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What is capstone seminar course

What is capstone seminar course do my capstone ranch college station cashback surveys login ´╗┐so Herman Cain and Jon Stewart are in this battle or her Jon Stewart and Fox are in this battle and it relates to herman cain and we can't show you all this because of Comedy Central they'll show doesn't want us putting up their clips uh which is too bad cuz they're very funny these clips and then we're looking to defend john stewart here and mostly to condemn Fox John Stehr doesn't need us to defend right perfectly capable defending himself but part of the story nauseates me in a very real way so first of all let's run the clip to Jon Stewart made fun of and it's from Herman Cain and he's at some event earlier this month and he talks about I guess he's talking about the health care bill I assume yeah but he could be talking about about any Billy he's got a plan you may have seen this court before but it's funny engage oh don't try to pass 2700 paid bill and even they didn't read it you and I didn't have time to read it we're too busy traffic lil so now kisses good that's why I'm going to only allow small bills three pages read that promoted yet available I love responsive applause I love when people applaud because they think they're supposed to like when Oprah has someone on her remember Oprah had a television show it was a show called Oprah and it was hosted by Oprah if you say so and anyway she had a show and they would say something like to uh and then I got home and I made an eggplant parmesan after a long day pause and I really so he says three bills of three pages per bill pause I guess that's pretty good people have no idea what they're clapping for you uh three page about okay I want to talk about that before we talk about Jon Stewart uh there's a simplicity that everybody thinks that everything needs to be simplified in America straight talk straight talk yeah uh that's a perfect way of putting as if a three page bill a mean a is possible which we know it isn't because there's so many riders and provisions in a bill because the Republicans are so active and people like that Darrell aye sir and if there's so many earmarks to a bill as well and its law is law if there's no sort of limit on it it's not like you know when you're in fourth grade you see a two-page composition no more no less and this is what it's of the DS are very very different uh and just the idea that that in America now every single thing has to be simplified yes 2,700 pages is long it's why we send people to Congress and have them hire people once they're there to go through these bills it is not up to us to read a 2700 page health care bill its representative government uh and it's so forgotten by so many people I just frustrates the hell out of me that the people don't understand representative you know what a three page bill would be incredibly complicated of Malaysia we no idea what it means right to be eight billion interpretation and do you think anybody in that audience who they so who read a twenty seven of a we have time to live do you think anybody's gonna read a three page bill no no of course not if it was a paragraph people wouldn't read it you have time to read the three page bill over dinner worst dinner ever of all time and you wouldn't cuz nobody does cuz the people that care are the people that are reading 2700 page bill so Jon Stewart rightly made fun of that on his speech and he imitated herman cain's speech to a very mature mccain's manner of talking to a very very minor extent uh and then fox news went nuts and accused jon stewart of races of course uh and he didn't he didn't he did not almost i would think consciously he did not exacerbate herman cain's manner of speaking better speaking uh he just sort of tried to replicate it anyway here's now Fox has decided to completely focus on a jon stewart being a liberal which he admitted uh and then be liberal but fair stewart said and then be that nonsense about about her but not but not on the fact that Jon Stewart is also a comedian who's imitated thousands of people on his show right Jon Stewart says he's both liberal and fair is he really did Jon Stewart mock Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain because he's a black man at closer look at why the comedian gets away with his one-sided attacks Jon Stewart needs a lesson on truth-telling why is jon stewart in denial about his liberal leading Herman Cain says comedian Jon Stewart was mocking him here is an example of Jon Stewart's bias Jon Stewart gives his view from the left but can't admit he's a liberal mouthpiece Herman Cain on his feud with political gesture John's doing Jon Stewart breaks into his Amos and Andy routine at amok Herman Cain Jon Stewart tries to disguise his true liberal bias Jon Stewart says he's both liberal and he's fair let's see how that's working out Herman Cain says Jon Stewart was mocking him that's true yeah yeah he was mocking so are we right and Jon Stewart does not allege that he's a journalist either the all these Fox News Channel you know it's totally different so I mean I don't have been United I agree one of the things 48 now added to their argument is Jon Stewart is pretending it lets himself get away with all the stuff because he hot he's masking the fact that he's only a comedian when he's really echoing liberal talking points what which as a committee is allowed to do the revert i mean the the the reverse is not allowed the the inverse is I mean what what he's doing is is legal it's a he's not breaking it so yes he does get away with more because his committee but he's a comedian he has viewers because the funny community puts on a really good show Stewart says that his plan is to sort of sense a paraphrase to skewer uh republicans and mock their ideas any also skewers democrats and their ideas in order to give him the credibility to skewer and mock republicans um but uh so what gets me about this is what you heard some of them saying specifically bernard goldberg Amos n Andy the load some prick the worst man in america race-baiting great and the problem with what Bernard goldberg says and he's a bad dude is a really bad dude and he's a really dangerously bad hateful miserable man is that what he does is minimize sort of actual mocking and degrading of black people by suggesting that this is it no and gives a pass then in large part i'm sure he's criticized some on the right who've engaged in race baiting i don't doubt that but uses this as if that's really an amos and andy routine that he went into and by the way it does matter who things are coming from it totally matters if you've spent your whole jesse helms and you spend your whole life mocking civil rights and then you use a racial epithet well that's revelatory yeah if you spent your whole life defending civil rights and then you say something inappropriate in a speech joe biden write a speech or you know in when he was talking about 7 11 that's what I just in front of a camera copy yet then you recognize okay that was an inappropriate thing to say but we know where he stands because we have this record when they say if a Democrat it said that yet you're right it's different because your body of work matters and bernard goldberg you work for fox and they engage in race baiting and you've said 400 sort of loads not so much loads of things as wildly untrue things and and you've engaged in personal attacks both on television in books that you've written in articles and op-ed pieces that you've written you are somebody who likes to spew hate towards other people so then to take it down to saying that this is like Amos and Andy is ridiculous because this is not at all like Amos and Andy this is not uh you know you you know nothing like yeah and and you again you you minimizes actual racial animus and problems in the country exactly which is the big problem with this do my enterprise risk management framework Broome Community College.

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