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Write for me ap capstone individual presentation

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Stewart up to me Smitha motion again play action to the endzone touchdown we're bigger bodies going to win Crosby Adams a great job the play before on an open field tackle he's there in his hip pocket but look at the size difference 6 1 200 on second and to watch again to the sidewalk completes Experion gets across the time players on this oklahoma state roster from Texas walls to Stuart Stuart try six four six in the air from Walsh 48 yards on the 10-yard touchdown pass just to up 21-7 oklahoma state all you can get bitches once down the sideline and he is out of bounds living with 10:45 to go the option again seven first and ten from the 11 Sousa to the answer hands of Cole Hubbell oh he knows he should have had that one plenty of time good protection up front by the offensive line Oh bubbles a few opportunity it'll be a 31-yard field goal attempt for Sean I own him hit the game-winner 51 yards last year to win it South Alabama skill goal is no good Walsh the pump fake down the sideline for Stuart Stuart wide open out cuts it back and Stewart gets the State Cowboys waltz let's chat box it's up in hit by Tristan way the little big man 511 165 it's a fitting name to remember Brad Pitt guys and legends of the fall Tristan Wade his parents wanted him to be a legend of the fall but a football legend of a fall VP of the ball game as we watch this replay watch the blocks on the edge there's 44 seaton going down a great job by the receiver on virtue you gave this team seven and you continued to make some mistakes you're lucky it's only seven you'd like to see them put together some clean football here back-to-back series first and ten here for UTSA this time - Kenny Harrison it is Oregon we certainly got this week for confidence so so again this intercepted by Ryan Simmons and Simmons get shoved out by cam Jones a 20 down the sidelines at David across the plane good job by Blake Terry another Denton guy or guy one for UTSA though and there you see the ball crossing 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field and Armstrong able to pick up a first down can't play quarterback in high school Wildcat so you got sodas up there at the top of your screen this is a little bit of a decoy this is what happens when you don't have that big offensive line down to five so they fake the plate at the 7-yard loss the touchdown pass to co-op ons 42-14 oklahoma state Michelle gets rid of it quickly completes the pass to Shepherd memory Sanders shelf going down the sideline and that is incomplete was Liberty third and seven shelf no flat 51-yard punt return for a touchdown and beat Texas A&M 5215 and then it's like who's this guy trying to return the kick his Harrison escapes a couple tackles 63-yard return after a 51-yard punt what in effort by Kenny Harrison we just talked about the coverage unit everybody what a good job they did as a team but a lot of this has to do with number 18 there's three guys they should have a bottle up right there two more three more misses coming back across and now out running everybody Justin this is what's left this is what's left when Oklahoma State comes down and takes their pick and Oklahoma comes and takes their pick in Texas and Texas Tech TCU all these schools that's the kind of talent that's left around here so what you're saying is there's a lot of talent in the state of Texas yes indeed partner so so what are the most Tommy's head Danny hang on I think he did can't let this whole night's the ground and the touchdown brings into a frenzy by Cody Brooks second sack of the game for Brooks a loss of nine youth on display again the burst setting up Jeremy Seaton inside we've got to find a way chill steps down the field thoughts Psalm on the opening drive first touchdown of his career sees using his body against sterling and it's just his strength and want to against shove the pump fake a lot of people getting involved Moore's up top little double move pumps them outside and then turns it right up right down here on special teams ready to kick and it's recovered buffets of mine coach where's the gain of coach to done first down the handoff to a couple so soon with more time down touchdown he keeps running right bias just miscommunication not really sure where's that crack usually a solid defender senior is going but 81 with the catch and then it's off to the races trying to get to the corner what a great job of saying inbounds Ashton Lampkin tried to push them out he could not 49:28 oklahoma state leading over UTSA Oh Marcel Eggman got hit hard depleted by the sideline leave his feet doesn't go up to highs down low in the chest you know you could say oh we've got a piece of the facemask he's trying to keep that setting up the screen gets in for the touchdown he since paying off defensive line run afraid something's gotta be love their football these kids love to play got a nice block sets up the screen for Williams Jeremy on Williams breaks a couple of tackles and Williams still on his feet we'll talk about those quarterbacks in fact a uNFI third and 12 completes a Brandon Armstrong Tucker Carter quickly gets relevant to his damn Jones and favorites harder to bunk quarterbacks this deep into the game it's the 14th 15th I mean how many second efforts have we gotten and how many playmakers we've seen toughness we've seen you can get it this week with another big now third and six rolling out to his right throws low-income harder try to buy some time steps out did you they're celebrating like they just scored the goal touched I love it it's money it's great look at him over there that's exciting I don't care how good you are covering you can't be asked to cover somebody for 15 seconds seems like an eternity for this mistake eventually they're gonna find a soft spot and especially when you got a guy in Tucker Carter that extends the play like that great job to to get those feet down on him the coach in his meds or a nice embrace to club write for me capstone turbine headquarters Yeshiva 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