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Write for me access capstone project 1

Write for me access capstone project 1 sample of a capstone project where to buy research drugs ´╗┐welcome to inside ethics with coach LJ Dupree head men's baseball coach here at BRCC he will discuss his background in coaching he will give us a brief history of BRCC baseball tell us what Bears made it into the pros and also give us the insight into the 2018 Bears baseball team you a baseball career started at really high school way back in 1962 of any advantage Community College since 2005 doesn t summer 2005 and potentially - until this time prior to that I was working in construction field and interventional baseball field as they associate scout with the Los Angeles and the New York Yankees and I coached in independent from baseball for nine years can you tell us a little bit about the baseball program did you start the program here at BRCC no baseball programs go to year before I came here Charlie Dalton had a really outstanding ballclub they went to the playoffs and three guys end up in professional baseball and the good start for the program but we have Cody hall the major difficulties he's been with the New York Giants and presently he's with Tampa Bay Devil Rays Cody's got the 101 miles and now in the big leagues of steps that's what got him there he was an all-star at three levels at a level double-a triple-a level made it up to the Giants three years ago and had some arm injuries he's now with going to spring training with Tampa Bay Devil Rays and addition that from our program we had we had Mario Santiago who played the big leagues Mario just finished completed career he was up in Korea and Japan and del Toro and ideas both played from BRCC college program now we're developmental ballclub we play a tremendous schedule we get a lot of kids who come in that on the foot of development reasons and we've had around 90 kids who advanced from PR SEC to four-year school last year dental at the end of spring from post season we had 10 guys who actually signed with four years ago kagome injured but I think we have eight guys are still with their team that takes on yeah we have some real good strong leadership the goblins coming back outstanding players number one and two they're taking the responsibility of being leaders on the team what you would look for any sophomore class but we've got 13 I can't centerfield he's doing a great job with the position players along 100 Ivy eat who was injured in the fall blues back now those guys are taking leadership roles for us and that's gonna be huge for this ballclub on the pitch outside of it Keith Mira's gonna be is a big-time pitcher he had Greek record of lancia thing was father's one he pitched in the Texas collegiately this past year had a 1.5 he re in long fairway of all number one starting pitch from last year Dylan builder who's coming back Dylan is going to be as good for the NDC also the pitch staff could be out shrimp we've got we've got the softball kid who's been outstanding is gonna be an outstanding middle guy for so long with the Payton Russell those guys have experience and they're gonna be able to I think get us to a level where we'll be able to much better and we had Lackey even though we had a good record last year on the other end of it the freshman kids they're gonna play a huge role in what happened with his ball club this year we've got you guys behind the plate got you guys on all across the infield and we have a new guy in the outfield but in addition we got some other guys right on net right on there Mathilde when it comes to talent so we're gonna have depth oh gosh from you guys and lineup we're going to really be hustling to maintain and spot and we got good leadership from our returning players that's the one that we had had to really look hard to try to find gods who could play in the middle infield we went out to athletes guys who had athletic ability that's how much the guys who will finish players we're not going to get those kind of people if they have tops or good grades and all that we've gone to four-year schools but we take the athletes and we drop the development nothing that we have been able to do that up the middle right now with too deep on that third base and in second base first bases will be manned by returning guys but the kid Troy banks at shortstop is really coming around well he's gonna be an outstanding hitter boys and he's doing a good job by the shortstop who picked up Cameron Crawford at mid semester from non Nichols Cameron and kidded we tried to recruit on high school I ended up transferring back over here and he's that third base right now along with the the with Josh Smith who's gonna be an outstanding player for the guy that's probably the best to God was got on the team he's gonna be on the pitching staff and he'll be played in several infield positions so I think that he's gonna be a big plus for beyond that we've got the kill priest kid from Park views also middle infielder corner guy will be playing all the positions at second base and at this time we have Cody Blanchard and also also a tie type of talent agent from Centerville I think that we're going to be just fine up the middle I think this will be really strong in the outfield and I'll catch it and you wake up the other day really stood up talk about our non-conference schedule do you is there a reason why we schedule like sanjak and Panola and navarro is that just we want to build tougher competition so when we get down to delgado and our conference players are prepared for that kind of baseball well that's part of it you know we have Division one school and we need to take pride in that we're better Louisiana great baseball shitty so the best competition we can and then live up to the expectations of a team here in Baton Rouge you got LSU you got Southern University both champions many times and bad news Community College should be in that same boat and you're not going to get that when you're playing when you try to save it separately if you know you're gonna end up with a sale winning schedule or whatever we're going to play the best team that we could possible play sanjak play for the national championship last year Finola was ranked in the top ten minutes for many weeks last year obviously Delgado was in the top ten and went to the World Series we play a tough schedule because that's what we Badgers Community College needs we need to be one of the top schools in the nation and you're gonna get that by playing the best teams in the nation well we're gonna have to hope that we get up a home run in the right time we're not gonna be a piloting team but we will have speed we're gonna be able to run a basement really well the guys I think we're gonna have a better team Madden area possibly what we've had in the past that God working hard they got good talent they're staying within themselves so we'll be able to produce some runs we think we will have some make something at some times well it's a big big innings during the ball we had won several games that we had over five runs in an end and then we had a game the red can run to the hidden so you know and then we had some run that some other ended that we did in school so you know it's right now putting this thing together and getting the mix properly I think that we're gonna have a team that's gonna be a consistent and mean old school runs I don't think will be a pileated team but would be a team including baseball you see that who's Louisiana come out the Figo of the field at 1502 fall Street going back to Louisiana it's all five one can next to Memorial Stadium in on Friday night January 26 will be hosting for NOAA College honor Carthage Texas but no there's a really good ballclub we used to open with those guys every year it's always tough competition and the fan to get their money's worth by coming out there and getting a good look at the ballclub and it began to see capstone equities manager for money Orange County Community College.

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