Which Of The Following Is Not An Advantages Of The Capstone Approach
Which Of The Following Is Not An Advantages Of The Capstone Approach Haven Avenue zip 10032
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Which of the following is not an advantages of the capstone approach

Which of the following is not an advantages of the capstone approach public health management research topics for money hri 2018 late breaking reports on doctors ´╗┐welcome back to a roar I'll just let you know where we are at the moment our cargo ships are being produced as quickly as we can our in our commercial yard our second commercial yard it is in the midst of building our second construction gate ship the first one is on its way building a Jumpgate to Alpha Centauri to military yards are currently inactive we've got the jump team built and I'm going and I don't think we need any of these cruises yet we probably want to upgrade their design before we build any more but we're just going to leave it as that for the time being probably happy with the current slippery site our biggest problem is geranium we have got none of it we completely run out of geranium pretty much I stockpile very very very low expecting to use 37,000 and we've only got seven thousand that's not a good sign that's that's a pretty bad sign so what do we need to do is we need to work out where we're going to get uranium from now we know that Alpha Centauri is going to start doing it it's going to take a while to get that up and running in the meantime though we can have a look at not that icon there that's probably the wrong one to clicked probably want that one there there we go so we can see a geranium in the Sol system where have we got a lot of geranium as easily accessible that we haven't got a colony basically until the top places I've all got colonies already this is based upon access so we're looking at this number and this number make me we got colonies 2001 you are 163 we've got a colony Titan point 7 I thinking we're going to have to go to tighten your rope has also got sore IAM as well so that's tempting so tighten and Europa probably the two that willing I mean they are colonizer or what they would take a lot for me to work out how to do that if we go to the Alpha Centauri system looking for the same all that one looks tempting point nine a 282 so I think Alfred superior is our Savior but we need to get the mines out there and for that we need to build them that more ships in the meantime mode let's just check where we are coming along is taking terraforming installations from lunar to Daniel B cargo new is our new ships were just one of them at the moment but we will add to it is loading mines from Earth and taking that to Daniel be the old ones it just moving stuff around from automated minds from Earth to Hyperion because that had some stuff on there still in the Sol system passenger ship quite an old ship now is still very colony colonists from from earth to daniel p our defense fleet we are going to move i'll tell you why in a moment we're just going to move to the unexplored jump point for you might matter guess what's going on the gravitational survey ship that's going to move also to I jumping for that is the gravitational survey ship mark 1 which is a commercial vessel that's all we can say about it gravitational rats in the wrong thing isn't it that's not a gravitational is a geological survey ship we will rename your task group now an error there geo survey our construction ship is building the jump gate to a person cheery jump refit this is a JumpShip that I was going to scrap its it is got a 37,000 commercial jump drive but because it's only 15,800 it can only jump itself as well as own weight so 15,800 is the total but I have got it on the way to jump point for to act as a Jumpgate if you like the jump survey which is a geological survey ship is also on its way to jump point for that task group has got its got jump team in it hold on we need to remove the order jump team divided so detach detach jump team you are the military jump ship you just have a quick look at it so this is a military vessel which has some senses on it as well which is useful and a military jump drive up to fifteen thousand tons so we can jump 15,000 military tons through a deal going to go just move to the survey now this is our survey these are geological services so we have got three geological survey ships you realize we had quite so many and they're going to go to a point for as well are you getting a theme here so jump team one is going to unexplored for and our jump tenders just sitting there at our top get acting as okay so everything's baby to jump point for just here okay I'm going to let you into the big secret we are sending minds aplenty to Alpha Centauri but we're going to go and see what's in through jump point for there is a possibility there is a possibility that we might find aliens and they could completely wipe us out and that at the end of the series but there's also the possibility we may find untold riches and that's what wearing before cloak cargo who are these guys if only got 16 point one percent of fuel that's let's look it like a worry so you must be unloading terraforming at Daniel be so you must be cargo long this twenty percent fueled and refuel at colony oil tanker that is a tanker just the other side of the gate so hopefully you pop back and grab some fuel from their instructional automated minds has completed on earth but wassup started normal mine production added ten thousand tons two planks and the fence is completed its orders are the reason why we're adding more two planks and I think we need to go again is our harvester ship is seventy five thousand three hundred so if we look at the shipyard 75,000 will be three hundred and then you may have to build a saurian harvesting top team one has completed orders excellent i'll go long how are you getting on you are getting level view what you should have enough range to get to the tank and i hope it's time to transit to jump point let's let's stick with you see how far you get in these few days as a big I mean that is between there and Daniel B is what's that three thousand million that's three billion kilometers supply of you ridium on 2001 x8 255 has been exhausted and I think that means it is done for mass drivers one automated mines 58 so 2001 XH 255 if you think be feel from Earth like automatic mine earth name and not the case I think we're going to use we're going to use the civilians to move this so 2001 has got a one mass driver and 58 mind so if we get them the 30 automated minds 58 supply mass driver one supply and when we want them so I would love a button to be able to go zoomy zoom into that where is that planet i mean if i go on minerals here 2001 slot there because not many minerals anymore for the info note all bodies asteroids that's a lot to find where he is 2001 XH 255 back could be you display two stories with minerals there we are so no mines no middle anymore so I could send them to you are out of 2001 you are 163 has pretty close nope Russell is getting closer so what's you are 163 got still got 23 is got some duranium not Russell has got a bit more I tell you what let's see what the civilians can can do that we'll see we'll see what they do how they get on so yeah let's carry on thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it and please consider giving me like Evan already please subscribe to hear about when I do small videos in the meantime jewelry if you want to click on one of the other videos I've done on on a different game then these are my latest ones please go ahead or if you click on the next video in this series that'll take you directly to the next video in this series if I've done it and uploaded it thanks for watching cfp capstone course canada Clarkson University.

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