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Vb net capstone project order

Vb net capstone project order capstan winch 12 volt for money pigeon river mn fishing reports [Music] welcome back to the Curt Mallory show delivered to you by Dorset automotive coach when you think back to over the weekend against Illinois State Normal Illinois it really did seem like it wasn't tale of two halves the second half you were able to shut him out 13 nothing but as you said countless times we dig yourself a 24 nothing hole against anybody let alone against a top 10 team on the road it's gonna be an extremely tough hole to dig out of we did you know we got behind early you get a team like that that gets ahead of you 24 nothing it's hard to bounce back but our team battled that second half and proud of the way they came out and fought you mentioned your team battled and and we'll stick with the team but one individual Mekhi we're you know a pick six in the second half and when you even think back to fall camp when he kind of collapsed on the field had to be taken to the hospital and was a really scary moment back in fall camp just think of the evolution he's had for you and now he's a main player for you guys out there on defense why does Malachi done they go from a freshman learning in fall camp to now being one of the main guys in the defensive secondary well he had a big game and he's gotten better each week and you know he made some big plays he made some big plays out there I'm Saturday and what you really liked about him is he got beat deep and he came back and you kept back to do that that shows that he's got a lot of promise and we're excited about his future one guy I think that's also a man I think it's a great way to describe him has been Jonas Griffith he had Tookie Sachs in that ball game Ramone Clifford had another one for three sacks total but Jonas I mean you were high on him before the year it really does seem in recent weeks but all year long you pop on that tape but I'm sure opposing coaches are going how we're gonna block that guy how is Jonas though kept improving yes obviously he's a great young man both on and off the field and you know we're extremely proud of him and how he conducts himself and how he represents our program but he's doing a great job playing it makes a lot of great plays for us and he just shows up every week and he just plays hard he practices hard and we just of course offensively it was a struggle but I think a big part of that is give credit where credit is due to Illinois State that's a darn good defense I mean we talked about hanging into the game how out of their 12 quarters total on the year only offensive touchdowns were scored in two of them by the opposing team they played offensively for you guys where do you want to see everybody on that side of the ball be able to take steps forward so everybody can succeed it is you know I and y'all it's easy to put all the blame on you know he does touch the ball every play but you know there's a lot more to it you know we got to protect we got to run the ball to open up the pass game and the ball was put out there we got to catch it and so it's everybody when everything is clicking like we saw in the Liberty game good things are gonna happen we're very capable offense we got to perform better and there's no doubt in our minds that our players will respond this way we're gonna take our first break in the shell we come back we preview another tough opponent in the North Dakota State bison don't go along check out all the options you have at Dorsett nissan during our summer sales event on all de Nissan's so come on in and see all of our trucks suvs and cars and see how we're building loyalty through excellence at Dorsett Nissan us 41 salad terre haute or Dorsett Nissan calm welcome back to the Curt Mallory show delivered to you by Dorsett automotive all right coach from won top ten team to another in North Dakota State the challenge ahead for your team this weekend you're in Tehran well it is no different than every week we got to get better each and every week and we've done that we're back home we we got better as a football team even though we have known we don't have a win to prove it but we're awfully proud of the way we've battle these last four weeks it's been 37 days and our players rose up for the challenge and we got another big great opponent coming in this week one of your comments this week that I loved was you said when you think about major college football you know you think of the SEC you think Alabama when you think of the big 12 you think Oklahoma ACC Clemson when you think just FCS football definitely Missouri Valley Conference football though when you think FCS football you think North Dakota State that's got to be for your guys just this is this is the type of game you want to be in and especially on your home field no question no question you know what Coach bowl goes climbing the last 15 years building championship program and what they've been able to sustain it was very very impressive it's an elite program I had an opportunity with Coach Bowl two years at the University of Wyoming and what they're doing on obviously the experience I had there and the vision we have here and to build a championship program and what we're about to do I know it's a lot about you guys but when you look at their team we're kind of chatting about some of their defensive personnel there are guys there you go men is this their last year of eligibility because they've been so good for so many years what is it about their defense first that really stands out and some of their key guys that you have circle to know you really got a block to try to open up some things offensively play violent and they tackle you you're going down they're aggressive they meet at the ball they're they're fun to watch when we're at my oming we're in the same defense and we watched him a lot but the one thing that you knew about a Bison defense is that they were gonna be tough very well offensively for them we were kind of chatting this week too we've talked about the importance of not turning the football over from your offense that's something they don't do a lot that one is a challenge of its own but some of their personnel even though at times they can kind of be said there's gonna be a power running team they can probably do more than that but also they're pretty darn good power running team now they're gonna run the football and Easton stick does a great job a quarterback he's an experienced guy makes great decisions heading throwing an interception this year and you know the running game is is powerful they can break a long one but they're just gonna just try to wear you down and pound the ball and and get that home run when they can I know we filmed this earlier on the week so I'm sure this is a no right now when I ask you anyways but have you reached for that travel bag accidentally to think that you maybe have to pack it for this free kid no no I put that away it's great to be home this week we're going to need a great crowd which I know we will or I need everybody it's support obviously you get that excited for the job and finally coach when you meet with your team in the Sycamore locker room what's going to be your message to them before they take the field let's do what we do you know and what we do is we battle we fight to the end these guys are gonna give everything and have they've done it every week and I'm not asking them to do something that they haven't already done go out there and give their best effort and which is what they've done coach appreciate the time and good luck against North Dakota State all right thank you once again that was head coach Curt Mallory for more on Sycamore football you know where to stay that's right here at go sycamores calm for the old Ball Coach I am Luke Martin we'll see you saturday at Memorial Stadium March on [Music] capstone motor company gillingham order European School of Economics.

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