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Write for me 7th grade capstone project

Write for me 7th grade capstone project write for me capstone 1 2018 results in kind payment reporting ´╗┐alright guys how's it going it's into thin air now I have you here on vent to Sky website now I just want to let you know I was watching a video that mr. M BB 333 put out that's getting a lot of attention about this new system forming tropical storm irma which will more than likely be at least a cat 4 in the next three to four days now what my concern is is this it might sound a little far-fetched to some people but I was watching his video and he was messing with the date down here now this map apparently is very very accurate up to five days and then usually a little bit after that it's not as accurate so if you watch this storm system down here irma I just pushed it forward one day now watch I just want you to see that the how far it moves each day this would be September 2nd dear September 3rd makes a little dip south here's four and this this would be our fifth day so anything after this they basically tell you it's not as accurate as they would like but within that five day period they're dead on so we're saying September fourth that would be it's obviously a hurricane so we're on September fifth Tuesday September 6th it starts making its northern approach the seventh that shows it moving towards the East Coast here's the eighth here's the ninth so I want you to keep this in mind guys so today's the first or the 31st day is a 31st Thursday ok so we have 1 2 3 4 5 so up until Tuesday the 5th they say this thing's pretty accurate so now between the 6th 7th 8th and 9th it shows it moving towards the Carolinas and some places are expecting a landfall around the Carolinas or it could be sent up the East Coast which we've all seen before that has happened so I want to put this in your mind so again sorry I'm taking so much time here I'm thinking as I'm talking to you guys so just bear with me here Tuesday so this is where they're there are very strong guesses in there they assume this thing is gonna be here we're at a hundred and 20 mile per hour winds here and now basically from this day forward they don't know exactly what's gonna happen so here's my idea let's say this thing makes a northern approach look at the 6th 7th 8th 9th let's say it even follows this this pattern ok it's looking to me like we're not looking at a Carolina strike we're looking at more of a sandy deal where this thing is going to come up and it could make that left hook turn into the East Coast up towards New York now keep an eye on a date here right now we're at September 9th ok if I were if I was allowed to click 10 and 11 this thing is gonna jump I want to say about here to the 10th and then we are talking about a possible landfall on 9/11 now I know it's far fetched and we can't tell where this thing is going but guys think about this for a second sandy basically made a left hook into the East Coast so there is no telling where these things go past a 5-day model now again I'm watching this because mr. mbb 3:33 this guy's incredible with his weather stuff so I'm crediting him with this video right off the bat because he got me watching these maps and stuff like that and and you can really see a lot of stuff on these things and guys this is not out of the realm of possibilities I mean if this thing if we're talking Tuesday is their main you know after this they don't know where this thing is gonna go but more than likely it's gonna follow this pattern again there's the 7th there's the 8th there's the 9th so let's assume this thing is gonna be right around here during this time and from this point forward it can go anywhere so 9 with 2 days remaining this thing's skipping hundreds of miles a day and the speed it's moving if it's a cat5 these things are flying so there's no you can't take it off the table that this thing might not hit the area of New York New Jersey Long Island around 9/11 so I want to keep that in the back of everyone's minds because this is not just a threat to the Carolinas this is a threat to the entire East Coast because we do not know where this thing is going and after Harvey I'm never ever letting a hurricane go without looking into it and following it until the thing is dead and gone that's a promise I made to myself I can't believe what's going on in Texas right now it's unbelievable ok now I also want to bring to your attention that a lot of you don't know that on 9/11 2001 there was a category one or two hurricane right off the coast of New York and here's a picture of it from 2001 this was the day of 9/11 you can see this is Long Island here New York right around here this thing was right off the coast and there's a lot of theories out the other people think that the hurricane itself was used as some sort of energy source to do some damage in New York but we won't get into that here I don't know enough about it to even begin to talk to you about that but I just wanted to show you that there was indeed hurricane right off the East Coast on 9/11/2001 as the terrorist attack was going on he was a here's an article with a video about I want to play that don't want to get copyright but there's other pictures of it as a higher image from the satellite views and honestly I'll tell you guys during that time I didn't even know there was a hurricane there I had no clue and anytime there's a hurricane off the coast of New York let alone the East Coast itself people usually know about it so it could tell you that shows you how sidetracked we were that day for those days but here we go again guys one more time I'm just gonna run through this with mister and BB three three three did this and he gets through this stuff so well that's amazing so here's Friday here's Saturday here's Sunday here's Monday here's Tuesday the end of their guaranteed are not guaranteed but they're very good guessing so anything from here forward could be anything I'm sure BP Earthwatch I'll come out with a spaghetti models to to give some ideas where these things usually go but we always see them riding right up the East Coast and then Sandy Hook took that left turn right into New York so if this thing doesn't come in towards Florida a lot and it stays shallow it could it could be a direct hit into New York could be near Virginia Carolinas which is where this thing's showing now but anyway guys yeah so if this is not out of the realm of possibility we could possibly have a 911 landfall around New York with hurricane Irma and I just want to bring that to everyone's attention and keep your eyes open guys and I'd really suggest all of you check these maps out and follow them I mean they they help they can give you warnings that the TV won't a lot of people sit and wait for the TV to tell them to leave or you know and we're talking this is like hours before a catastrophe happen so you need to start getting educated on weather and reading these maps mr. M BB 333 says this all the time and how these maps and this information is more important than anything you're given in the news anything about temperature none of that crap matters it's all about UV readings it's all about what's being done to your body that you don't know about and then again with these maps you can tell yourself when weather's gonna hit how strong it's gonna be and how much time you have you don't have to wait for a TV to tell you this all right I'm rambling now but guys keep this in mind we're gonna keep an eye on this model I'm gonna be doing a lot more weather stuff lately because it's just it's taken over my life I love it so much all right guys I appreciate you all sticking with me so I haven't made videos in a while but I just wanted to touch base on this and show you that this is not the first time we've been in this situation September is hurricane season all right guys take care talk to y'all soon do my enterprise risk management course near me Sotheby's Institute of Art.

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