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What capstone means cheap

What capstone means cheap capstone realty harrison ar for money need dissertation abstract on love now ´╗┐this is a breaking news alert are you kidding me Jeff Sessions what'd you guys hear this this next story is gonna make you so mad but it's only gonna prove that what we've what we've said what we've known about Jeff Sessions for the longest time he is a deep state tool just like Paul Ryan he's part of the establishment I mean he is a swamp monster that needs to be drained faster than you can you know say Jeff Sessions this is this is disgusting he's not he's [Laughter] okay hold yourself Gary Jeff Sessions has released his decision on the Elan brothers yeah you know them the the the IT criminals the ones working with Debbie wasserman-schultz he's he's made his decision Jim Hoffa the Gateway pundit reports that the Daily Caller investigative journalist Luke rosy AK went on Lou Dobbs to discuss the latest in the in Ron a one Pakistani hacking scandal M one Iran worked for W Osterman Schultz for 13 years since she came into office in 2004 as a Florida rep three Pakistani brothers who managed the IT affairs for several Democratic government officials were relieved of their duties February 2017 on suspicion that they access specific computer networks without permission also known as hacking okay we were we've been covering the story now jeff sessions making his decision Abid Imran and Jamal a1 were barred from computer networks at the House of Representative in' and then Emraan had his court case rescheduled until next month then Imran and his wife avi struck a plea deal this week take a look there was a second hack that occurred the same week that the DNC was breached the same week that WikiLeaks started putting putting up this DNC emails the House of Representatives inspector general briefed authorities that there was this ongoing hack by Pakistanis who the Democrats is hired as IT guys and ordinarily they would have been arrested on the bat obviously but think about it the death that Russian narrative that they just decided to start pitching that very week you know how tenuous it is how backed by nothing it is you throw into the mix arrests of Pakistanis they hired by Democrats and on vetted at a stat for a simple similar Hackett at the identical time the narrative about Russia would have been impossible to secure and as you know that's all they care about it is the narrative are the the DOJ under Jeff Sessions is covering up a scandal that exposes the entire Russian narrative as a hoax it is within Jeff Sessions power to demolish this Russian narrative once and for all charge the Pakistanis with hacking Congress in exposing Democrats hypocrisy and negligence he has a list of witnesses and his FBI is refusing to interview them you know we've got the FBI refusing to accept evidence from witnesses the evidence in this they talk about is adventure vengeance or that they it's all they have all the goods it's in the server logs this case is open and shut and Jeff Sessions is refusing to bring the charges this case is open and shut and Jeff Sessions is refusing to bring the charges follow Jeff Sessions who do you work for men who do you work for this guy these guys all need to be brought up on charges debbie Wasserman Schultz she needs to be raked over the coals she needs to be dragged out of her office in handcuffs and you're not pressing charges man sessions you need to go you need to go I can't I can't believe some of the stuff that they let get away in Washington I mean look at Hillary Clinton she's still walking the earth as a free person rapist bill still going on book tours James Comey going on late-night TV and laughing in America's face after the Attorney General came out and said what he was insubordinate heaven in these guys going on Twitter having the audacity just slammed the President and make outrageous statements where's the accountability here Jeff you are the boss you're the one that's supposed to hold these scumbags accountable yet you recuse yourself from the rush investigation man dude you're a cock bitch too man I'm so pissed I know you are to forgive my my language I'm upset and this is what happens when I get mad lose my cool President Trump as we all have has been patient beyond reason he's trying to help Jeff Sessions and every way imaginable yet Jeff Sessions appears unable to perform the basic job functions of Attorney General you know what two words two words for you Jeff Sessions you're fired you are fired that's three words Donald Trump please myself on behalf of the viewers of the next news network fire this bastard on his ass and bring all them up on charges and bring them down Constitution Avenue in orange jumpsuits and I want to see them all connected with the with the chain chain gang those bastard criminals who are making a mockery of this country and its laws it's it's about frickin time if you agree with me on these points and you are just as angry as I am all I want you to do smash the like button just smash that frickin like button and then and then do it again and then to give it a thumbs down and then give it a thumbs up again and then put this out on your social networks share it everywhere I'm asking you to do this right now Jeff Sessions you've got to go I'm done we're done with you America is done with you see you the next report for the next news network I'm Gary Franchi thanks for sticking around I got to talk to you about something here's the thing okay we just saw a survey over 80 pee and they ask them their biggest financial regrets 84% of them said that they regretted not taking a chance on something that turned out to be a great investment maybe from buying that Ford Mustang from John up the street when it's worth a fortune today you know what those things going for ya think about it or - not buying gold when it was 300 and else back in the 80s now turning down that partnership opportunity for some stupid reason that you don't even 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right no you know the guy I'm talking about so do yourself a favor call noble gold right now eight seven seven six four six five three four seven thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next news network logo right here and you can watch our latest news reports by clicking here or for the latest breaking news click right here also if you want to watch the most viral news on the channel the news reports that Hillary and Obama hate think like right here do my excel capstone project 1 cheap Union College, Schenectady.

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