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West point capstone project online

West point capstone project online write for me ideas for capstone projects in education mycenaean greek writing okay so it's time to test this thing right what we're doing here right this has kind of been in my experience it's been a crowdsourcing kind of project right crowdsourcing crowdsourcing the lawsuit no crowdsourcing the corruption in New York City politics via controversy is my but now let's change and see if this actually works okay because my my my run for Senate is not fiction it's very real it would be historical if I would be the first candidate in New York State history to take the Senate seat as a write-in candidate but let's not let's not confirm that it's right in at this time because we could still we still have an opportunity to get on the ballot in 2018 maybe as a green candidate or some other candidate reform all right but that's that's not the point if at this point if it's a run if it's a write-in they would be it would be very a very historical win for the Senate seat also Kirsten Gillibrand is up for re-election in 2018 will run at heart and if we shouldn't make it there then guess what 2020 Schumer comes up for re-election so we'll get him there either way we'll keep we're gonna keep we're gonna keep on it all right so I want to call this one opposition research right because again I believe that that politicians are supposed to answer to the people right it's it's of the people by the people and for the people you remember that remember what the founding father set it up for right so this is this campaign is is is your campaign I'm the you know the figurehead push you know push me out front right but so let's make this let's make this an opposition research thread Kirsten Gillibrand is the acting junior senator from New York all right so let's find out everything we can about I know I know soozee Elgon were having a discussion so on one of these threads and you're finding great information you know right now Gillibrand took millions and millions of dollars in corporate money corporate PAC she's directly linked to the to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation this senator was appointed by Hillary Clinton was pretty much thrown into the forefront after Clinton decided to you know run for president again and again and again but I didn't fail she Gillibrand took her seat in and was re-elected in a rigged election in 2012 so let's find out more about the heart connection her direct connection to the two crooked Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and how that money flowed into her campaign right so so that's all let's find out any any video that we might find on Gillibrand let's just try to make a thread so that so that I know and that you know exactly what what this person is and why we're making a run at her so you know I've already met read my you know my my platform as well pull it up right now so my platform is available on the down below in the in the box right and again it's a it's a campaign of We the People you know we the people if you don't agree with me let me know okay so you know the election is November 6 2018 my platform free universal single-payer health care for all free college tuition at city and state colleges paper ballots hand counted at every election by the public term limits both both House and Senate two year to term to two terms maximum right you could get elected for two turrent for two years and then if you're good well you can run for two more years and that's it legalize all drugs absolutely full right to bear arms no questions asked for day workweek convert us power grid to 100 percent wind Soula by 2024 raised the corporate tax rate to 80% just like FDR did make tax evasion and tax avoidance illegal again overturn Citizens United but there's more to it that's not gonna solve the problem make taking bribes bribing politicians illegal again right that's connected right reduce military spending by 80 percent that's that's 400 billion dollars saved right there right close the FBI in the CIA these these these institutions are are no longer working for the people they're working against the people that very corrupt organizations they work in secret now that's not how the United States is supposed to work so again opposition research it's your time you want to be in politics I didn't sign up for this right all right I'll do it if you I'm in if you're in because look I'll continue I'm still investigative reporter I'm still gonna Journal on daily activities that's not gonna stop right but I want to take that right into Washington right get right in Congress and and grab a Senate seat and and continue the discussion for the people right that's what this is all about right can it be done of course it can be done right all you got to do is not to spell my name right we've got to live in New York and you got a nod to spell my name right and you got to walk in and put my name down in the general election you don't have to be registered for a democrat or republican i independent that's how this is it's a pencil and write in at this time if we should grow and the Green Party wants to talk we could you might be able to do that but right now right in right in right in let's do opposition research let's find everything about this Kirsten Gillibrand we possibly can drop it into the links below so not just I see it don't email me it's just senseless put it in the even put it in the box down below where everybody could see it one less thing donations and and other things let me talk about donations right if you live within the United States right because this is a u.s. election if you live in a foreign if you're watching this abroad don't don't send money don't do that because it's it violates some kind of election fucking law whatever I promise not to curse so much anymore so I'll curse less I'm not saying I'm not gonna curse but I'll crystalline so if you're if you're living in a foreign place right now if you're abroad don't send don't send money but artwork I am very interested in artwork I'm very interested in video compilations and and you know creative messaging inter in print or things that can fit into a youtube video okay so so donations locally if you're in the US yeah sure things that that might be necessary at this point see like I have the my ghost of Brooklyn you know shade maybe a shade you know Conte for Congress or something like that things that things that can amplify the message at this point but the the biggest amplification is again it's not you don't that you send me something what am I gonna do it what I want you to do is I want you to I want to make this a campaign of the people by the people for the people where you're you're doing your you can make a video of yourself what I could you ask me I'll tell you what I'm doing I got a I got my old recording microphone and it's stuck in it and I got a cheap webcam that's all it is like my camera is a piece of shit it's it my walk-around camera is just a freebie it's a cricket right so you don't need a lot to do this that's the point right and I have an iPad so I I have some some good equipment but but make video and and and let's yak this thing up before before it's too late Gillibrand is we got to knock her out and we're gonna help her overturn citizens united by getting her out of office all right so that's all for now peace out internet of things world bank Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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