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Word 2018 capstone project for money

Word 2018 capstone project for money write for me reflection on educational technology 2 sartre essays in existentialism pdf ´╗┐we are back in the North Carolina State Fair to eat some more food we'll see you inside [Applause] [Music] our first stop at the fair is the ragin Cajun booth we got deep-fried dirty rice balls comes with the ranch on the ranch well we got it on the side and the sacks we both aren't a big lover Bridge that's my sweat it tastes like hush puppies yeah already dense yeah it's all with the rice and other seasonings I I feel like it better with the ranch it's not my favorite because it's a little dense for my taste I thought it was gonna be more kind of like when you bite into it you actually can taste each rice granule but at the same time I understand that I gotta like kind of squish it in order to actually let it fry no it's actually pretty good with the range with the ranch is really good I think because of the different spices and it's a little spicy and there it kind of cools it off I think it's a nice first treat affair also at the ragin Cajun is Gator on a stick comes with french fries I'm gonna have the first place that is a big bite Oh be from coudair this is the first time I've had dinner where it's not like little chunks that are fried it's a big chunk and you could actually see that you know it's a it's a water animal because you know that kind of like texture of the fish first time where it has that it still has that chicken kind of taste but you actually see and feel to the texture of fish so when we went to the Big Easy I said that the Gator tastes like chicken and it really does fried Gator actually tastes like fried chicken and it was really really good and these um he surprised I have some cajun spices okay [Music] crowd much and the booth is literally called Carolina crab bytes No Wow as some homemade problems sauce let's go build chunks Oh crabs it's really good and it has peppers and spices and it's like it has barely any breading so and that's a good thing this is mostly crab but it's like biting into something where it's super soft and crispy on the outside so I was really good texture and I won't try the sauce Superman wrong sweet and spicy Bonaparte looks broke yeah he's falling apart but at the same time I'm not food I'm not mad it is because then you know it had a lot of crab because when it's like stays together it gets more dense [Music] this is the NC State ice-cream its graham cracker ice cream with chocolate chunks and marshmallow swirls of course you taste a graham cracker and then you get a mostly the Marche mark that's very sweet and a little bit of chocolate it's literally the perfect s'mores ice cream and since the ice cream all their ice cream is homemade and every year they have a specialty flavor my god I don't know how they did it but it actually kind of it tastes exactly like this more it's got that big chunks of chocolate the ice cream itself tastes like graham crackers and marshmallows delicious very creamy [Music] [Applause] woody egg roll which is brand-new this year it's got basically everything at Thanksgiving dinner in an egg roll with cranberry sauce there's lots of and it's super hot and fresh [Music] Wow here [Music] have you ever had a leftover turkey sandwich we have the turkey and you spread some mashed potatoes and stuffing and gravy instead of bread it's an egg roll and it's fried hot right without you right I realize me and you don't know me like Thanksgiving [Music] [Applause] - this is one of the most popular booths in the entire State Fair this year they have a combo of all three of the cheese's you have a cheddar cheese jalapeno cheese and mozzarella cheese that we paired it with some pizza sauce first up you gotta put it I mean it's hot fried cheese you really have more description Mylene hello beauties oh yeah jalapeno that's got a kick what's a cheddar [Music] that's some good chief this is the jerk barbecue wings for full Runnings Jamaican food [Music] it's one of the best part of you inside never had it's a little spicy which I love it has a lot of seasoning it has a lot of salt too it's just an absolutely delicious barbecue and his five Ling's for nine dollars it was totally worth it I was thinking about these wings for over a year we had these wings last time we came to the fair and I was thinking of these wings for months after they're just so juicy and the really bold flavors [Music] you don't get a lot of maple syrup flavor you get more baby flavor but I like it cuz then it's not just sweet bacon it's real big [Music] this is the Krakken cheese from the turkey barbecue truck it's mac and cheese turkey turkey cracklings and sauce oh my god place some delicious barbecue turkey plus it's got a really sweet barbecue sauce and then the mac and cheese kind of breaks all that that's a little bit further there it is you have the turkey cracklings which is of course turkey skin it's got that great Carolina barbecue flavor and it's absolutely delicious we're good burnt edges of macaroni and cheese burn edges and macaroni cheese plus the crack them whoever said Caesars you can go with barbecue doesn't know barbecue and the other really neat stuff about this truck does that everything is turkey instead of chicken tenders turkey tenders instead of beef corndog turkey corn dog and of course every Carolina in the flavor Turkey barbecue sandwich [Music] this is an idea with chorizo it's topped with plantain and guacamole so for those of you that don't know an arepa is corn dough that's shaped into a patty and then griddle so that way it's crispy on the outside a nice and soft on the inside and traditionally it's served with basically just cut open and cheese in the middle of it this one is kind of like a okay but sandwich you could use to beat chicken and vegetables and we got the one with chorizo and all of their earlier buzz are topped with plantain and cuacamole and a pink sauce which is like a type of salsa and I'm gonna get my this place we also won the best new food of the fair and it was also voted one of the top foods of the fair as well and I really like how it was I saying like this be soft my flavor very good [Music] this is a pumpkin pie milkshake from copycat cobbler it actually comes in hmm it's really really good tastes like pumpkin pie mixed with some cinnamon and it all blended together with the moral a name literally comes in a pumpkin how ridiculous is that means it's awesome but it comes out [Music] it's got to be the most extravagant milkshake I've seen because not only does it come to pumpkin but it has the actual milkshake whipped cream and a little slice of pumpkin pie on top this thing is a definite calorie and sugar bomb whoa you could taste the pieces of the crust in there so it's got a little bit of a texture to it it's really sweet and very creamy this next thing is that my farm bakery it is the Nutella and stop merry that's one smooth dough it's made with a rye crust it was seven dollars and it's actually a pretty good decent size it has some drizzle of chocolate over its really flaky whoa hmm it's not like chunks of strawberry I mean the has chunks of strawberry it's more like a jam rather than sliced strawberries but the cress itself is tasty and it has it flakes off but the only issue since the back is a little bit soft I wouldn't call it a soggy back it's just a little bit soft that's not where its crust crispy like the front is what is chunks of strawberry yeah what happened is because it got baked the strawberry kind of like the softened everything [Music] it's a perfect way to imitate [Music] that's all the food that we ate at the North Carolina Fair we hope you guys enjoyed that video we are certainly very full and we really enjoyed the food here if you liked the video make sure you subscribe we post new videos every week make sure you like the video and comment below thank you for watching [Music] write for me capstone construction group SUNY Comprehensive Colleges.

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