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What is capstone project wikipedia

What is capstone project wikipedia do my capstone financial partners richmond va ap biology frq examples ´╗┐this is Byron Gordon for the SES conference channel and we are at SES San Jose 2009 where we have just finished hearing from Clay Shirky our keynote speaker this morning author of here comes everybody clay you talked about changing user behaviors as a result of the tools that the internet has bestowed upon us if you will and you had an example that I thought maybe you could share with us a little bit about hsbc recently and how they offered a penalty free checking account and went on soon afterwards well they offered the penalty free checking account to college students for the obvious reason students could could run up an overdraft to not suffer and so they got thousands of customers and then when the students were spread around during the summer they were spread out during the summer they were negged on the deal and so HSBC assumed that they could change this policy and have the students not react because the students were just hopelessly dispersed so a guy named Wes treating puts up a page on Facebook which HSBC had not been counting on and the facebook site became the source of such a large and prolonged protest among thousands and thousands of people that within a few weeks HSBC had to back down again so that was one of the early examples of a managed organization like a bank running into the fact that its users are not just at its customers are not just atomized and disconnected people they can actually come together and act as a group now because we've got these platforms that allow us to coordinate with let's talk about another example you mentioned now how tools these tools can be used to motivate and you mentioned the example of the josh groban and the gerber nights for charity highlight that one again for us romanized for charity is a group of josh groban fans who call themselves Groban Knights who got together and decided to raise money for charity and give it in honor of Josh Groban's birthday Josh Groban the singer it went so well that they did it a couple of times then they tried it online and all of a sudden it went really well in this year on track to have raised cumulus so this is a group of matures really people who come together and are doing this for the love of the thing who have nevertheless achieved what we would think of as professional scale and professional reach but interestingly they've done it without becoming without taking on the trappings of professional organizations they've kept themselves small and social and they've actually partnered with the Josh Groban foundation which is the professional half but rather than becoming one single entity they've said we wanted to keep our amateur status but operate on this global stage and and they're using these tools to essentially be able to bridge that gap to stay true to kind of amateur motivations while at the same time having these really big goals like raising a million dollars so let me ask you this you said the price or cost of sharing has dropped it sits so low that basically you know anybody can put up a web page today anybody can put up a blog it's and frequently do and does and it's forced traditional media sites that's even like the New York Times to consider publishing material that they wouldn't have considered in the past to publish is this in a way contributing to what some of us might call infotainment and does it hurt news gathering and collection because so much of this information is being featured now yeah I don't think the entertainment problem seems to amitav actually started in the 1980s with the rise of cable television the open and and surprising and what users are asking for from newspapers isn't more package more glitzy more entertaining stuff they're asking for raw data so very often they want access to source material the second question is really the 64 million dollar question what does this do to news gathering that question is unfortunately totally bound up not just in the desire of the public to know things about the news landscape but also in the advertising market and so we don't have a clean test of what would happen if we had an internet that enabled group action but wasn't completely destroying the classified advertising market for newspapers so the great risk that we've got right now is that there'll be this huge dip in the quality of journalism as newspapers start to down is whether they whether they go out of business or simply become smaller they'll be you know significantly smaller than they were at their peak in the middle of this decade and how quickly can we experiment with crowdsource models to pick up the slack and that seems to me to be the really big important question right the suffering of newspapers is baked into the advertising market and that's suffering you know a historic once in 50 year shift right now but what how can we take advantage of what users are able to do to improve journalism even as newspapers are shrinking it I don't know that we can do it fast enough to avoid this dip but that seems to be at least the challenge we face do you think more people are going to continue to pursue more the opinions they want to read about unless the actual facts this is the this is the echo chamber thing again this started not with the internet but with cable news I mean certainly the the niche ification of cable news brought about the sort of this this concern about the echo chamber one of the things that's surprising about the web is the ability to fact check so that when you get partisan stuff like the fake George Bush memo you actually did a fake memo porting to show that Bush had gotten out of National Guard service through through some shenanigans or gotten international guard services during the Vietnam War that memo was a fake but the people who unveiled the fake weren't the mainstream media they were the bloggers and so for people who are however partisan they are genuinely committed to facts there does seem to be a kind of ability to be self-correcting the big risk is really people who were who just decided they don't care what the facts are at all those people have always existed but now like everybody else it's easier for them to coordinate and I think one of the big challenges in in the political realm is going to be as with the birthers now the people denying the legitimacy of Obama's Obama citizenship that they may simply decide not to accept anything any evidence contrary to their thesis and the the great question is are we dealing with a ninety percent of the public cares to some degree about facts and there's 25 percent fringes or we're really dealing with only thirty percent of the public that's going to stay fact-based and we just get to enormous fringes and again we don't we don't know yet I'm betting on something closer to the ninety percent scenario but it's also admit it's an open question a subject for your next book maybe maybe who knows I mean will the neck the next book actually is to about this stuff I was talking about here stopping paying attention to behavior and instead paying attention to user motivations as they're filtered through available tools so that we can stop being surprised by new behaviors and instead say when when new capabilities come along what our users motivated to do with these tools because that seems to me to be a better way to think about the future then oh my gosh people are sharing and they never used to share before well nobody ever really gave us the chance before that's a subject for the next book thanks so much for talking to his collegues very much thank you for having me and there is more to come here at SES San Jose 2009 stay tuned do my capstone logistics terre haute phone number State University of New York at Cortland.

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