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Wharton business analytics capstone for money

Wharton business analytics capstone for money write for me paper technology books free download inside of a dog horowitz review literature here are some other fun things we do at the amateur radio or at least some people think they're fun what is a popular activity operating activity that involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period of time answer con testing so for example there's a contest called the Michigan qso party and the whole idea of this contest is for sations outside of Michigan to contact as many stations inside Michigan as possible and vice versa for well sort of not vice versa but prism it's the stations inside Michigan to contact not only stations outside Michigan with stations inside Michigan and as many counties as possible so that's one example of a contest when contacting what should you do in contact me another state or what's a good procedure when contacting another station in a radio contest answer send only the minimum information needed for proper identification and the contest exchange so every contest has a NIC what's called an exchange in the case of the Michigan qso party it's a signal report the signal report is always either 59 or 599 it never varies that and and the county you're in so if you're inside Michigan you give the county if you're outside Michigan you just give your state so the idea is this send that as quickly as possible so that the stations can then go and contact other stations and so because because the idea is that contact as many stations as possible right so you want to take the least amount of time to do that enak in that case the I don't know what you wanna say the location was was the stew estates or in this case of Michigan the counties but in some VHF uhf contest because they're there I don't know their operating area is smaller they use something called grid locators and question is what is a grid locator answer a letter number designator assigned to a G agree location so I think eh of uhf contest you want to try and work as many grid locators as possible not just States or counties depere I've interested in con testing come see me we'll work a contest what is it actually you know there's a this although they say it's not a contest there is sort of a big contest that happens the last weekend in June called field day and if you're interested at all contact me and I'll invite you to feel they come home well I just do it and we'll get you on the air and you can make some of the context for us one thing that the U of M amateur radio club has actually done from time to time is something called radio direction-finding question what is one of the methods used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming answer radio direction-finding and they make a contest out of this so they'll hide it a transmitter somewhere and the whole idea is they get equipment like a hand held in a directional antenna or whatever and try and find the hidden transmitter and you know that's they make a contest data but it actually developed some very useful skills you know if your repeater is all of a sudden getting some kind of weird interference you can use your skills you use during the fox hunt to find this this noise source and a lot of people find Fox having fun what would be useful for a hidden transmitter how to answer a directional antenna this next bit is actually becoming become kind of it important you know radio controlled models we're kind of as far as the amateur radio use for kind of it's kind of on the down the decline but lately with these these drones you know people are using these drones now that can go out of out of your range of vision right and so now a lot of them are using amateur radio because you can use higher power than you can with those unlicensed radio control systems that you can buy for drones so the question is what is the maximum of power allowed when transmitting telecommun signals to a radio-controlled model answer one wat you know with one wat you can get a pretty good distance away what is used in place of I dare identification when sending signals to a radio-control mile using amateur frequencies answer a label indicating the licensees name call sign an address must be a fix to the transmitter so obviously you're not sending your your identification when you're controlling the model but that's how they they decided to do that identification ok the next step did here is about voice over IP techniques what is the internet radio linking project answer a technique to connect amateur radio systems such as repeaters via the internet using voice over Internet Protocol so the U of M repeater is actually an irlp node it's connected to the internet you can both access it and get into the IRP network or you know just talk to people that have accessed the U of M repeater birl p I've had I had several very interesting conversations with people and Great Britain because they accessed our repeater here and I've talked to him last guy was a guy in Scotland who was a railroad worker and he was waiting for the train to come in and he got on irlp and I talked to I talked to him for about 20 minutes so it's kind of kind of cool some people say that dire I'll piros in really ham radio and yeah they got some some basis to say that but I think it's fitting is pretty pretty cool myself what is voice over internet protocol is used in the amateur radio answer a method of delivering voice communications over the internet using digital techniques there's actually two of them and I guess there's no other questions about there's another one called cir LP it's the other one Oh echoing I actually I'm sorry the the U of M repeater is connected to echoing that irlp that the difference between the two is ir el perú always requires an RF connection with echoing though you can get on the echoing network just from a personal computer and use the computer to talk in the to a repeater yes and in the way they they regulate that is you have to you know get a password from them and so you can then need to do that you got to show them your license you know send them up either a fax or a you know scan of your license what is one way to obtain a list of active nodes that use the oip answer from a repeater directory so the repeater directories often note if these are irlp nodes or echo league notes how can you access an irlp node by using DTMF signals so you can actually and I don't know the codes but I could just with this handheld I could access the U of M repeater hit the right codes and access the the irlp network and then I can punch in a node number and it would connect me to that node wherever that node happened to be one of the guys in our club his brother used to live in Thailand and he's a ham radio operator and he actually get on the Tyra Peters from time to time using I forget its irlp echolink and just to keep his Thai language skills up he'll talk to his friends there and talk to them and tie how do you how do you select a specific irlp know when using a portable transceiver answer use the keypad to transmit the irlp node ID and those are all online somewhere what is the name given to an amateur radio station that is used to connect to other amateur stations that is used to connect other amateur stations to the Internet answer a gateway so you have a mere Peter might be considered a gate you gen 499 general education capstone ashford Eugene Lang College, School for Liberal Arts.

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