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Whats a capstone unit

Whats a capstone unit cfp capstone financial plan write my research proposal on government plz ´╗┐hey guys welcome back today we are talking about doing a model train layout in a confined space not everybody has the ability to have a huge basement with several rooms dedicated to model trains or some people I've seen have actually built on rooms of their houses so for the folks that just have parts of their basement available or parts the room available this videos for them give you some ideas on how to model how to set up model train layouts and a confined space and with me I have my cousin Chris he's pretty much the inspiration behind my whole train thing he got me started about four years ago by sending me a NASA engine set when I worked with NASA for a little while um so actually the air force in NASA's long story anyway uh he got me started on that and we built the train table and that's how these videos started going so I kind of thank him for getting me started in trains just like you think your mom and dad for putting you here on this earth so as always thanks Chris for getting me started and we get to take a look at his layout you know one day Chris will have probably allowed that kicks everybody's rear ends but for now he's working out of a corner in his basement that uh no no what size is this Chris about let's see it's five and a half feet by one and a half and then it comes off another three and a half for the turntable yep so we're going to just take a couple of looks at how things work obviously the camera lady is out today and my other camera folks are back in Omaha so we're going to be taking a look at the layout I'll be behind the camera and showing you some of the ideas that Chris put into his layout and obviously his layout is under construction but some of the ideas he put into it to save space and to incorporate his trains and turntable into that tight space that he has to fit into so let's go ahead and take a look at his layout in closer detail okay so the first thing you may notice is that there's a slit here in this side of the layout this whole portion all the way to here where you see that the cork board kind of splits off this is all a drop in part now panning back this way if you look that split actually has an LCD monitor in it and that's for his computer so down below here is his computer and because of the space for his computer you know he had to kind of build that in and as you look up the side here you see there's chains and he can just take these chains wrap him up and they'll be on the ceiling instead of down here when he wants to use his computer if he really is desperate he could actually peek under here and and still see all of his monitor and type if he you know fell and lady doesn't want to move the thing it's pretty cool because it has its own power district as you see here this switch right here powers it on and off does the problem here oh just the front front track there but it's got its own power district he's hooked it up through these alligator clips or was these clips called tiger just a lot of automotive clips I'm not up on the electronic stuff as much as I should be but anyway and then it powers on over to here as we take a look over here like I said this layout is under construction so we're just kind of taking a peek here but look it around you've got the turntable and the turntable here um he's got let's see was it seven stall tracks right now seven right now that one stall tracks you can see some of his nice hopefully gonna go all the way around email collection you get a yeah he wants to move more stall trucks towards the back where we've got some rolling stock and locomotive sitting now what he's got 1218 2191 611 from Broadway limited he's got the 765 chassis steamed special loco American Freedom Train 44:49 in American Freedom Train the other ones number one and 44:49 in the daylight with a small lettering and then he's got 1225 on the on the turntable right now so for all you Steam fans eat your heart out it'd be an understatement to say Chris loved steamed he loves a or folk in western Norfolk Southern that's his realm that to him is like you P to me so also back here you get a little bit of a background where you can see he's got some levels or some area behind the board to park some rolling stock locomotives and they kind of come out of there and that's the thing about modeling in a small area it kind of helps add some depth you know like there's something going on back there and it there is to a certain level about a foot or so but you know it just kind of helps with the process so this this isn't really a how to video on modeling in small areas it's more of just an example to show you how he does it now a lot of people will say that model railroading the switching is the funnest part so Chris has that down quite well with lots of switches and a control panel he's been working on - - and all the switches and if they'd say anything to you about control panels it would be your drone in Plexiglas make sure you do some pilot holes some very careful pilot holes because Plexiglas tracks very easily anyway he's got a nice control board here for this LED lit but it's still in the works you know so it looks pretty good it's nice to be able to control your switches without manually doing it the way I do but my problem is I just I'm lazy and if I do it I know I get a tear apart to move so I just haven't gotten around to automatically doing it plus I don't know how to so maybe one day you'll see a how-to video on how to do that now we're going to ahead and take six eleven I mean 60 fifty one and we're going to run it kind of across to the additional area here just to show you kind of a cool little example of the running so I'll get our powered back up now this is the wall there's DC c1 and I thought about getting less but my wallet never told me yes it's really nice logo though it was also pulling a couple of the mph in Southern Pacific lions cars and Chris is we're lucky people it has all 17 cars there's now if you want all 17 cars we don't have to pay some con artists on eBay or ID gloss a lot of money or wait for a rerun if it ever happens and wait for Baba Romina to get their drums get it sorry for my tripod folks it's supposed to work smoother than that it's not well Chris wanted to get really crazy he could boot some pulleys in there and they get automatically up and bring that up and drop but starts to become pricey but yeah he was checking that out so anyway this is just one example of how to model railroad English in a small area you know the idea of him bringing this uh this computer monitor it's going to take a under look here just of the computer monitor and how you can really see the whole thing if you wanted to under this you know that was ingenious because it helps save him space so it's really cool what he's done down here maximize the amount of space he has because after all mom has to get down here his mom has to get down here and do laundry his sister has to come down here and save the crickets you know it's a busy thing she loves saving animals even little little bugs so anyway thanks for watching guys I hope this gives you guys some ideas those of you that are working with small spaces and like I said you know if you're working with small spaces the good thing is you can do a lot of switching which is really a lot of fun in the model railroading thing you know running around in circles gets bored after a while unless you've got a ginormous layout but switching never gets bored go pick up cargo drop off rolling stock things like that especially if you've got the mph ones with the proto couplers when they decide to work you know you can do a lot of cool things with switching alright guys thanks for watching and we'll see you next time right here on my channel ah write for me capstone motor company opening times Globe Institute of Technology.

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