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Wgu capstone task 5 presentation order

Wgu capstone task 5 presentation order download arduino nano driver for money chapter 1 review matter and change ´╗┐welcome back to stats insights on the fantasy sports so our Shannon Sun real here with Bloomberg sports analyst Alex / wasps are ready to break down some fantasy baseball projections our 2015 four injections are out we're going to go over our top 10 catchers now our projections are award-winning from the FST a so definitely something worth paying attention to especially if you have a fantasy baseball draft coming up and even if you don't just some storylines to watch out for we'll start at number 10 Yan Gomes Cleveland Indians now getting picked up actually among catchers about fifth but we have him at number 10 now earned a full-time role in 2014 posted at 270 average with 21 bombs and 74 rbis but we don't quite have him matching his offensive output of last year what's your assessment of him well this is someone who definitely has some big-time power you know he hit 21 home runs last year 11 the year before and a lot limited time but he posted over 470 slugging percentage in each of those last two seasons so definitely some consistent power with him something I worry about and also probably why he's dropped in our projections compared to an average draft position is that he's a strikeout machine this is he had a 23 point three percent strikeout rate last year it's a one out of every four plate appearances his wif rate was close to twenty-five percent one of the league's worse the K percentage and whiffed weight second worse for any qualified catcher last year so that really struggled but on the other side he also someone who actually hits off-speed pitching well and fastball as well so once he does make some contact obviously has a lot of power hopefully if you draft him as high as fifth best catcher he makes more contact and not whips as much this year all right let's take a look at number nine it's Yadier Molina st. Louis Cardinals he's been going about 8th in fantasy drafts Molina did decline a little bit in 2014 at the plate he posted his lowest average since 2010 although he did have thumb surgery in July so we'll give it a little break there but notably went home early in a hundred and one at-bats following his return to the lineup in late August although we want his seventh straight nationally Gold Glove Award that help you out much in fantasy although we do see him kind of rebounding in a couple categories what do you see for Melina this year yeah I think you're right i think you know this is someone who hasn't hit you know he hit three hundred and three straight years last year finally under 300 but more concerning to me and it's not like you're drafting on him really enough for his power as home runs but his slugging percentage was down to 386 last year the previous three seasons average was 481 so dropping 100 points in slugging percentage is definitely alarming he also used to be one of the best contact guys never struck out but last year had a k rate of twelve point four percent the highest for him in a season since his rookie year of 2004 and then again the ground ball rate he hit a lot of ground balls last year and we don't know he's not a speed demon say the least so if he's hitting it on the ground he's usually going to be thrown out highest ground ball rate in the last four seasons and he's entering his year at age 32 season for a catcher that can start to be a big sign for decline yes a big injury risk there and especially with so many young catchers in this category you kind of want to go for a guy with a little more upside yep well talk to me about this next guy who comes in at number 8 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays because he is 31 getting picked up about 14th among catchers right now had a great 2014 season with the Pirates that helped him get a nice little contract with Toronto and the Rogers Centre a little friendlier to hitters in Pittsburgh but I think that's kind of reflected in our projection of his counting stats but not necessarily in the average we have his average dropping from 292 to 41 now lots been made of the Toronto Blue Jays and they're stacked lineup but how do you evaluate Russell heart I think you're I think you know we're projecting over 60 runs and over 60 RBIs that your prick of a fairly good counting stats for catcher but this is also a guy who secretly hasn't played more than 133 games since 2009 so there is a bit of injury risk there even though he did have a breakout last year and I think it's not it's it's not uncommon knowledge that he's a huge regression candidate he hit 225 over the last over the previous three seasons before last year hit 290 last year or last year 290 but with a 336 babik so with the same sort of batted ball statistics hitting the same amount of line drives but more of those falling in last year this year you might see a drop in average but in a very good lineup score some runs yeah especially Jose Bautista Edwin Encarnacion you're in that line if you're going to put up a couple counting stats let's take a look at number seven it's matt wieters Baltimore Orioles catcher he is going about 10th in average draft picks now kind of a risk/reward kind of play here tommy john surgery last season but assuming he gets a full slate of games this year one of the handful of catchers that can crank out close to 20 home runs what's your assessment of Wieters coming off of Tommy John surgery yeah catcher coming off a Tommy John surgery but you're not you're not going to plug draft and based on throwing out base runners so it's interesting if you own or you drafted Matt Wieters last year you must have been blown away with that one month of production hitting 308 with a 500 slugging percentage she was so good for the first month of the year that he's actually voted into the all-star game yeah even though he stopped playing in the first week of May he had hit over 20 home runs in the previous three seasons he's always had the power but I noticed last year he's a lot different hitter was you taking Camden Yards to his advantage he was hit putting sixty-nine percent of all balls and play in the air in a small ballpark like Camden Yards it's clearly adjusted his swing with more power and more average so if he continues from what he was doing the first month last year he's a good steal at seventh rank so kind of a little bit of a risk oh yes total is that it coming off that injury all right let's take a look at number six it's Brian McCann a New York Yankees a guy that also probably qualifies for first base as well now he kind of struggled in his first season in pinstripes but he ended up with 23 home runs thanks to a nice power serves late in the season now we expect his average to improve what's your assessment of McCann at this point you talked about you know some of the older catchers like you out of your Molina I mean a little more risky of a pic do you think he's a risky pick I don't think any left-handed guy who's hit had seven straight years of 20 home runs a risky pick when I play their home games at Yankee Stadium in that short porch I think looking at Brian McCann season he actually scored 57 runs that was the most runs he's scored since the 2012 season but the one thing I worry about him is he really struggled to get on base via the walk his 32 walks of it last year were the lowest since his rookie season that season only played 59 games and its 5.9 walk rate was a career low by a wide margin his career averages around nine point one percent so I look for him to try to be a little more patient this year take what pitchers give them and try not to do too much and if he does that I could see possibly even a higher average and maybe even some more home runs all right well we got to take a break when we come back your top five catchers for the 2015 season coming up on stats insane masters degree capstone courses order New York Academy of Art.

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