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Write for me 3622 capstone college station

Write for me 3622 capstone college station write for me ap capstone seminar lenses computer in education essay I'm in the Martin riding area with group of riders from Rapid City South Dakota this is a good area to come if you want to taste in the Black Hills and see most kind of trails that are out here it's located about 13 miles southwest of Custer and if you happen to be staying in Custer it's not a bad place and if you want to drive down here from somewhere else that's usually worth the trip stick with me I'll tell you some more about this riding area how to get here and some of the trails don't mention my number so thanks for joining me on this one and I hope you enjoyed let's go to the map and take a look at the Marten riding area as I mentioned it's 13 miles southwest of Custer the easiest way to get there is to go west on highway 16 until you get to Pleasant Valley Road that's this road here marked in purple go seven miles south on Pleasant Valley Road until you reach the Bluebird trailhead and you can park it on a log there you can also park them on low it up here at 30 to 35 although it's not a designated parking area also if you wish you can camp there another way to get there is to go a little further out highway 16 west from Custer until you get to pass Creek Road that's this road here the Forest Service number on that is 273 but the sign up at the highway says Pass Creek Road so you go south on that approximately eight miles and then you get Huck right to parking area here and you can park there there's no place to camp closeby you could go out in this area here it's kind of open if you want to do it and it is open right around that as you go beyond the fence but you can't go there in your vehicles so if you have a tent or something you could go there but it's not really a great place to camp all right - keep in mind a few things the Trail 3200 here is the main trail through this area I've got it marked in green it's a loop trail kind of okay right through there and here I've got green and red but you can see that's where 3200 goes it just makes a loop through the manor and it's it's probably the main trail if you're in the park and the blue bird blue bird area here to get to 3200 you can just follow 3400 out and if you just keep those trails numbers in mind you'll never get lost out in that area most of the trails you're going to find there are going to be open trails by that I mean there's not a lot of tree cumber cover those grassy lands and things like that there is plenty of tree cover down in this air here and in other places down in here there's street cover but but in necessary over here is fairly open and it's also open up in this area most the trails on a difficulty scale of one to five one being the least difficult five being the most difficult virtually the entire area would rate as a one there's almost nothing out there that's very difficult with the exception of these trails I have marked in red ok 3202 coming down here is probably about it to its it's not really very difficult it winds through the trees and it's it's pretty good 3204 is probably the about a three and the difficulty scale not not my black hills standard is not too bad and it's worth taking because when you get up to this area right there there's a great scenic overlook you can see that and then 3206 3207 and then this section of 3200 goes through kind of a ridge line right across here and those trails are again about a two and a half to 3 they're not terribly difficult but but they're kind of fun is so there you have it on the map there is one other trailhead down here called Richardson and it's notable because it's very difficult to get to you could take Pleasant Valley Road down here follow this you catch 276 and go up through there or you can come in this way also on 276 and get to it but but there's not really a lot of point unless you come from Wyoming ok that's that's a look at the map this map again is available in the Black Hills forests Maps page the u.s. Forest Service Black Hills Maps a Google that you should it should bring it up this video was made towards the end of March in 2018 we're riding with a group of riders from the Rapid City area South Dakota these are all local operators who are familiar with this area and it was a good day just to go out there was about 50 degrees maybe 54 something like that and sunny for most of the day but this gives you a good idea what you can expect in the Martin area begin with since it is a designated riding area there's these cattle car guard gates everywhere they are only 62 inches wide so if you got a jeep or anything wider than 62 inches you won't be able to get through there is much of the areas open like these pictures that you're seeing now although there are some good trees the areas and there's some areas with some rocky terrain which we'll get to in a second but mostly the writing is a lot of the writing probably more than half of it is on trails that look like this they could be a two track and grassy some of them are muddy some more rocky they are very well marked however so you shouldn't be you shouldn't get lost at all in that area and it's a pretty pretty easy place to get around if you're not familiar with the Black Hills you just have to follow the Forest Service map and take a look at the map I talked about a little bit ago at this point we're getting ready to go up to the lookout area right along this trail again you can see it's very well marked this is probably the most difficult trail in the entire area and I wouldn't even classify it as difficult you do go up you have to climb the hill for about a half 1/2 mile to 3/4 of a mile but and it's quite rocky and rough is as you can see but once you get up there you have a commanding view and virtually all directions I believe this might be the highest point in that particular writing area but as you can see you bounce a look bounce around a little bit trying to get up there but once you get up there you get an outstanding view this is out looking towards it was Wyoming and then you get to come back down as you move to the northern part the trees become more dense and in this case with dense trees and protected areas you you're going to see at least at least at this time of year we saw more snow and more mud just simply because it was somewhat higher elevation and in the shade had we got and I think a couple weeks after this most of this might would have been gone here we're gone up one of the trails and this is typical of what you'll find in some of the areas where the trails just definitely ATV UTV trails you could do it on a single track or two but they kind of wind through the trees and it's it's fun riding on trails like this if you've have a chance like I said that day we were out there the snow in some places it was deep although this is a year-round area if you were to go and try to do it and after a big snowstorm you can run into snowdrifts of these several feet deep and again they tend to accumulate in the valleys historically from historical perspective there's not a lot to see there there's no mines or cabins or anything like that scenery is mixed if you like open scenery that's good if you like to see a rocky cliff something like that there there's a few of those around as you could see here not a lot but it's it's the red sandstone area so that's pretty much what you'll see if you liked this video as always please click the like button for us give us a little encouragement and if you have any questions or comments you can send an email to our doggie Angie I think you may have caught her in the video or leave a comment in the comment section but once again thanks for joining us we really appreciate it capstone project ideas for human resources cheap Pratt Institute.

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