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Whats a capstone cheap

Whats a capstone cheap write for me hospitality management a capstone course paper straws bulk cheap ´╗┐there's a word experience and the word experiment come from the same Latin root the same word experience is a legitimate basis for experiment one way to do experiments and to gather evidence is to use your own experience of no problem with reporting that what about the issue of dosing how much does someone how do you know what the right dose is when you're dealing with some of these botanicals the issue always first is safety so you want to know what is the possibility of causing harm what is the possibility of poisoning someone and you want to stay below that one of the advantage of using botanicals is that you're using dilute forms of drugs they're diluted by vegetable matter by other substances when we use pharmaceutical drugs the safety margins are very small often a dose of five times greater than what we give to a patient will cause significant toxicity so I think one of the advantages of using herbs is that you're you you there is a greater safety margin are there any alternative medicines that you use in your practice doctor - no not at the moment but certainly if something we're proven to be effective I'd be more than open to trying it what is it about do you believe are there what kind of future doctor can know of do you think integrative medicine has well I think based on my conversation with dr. Weil there's very little future because if you're going to put an LSD trip on the same basis as the scientific method we're never gonna find a language to communicate and I think it's very important at this point to say that dr. Weil with all due respect you are not an attending physician who cares for critically ill patients in the hospital to my understanding you have never done a medical residency you don't hold privileges at a hospital and when somebody really gets sick you're not there at the bedside calling the shots and if you were I think your information is not correct I have to on a one-year residency I'm licensed as a general practitioner which I'm very happy to do and your hospital for I have hospital privileges now at UMC and we are beginning to do inpatient consultation if I called you with chest pain you would be at the bedside making the decisions probably not right that's the probably not and that's I am not involved in critical care that's not my area of expertise so what I'm saying is and then where do we see critical patients in our clinic if you want to sprinkle some some herbs around the bedside at the walking wounded that's one time but you when you when you are engaged in caring for critically ill patients you better have your facts straight and you can't be talking about unproven therapies because your patient's life is on the line dr. Weil and I think it's I think it's very dishonest to say that that that in fact you are a mainstream physician when you don't take care of critically ill patients I've never represented myself as a mainstream physician that's part of the problem I would like to see mainstream medicine move in the direction that I advocate and if you think that's not the future you will conveniently put yourself out of business and that sure is integrative medicine this is what people want and economic analysis is going to drive this because we are going to be able to show that integrative treatments that is the intelligent combination of conventional and alternative medicine will save money and at a time when our health care system is disintegrating and consumers are going elsewhere it is this kind of analysis that's going to promote this movement so doctor can help really is not in the mainstream here with DISA this is the future you're saying is it I think that is the future it's what people want it's what makes economic sense and more and more doctors are having to come to this conclusion because the patients are demanding it the patients are demanding it and their own system is collapsing around their ears is there a danger though when they when you're you're dealing with consumers who are demanding some kind of alternative treatments when they come to you what about what patients ask you about alternative medicine well it again is a buyer beware discussion if I don't know what's in the bottle and I don't know what the dose is and there are no studies to tell me what this drug does then I can't in good conscience recommend it to you I think really the bigger issue if you look beyond our controversy I think what you're seeing I agree with dr. Wilde you're seeing the fall medicine as it is now and I think the reason that he is so popular and the reason that over two million people I understand his website every month is that the doctor-patient relationship has eroded to the point that people need some compassion they need someone to listen to them to care about them to care for the patient and what they have essentially is a cyber doctor who listens to them and tells them things that they really need to hear but I think this should be a wake-up call to medicine I agree with him if we continue along this lines we are not meeting the psychological needs of our patients we have less than two minutes doctor well what does work when it comes to alternative medicine what do we know what are some of the proven therapy I think many herbal therapies are proven many mind-body interactions are proven nutritional therapies are proven the role of exercises proven the value of spiritual interventions and and community support is proven you know I also want to say that can't convince alternative therapies our one piece of Integrative Medicine to me that's not necessarily the major piece no integrative medicine is about working with the body's natural healing potentials with looking at total aspects of lifestyle which I assume dr. can oak would be interested in as well the use of alternative therapies is one piece of this mix do you use and I know you'd say you don't use them in your practice what about personally you're an athlete I you take supplements no I don't and I think the irony here is that I would actually describe myself as more natural than dr. Weil in that I believe that there's a strong evidence that if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables get your antioxidants and vitamins and minerals from Whole Foods as opposed to going to his website and thank 60 bucks a month for these things that there's solid evidence that that will help but I think you exercise you eat right and you're done I don't think there's any need to use unproven supplements herbal supplements vitamins or anything that has not been tested especially at six seven hundred dollars a year there's there's no rationale for that and you use what you sell I use what I sell I also say that I think fruits and vegetables are the first choice for getting all of the micronutrients in the diet well I have about 20 seconds will the FDA eventually here step in and regulate supplements I think it will have to you see that happen dr. Koon oh let's hope so gentlemen thank you very much we're gonna leave it right there next we view a segment produced by our health and medicine producer Pam white who talks with a Tucson doctor who is one of the few physicians in the country practicing pediatric integrative medicine do my enterprise risk management charter Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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