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Vanderbilt dnp capstone projects online

Vanderbilt dnp capstone projects online do my capstone logistics fountain colorado address nchrp report no [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] this kid president twice a day YouTube rewind 2013 she would be the wrecking ball stop talking and do some walking oh my god she's the Jazzercise lady sings Oh generation oh I wonder who that is because it's he's nobody in this video it's pointed that out there [Music] that was I loved daily graved so funny this is like a representation how crazy like YouTube is I'm like overwhelmed with YouTube right now [Music] there was awesome Oh just kidding I've done the way they bring in PewDiePie is amazing I love this ending why is he that warmed my heart I'd like to point out we've reacted to like that entire video now we're just bringing it together I won't watch it again so what was the purpose of that video it was like a recap of everything crazy that went down in 2013 it's like the year it's like YouTube in a year it's YouTube rewind so to recap all the famous viral videos of 2013 can you list off all the celebrities you remember seeing those you guys there's a Jazzercise lady I think I saw bethany mota in there pewdiepie jenna Marbles Girls Generation kid president right Freddie Wong I saw the slow mo guys I saw Idol from my music Daily Grace Tyler Oakley casting G I just seen Toby Turner Annoying Orange Smosh mystery guitar man nigahiga d-trix conversations with my two-year-olds Jimmy Fallon in the roots we're in it Macklemore there of course like the celebrities and stuff that like aren't youtubers but it's not youtubers rewind it's YouTube rewind it's the pop culture of YouTube so they're a part of the pop culture of YouTube is there anything you feel like they forgot in 2013 no no they pretty much covered everything well yes the ones I like and watch like Lohan theny wasn't in it they didn't put that crying baby thing in there I didn't see um Jack Douglas all the British youtubers aren't in there none of the gamers were in there and like that's a big community you can't just skip out on that they have beauty pie is that enough yeah oh yeah cuz PewDiePie is like the best gamer ever how do you think they did overall with making this video it's really good I got so much in so much like happiness and so little time you're just overwhelming me get a fuzzy feeling inside last year was pretty good but I think this year was a lot better it was impressive I mean the video was so well fit together I could tell they put a lot of working that cost some serious dough it's just not a YouTube video it's like a whole movie this is just some next-level so these rewind videos they get tens of millions of views right out of the gate partially because it's a great video and all the YouTube stars promote it but also YouTube heavily promotes it they put it on everybody's home page when you click the logo it takes you to the video is that fair well it is their chant mute is their website so I think it is fair that's fair because they created it they spent money to build the website and they're the geniuses it doesn't matter if it's fair because it's their company so they can do whatever they want I don't agree like I feel like it should get viral just like every other video I found that so annoying last year I like click on the home button and it sends me to the YouTube video like no I don't want to go here I want to go home it's all about money like if I'm probably they're gonna shut this video up if you know but it's how does it make you feel watching a recap video of all the things that happen on YouTube this year old it makes me feel really old like another year went by already it makes me feel really old like I know there's gonna be one next year now I'm gonna watch I'm gonna think back to this and be like oh my god I'm really old like time is going so fast I don't like it no just exciting because it's like nostalgic makes me excited like for next year is even gonna be crazier like the Harlem shake that one thing was so big we made one we made one that's how big it was like now next year I'm excited do you think about how time is moving so fast and you're only young once no but now I am stop it just stop it I think about it too much it seems like as you get older time goes by even faster and it's just scary I don't like this whole growing up thing in college stuff like it sucks I don't want to go to college and be stuck in a door and doing essays and things I want to stay a teenager it's so scary but it's so exciting because I want to achieve so much I went to kindergarten Pakistan right and I went to first grade over here who's the first day of first grade I was walking my mom I was like mom but watch like like I'm gonna be I'm gonna go to second grade they're good for your first grade first grade seems like yesterday and I was saying like oh I'll be in high school by next weekend it feels like that happened what do you consider the most important event that took place in the world in 2013 2013 other than Miley Cyrus is confused like a whole thing it was like stuck in a cave homework oh you're honestly have no idea that is a tough question is anything important having politically or in the world a lot marriage became legal in California this year country wise the government shutdown was pretty big there's the typhoon that hit Philippines Nelson Mandela died I felt like those shootings left right like what happened to humanity I think that the most important event on YouTube and off YouTube that really changed our world as we see it was um the Harlem shake you know I mean I'm laughed we cried and I think we grew together as a nation what is your favorite episode of teens react that you were in this year teens react smart the wedding speech won the case I won have you wills your like biggest one no we can't stop one that ended up getting deleted by Miley Cyrus I really like the blurred lines one because I felt like as a whole we really sent a message out to like the music community and to whatever his name is if he actually saw it and didn't block our video like Miley Cyrus in one direction did so thank you for actually appreciating us and letting us have a voice booth hopefully it doesn't take us down and what about for you personally what's the most memorable thing for your own life that happened this year I'm in high school so that's cool my godchild was born so that and I got a girlfriend I got my license like a week ago I went to my first high school dance I went to homecoming I've really made some good substantial friends this year I had my first Muay Thai fight that kind of proved - my parents are like when I go train I'm not like bush around they knew like okay these guys been putting working in this summer I like ran away from home it just came to the realization that I really do need my family and I really do love them and they wanted what's best for me and I'm just being a rebellious teenager now my parents and I get along a lot better finally one year from now what is one thing you hope you'll be doing so far in the future I hope to stay in school I hope I'll be traveling the world you want to be applying for like the best colleges and like really try to figure out my life I hope that I'll have ten trillion dollars and I will be conqueror of the world but I won't actually have to deal with the world I'll have like people do that and I'll just be like a really cool like celebrity but also like your friend and I'll also be like a lot richer and better than you but you know 2014 it's not here yet thank you for watching this final react episode of 2013 let us know in the comments what your favorite react episode was this year for the last time in 2013 help us by giving us a thumbs up we really appreciate it guys for all of us that teens reacted all the reacts thank you for all your support every single week goodbye the viewers and goodbye 2013 you steps in conducting research capstone order Bank Street College of Education (graduate school), Morningside Heights, Manhattan, next to Columbia University.

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