more details I know but is she in a classroom with science Oh baby to know where she is give us what we're signing to the Karthik she's whispering that's white okay does she hear it close to the building where she's at does she feel here shots being fired she hears people walking in the hallways okay [Music] Dayna risen 13 and 900,000 okay okay tell her I want if the mother still on the phone so you are doing very good let that mother know that she's doing very good but if she could just keep that phone line open that will be greatly appreciated they said keep her on the phone if she hears anything yeah they're all being silent in the room okay chief just long as you keep the phone open until that mother soon as she if you hear anything to let you know and you let me know okay she's standing right next to me the mother okay well tell her to look only whatever see here I'm you know let me know okay fishing M&E okay they don't want it twelve ten or twelve eleven room number twelve twenty is the room number okay so twelve fourteen now she doesn't know she's going on twelve twenty two twelve fourteen okay twelve twenty did she still hear any noise well 22 any well noise what no no noise right okay tell it'll be quiet be quiet let's be quiet don't talk anymore - five minutes keep the phone line open [Applause] 12:22 1225 no don't do nothing I don't know how to make any noise everybody need to be quiet in that room everyone needs to be quiet no one talk ok if they can put their phones on silent that'll be good just in case somebody's heart of Harlem maybe they can you know put their phones on silent arriving she hears the police arriving ok I missed and arriving but are they in her room and they are they coming to the room baroness for I don't do that on this date here she says there's other students hiding in the auditorium [Music] [Applause] your other daughter she has another daughter in the auditory auditory I'm hiding okay so there's T's in the auditorium as well yes [Music] [Applause] okay do they know no I don't want to know we could just tell it us just say on the phone with me tell the mother she's doing good I updated all the information so well sir okay sir what is your name okay all right and she has two daughters in the school what's the two daughters name I don't know their names what is that another daughter correct the girl is saying she hears things in the hallway right now and that's in the 1200 building she's hearing noises correctly are you here the police you think she's telling to keep quiet hi come on you're doing [Music] but the two girls in one class there's only she and another student are the only ones in that classroom and it ended 12 top 30 - yes t-minus one minute another student named hailey behind the curtain [Music] [Applause] good at the desk in front euro dnp capstone project examples in leadership order Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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