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What colleges accept ap capstone for money

What colleges accept ap capstone for money write for me capstone academy brea need someone to write literature review on finance now ´╗┐oh absolutely not my hand will not go near it I just want to make sure everything's being recorded I want to make sure this is all within the law I have no problem with you guys checking again trust me I don't I understand you're doing your job it's just this is the fifth time it's getting a little absurd you know it's almost harassment guys so how you doing officer can I have your name safe please summers officer summers and your name sir your name sir thank you thank you I appreciate your officers cooperation sir officer your depart your department check that and then hand me my robe back officer there's no sight meat'll all because i have to do that south needle no that's not true officer your department checked this weapon and told me it was not valid to me and gave it back to me what does that tell you right right that's the ATF Form that's on them I didn't fill out the ATF for officer I do not consent of any searches of my person I am not committing a crime at all I am walking down the street I will I'm not going to give you my name I'm not committing a crime sir you have reasonable suspicion I'm committing a crime right now well you're in you're in public so there's no presumption of privacy and you know that so so you're going to tell all these people do not listen are you gonna tell everyone in the apartments to not listen I should ask you guys that same thing again this is the fifth time am I breaking the law not at all I agree I agree but what are you supposed to do when you see someone lawfully engage in a lawful act but that does not require a permit in the state of Pennsylvania sir that is not a reasonable but that is not you what do you guys going to run a background check on me I'm pretty sure that's dealt by by the Pennsylvania stand check system sir I don't need any it's not required by law officer I do not 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time I don't but this is the fifth sixth time on this same block I've been held at gunpoint by your guys's compartment twice for something that I can't conceal carry because I heard what you said officer the only reason I don't conceal carry is because in this stupid state I got charged with a marijuana bull when I was 18 that is a prohibiting offense for life I am forced to open carry and I'm forced to deal with this BS every time this is the sixth time I've been stopped I've had firearms pulled on me for something that is completely lawful in our state this is wrong gentlemen this is wrong you should be following the Constitution I get you have to do a job I am there is no reasonable the president doesn't follow the con well there you go yeah yeah in a sad turning into freaking Nazi journey you gentlemen know about the National Defense Authorization Act don't you but yet I'm the crazy one for walking down the street with a gun well it did I am okay to harass me apparently you guys know full well you could have rode right on by and there wouldn't been any wrong wrongdoing in that at all is there reasonable articulable suspicion what what what what is the presumption of a crime can you cite the law please what was I doing wrong that made you think that I was committing a crime please tell me so you don't meet someone that doesn't mean you can all of a sudden just stop them that could happen anyways they should say good they followed in the steps of the law that doesn't matter but the gun was told me walking down the straw under me walking down the street does not constitute the needing to stop me this is not Nazi Germany gentlemen how many police cruisers are here one two three four four officers this is at least the six times seventh time I've been stopped all I wanted to do was walk down and grab some potatoes I've got food cooking at my house and I don't drive and being that the shitty state that we live in I'm forced to carry a firearm because as you guys know your response times what four eight minutes you guys are responders you respond you guys respond to something that has already happened you guys do not prevent crime that's enough that thank you do you have a problem with civilians being armed sir thank you good do you sir a complete waste of my time and yours this is a waste of tax dollars this is a waster four police cruisers for someone following the law for someone that is not your position to determine you do this you do not stop again I ask do you have reasonable articulable suspicion that I'm committing a crime of any sort that I don't need an identification to walk down the street in America this is not North Korea sir you're holding my firearm okay I would freaking hope so thank you could you hand that to me locked open please sir that's what they keep telling me and you know you should be telling the people on the phone hey what he's doing is not illegal that's not up for you guys to determine you don't stop every car that drives by and ask them if they have a driver's license do you on their plate I'll try I know you will when you guys look with me more well if you weren't you guys would have rolled right on by your commanding officer told me that you guys were going to be told about what to do when you acknowledge someone in the act of legal lawful open-carry I will be calling him I have all of your names and I will have a very strong discussion with that man because he lied to me no you do not that is not that it's not a reason to stop someone following the law does not constitute a reason to stop me have a good day I appreciate you being respectful sir I appreciate you guys not drawing guns on me I really do I appreciate you guys not pulling up and pulling guns on me you guys have done that to me three times in public you might not have your department has check into my name check my name you'll see I've filed tons of planes officer all right you gentleman have a good day capstone construction company llc order SUNY State-wide Colleges.

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