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Word sam capstone project 1 cheap write for me capstan winch manual need someone to write my dissertation abstract on lifestyle for me ´╗┐so I don't know what you guys are doing a four o'clock in the morning but I was being handcuffed and not in a good way I was being manhandled and thrown into the back of a West Hollywood sheriff's car and no I'm not joking Saturday night couple days after thanksgiving by the way happy thanksgiving to all my supporters you guys know how much i love it appreciate every single on girl hope you guys had a fantastic holiday i had a great time shoutouts to Lauren Irene kashif I'm Lawrence housemates that was the most incredible friendsgiving experience I've ever had if you hear a little rattle in the background that's because we are currently babysitting the cutest little princess as some of us like to call her earlier in the background so forgive me for the rattling but I wanted to come and share this story so saturday night I had come down with a random poll I had to give up my shit earlier that day this was a sickness I got never experienced before so standard ate the entire day I'm pretty much passed out passed out wrapped up and had a scar from my lady everything on and I'm sleeping through the night four o'clock in the morning rolls around I'm awakened by the sound of my roommate and a friend fighting in the living room and I'm not talking just like some back-and-forth verbal scuffle I'm talking I hear things being knocked over crashing and I hear screaming get off me get out get out of my house then I hear the sound of my roommates were saying anybody here I need help and of course if i hear that i'm super concerned but i got way too much to live for i'm not about to go out and put myself into the middle of something they just so I just call the police for my bedroom I call a real cool calm and collected like Lissa there's an incident happening in my apartment I don't know what is going on my concern police gets here and for whatever reason my roommate decides that he does not want to let the police and so of course if they get an emergency call and they're not being led into the location they're gonna think of something's up so they find themselves inside of our apartment so I open my bedroom door to what looks like five or six police officers I can't even remember everything is flashing by so fast I see guns drawn and for what there's like I have no idea what's happening I'm just simply trying to open my door to tell the cops I'm the one who called is everything okay next thing I know I am being and handle by this huge officer put into handcuffs at this point I'm like what the hell is going on I'm like first of all I'm gonna call why am I like I had no clue what was going on before I knew it i'm being marched down the stairs in my building out into the streets of West Hollywood my glasses getting knocked off I can't see I'm Bonnie shit don't know what's going on I get thrown into the back of the West Hollywood sheriff's car do you know how hard those seats are how small the spaces I was literally I thought this is not real this is a dream this is not happening right now I have never ever had any sort of run-in with the law ever this was the most terrifying experience of my life I'm like how did I wake up to this fight I'm trying to help my roommate out and I am now in the back of a police car when I tell you my entire life flash before my eyes in the back of his police car I'm so confused and humiliated because they've got this light shining on me my neighbors can see so many thoughts are running through my head and all I can think about is this is not real is this like this is a dream it's 15 minutes or so roll by and I've already calculated in my head that I'm about to spend 50 years in jail for something that I had absolutely nothing to do with and they come over ask me questions and like realize that I'm the person that called and realized after they run my information i have i've never done anything wrong in my life well in terms of a legal it was the craziest thing they take me out of the handcuffs and they explain it like we're so sorry when we are not allowed to come into a space that we've been called into we have to take everything into consideration and worry about the safety of the officers and the safety of the other people who are in the whatever they go on and on and they like apologized profusely but i just could not believe that this happened to me like when I tell people that like this is my life these are the random things that happen to me people think that i exaggerating that I'm kidding no I was sick as a dog in the morning slept through the day slept through the night and got arrested at four o'clock in the morning y'all like when I tell you that was the craziest thing ever I had to just come and share that experience I want to say that it's I'm almost happy it happened because just as an and it's somebody who likes to just know the experiences of life I almost feel like that had to happen for me just to have that experience and I just wanted to needed to know what handcuffs felt like and what it felt like to not know what was about to be the next step the next moment it was the scariest thing and the most humiliating thing all at the same time that I've ever experienced I'm they didn't even give me no time to grab my shoes and nothing Jesus I was outside in the street with my socks on our pajamas hair a mess they'd even let me get cute enough it can you imagine like if I did not mark this in document this I I need to come back and look at this and thank God what I'm never involved or around craziness like this again by the way moving into a new place in a few weeks anyway and no longer having the roommate situation so praise God all glory for that and you know update you guys on that when that unfolds that is so random is so crazy ah Martin del Washington Jr has officially been in handcuffs and in the back of the police car can you imagine something I had nothing to do with man choose your company and roommates wisely you never know like what people are up to and what people are capable of and don't just be letting anybody up in your house you know for I don't want to put to the details of the incident are not important it's not my story to share because like I said I have nothing to do with it but I don't know how people just let anybody into their home like you you've got to like use your your judgment wisely and intelligently you when you bring people into your home they bring in different energy and when the energy is messed up in your house like you can never be right so that's why I won't just be inviting any old person over to my place like I just I'm not about that life anyway I just wanted to randomly share that anecdote because I could not believe it and the whole time I'm in the back of the car thinking is I wish I had my iphone or something like a record because this shit is crazy how do you guys ever been arrested heavy do you have an arrest story share your story below do you think I was treated unfairly do you think I should sue the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department leave all your feedback below I need to know what to do because I'm still in shock honestly but I just wanted to share this with you guys I wanted to know your opinion if your feedback hope you guys had a one for thanksgiving and i look forward to the rest of the holiday season a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next couple weeks the Alaska's a drag Kickstarter is still alive we've got 10 more days to go as of today um very excited about that same old same new place coming up soon a lot of love in my life right now I'm very excited so how he's actually to share some more stories I'll talk to you guys later goodnight write for me professional capstone project grand canyon university Tandon School of Engineering.

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