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Uw ischool capstone project cheap

Uw ischool capstone project cheap capstone veterinary clinic 2018 experiment movie review ´╗┐hey guys it's Christina so today I have another collective call for you guys included some fashion and makeup so the first half as everyone has found this company called a slog I've done haul from them before so about four things here so the first one is this a burgundy dress so looks like this it's a long sleeve dress and then the bottom of it kind of cuts off at a symmetrical angle so it's in just a comfy simple dress you can dress it down with some leggings or something you can dress it up with some you know like by high-heeled boots and make it kind of sexy accessorized up I just live it simple I thought it was a cute little piece it was only $15.99 and it will so comes in pink gray and black and I got this and medium because they were out of small so but that's okay cuz it's kind of stretchy so you don't want it to be too tight anyway so I will try everything on and show you what it looks like next I got this a white dress so looks like this a business in the front party in the back and as you can see it's all covered up in the front and then the back this is all cutouts like a criss cross I will try to us you can see but it's very sexy but at the same time it still covers your opposite you wear with a blazer and look all put together before like at one party or some business sort of meeting or whatever or you can take the blazer off and have like this sexy cut-out back for like Friday or something like that and this was only 11 85 and what size is this I got this again in a medium because they didn't have small so that's that then I got this a red blazer this is so cute and I don't have any red Blazers at and red is my favorite color so I'm just like how did I not getting any before so it looks like this the material is like not super super soft but that's okay so it's got one button and let me see if the pockets are real yes they are but they have like a divider in the middle so you can put a lot in there but they are real because some pockets are just sakura tips so this also comes in black let me see and like two other colors are all dark though I can't really click on them so this comes in like three other colors and I got again in a medium and it was 30 and 99 times lastly I got this a white top so it looks like this it's actually very different than anything that I own because I don't normally go for like this sort of like middle centuries of washerwoman sort of look but I thought it was kind of cute on the model and looks really different so I'm gonna try to one like I'm looking at the set right here and it looks very different so I'm gonna try it on it and see what it actually looks like but yeah this is in the front and you tie it up like this with a little ribbons or whatever and this comes in black purple and a red and this is 1359 and what's the size I think again I've got a smaller medium what's this it doesn't really tell you so I don't know probably got a small and thinking quite a medium I don't know I think it was small yeah looks like this is stretchy anyway so it doesn't really matter but on the model of those kind of more beige but a person is definitely white but I will try it on so you can see so we'll make a song down below and the other box for you guys to check out mix that one is some flash it is from fashionista flash tattoos there are a few different sheets in here let me see so in here get three four five six different sheets for not that expensive they're all difference I love them they're gold and silver and different shapes so you can like trade them with friends give them for the holidays I don't know just have them for different occasions there's so many different shapes um I don't know I just mope them so definitely check them out I love these tattoos and like I said you get a whole bunch for not that expensive so Oh link first needs to flush the two is down below for you guys as well next I got a couple of things from honest earth candles you guys know I've shopped with them before I love their stuff they have these candles that have a positive message on them that smell awesome and they also turn into a massage oil when you burn them so you can use them as a moisturizer all over your body and now they've started coming out with other products besides candles so like right here I have their body butter the did just came out with in lavender or should you guys this is snapchat it literally looks like whipped cream like it smells like a lavender so it's very like refreshing and actually soothing for before bedtime but if this smells like whipped cream I would just want to eat it like it looks so good and you start rubbing it in it turns into like a moisturizing oil so it's really really nice for just moisturizing all over your body for a massage even I don't know it's really really nice especially for the winter time because all of our skin starts to get really dry but seriously this whipped consistency got me like oh my god if they come out with this and a like a vanilla scent or like just cookie or like whipped creams smell like I would probably just need it yes it looks so good and then this is the candle I got this in lemongrass oh my gosh I love lemon it's so refreshing and I said you can use this as massage oil as well and the actual chart is really really cute so afterwards you can keep it like scrape it out and then you can just use it for like a makeup brush holder or something like that so a lot their company it's a vegan cruelty-free and let me look up the prices so so these candles are eleven dollars and they come in like a ton of different scents and then the body butter is twelve dollars and this is the only scent they have for now is lavender but I'm sure they will come out with more very soon so I will link their website below for you guys as well and they have no preservatives no petrochemicals you know the lace whatever that is no parabens no synthetics so it's all-around natural and lastly I have some jewelry to show you guys from happiness boutique so I ordered two necklaces that came in this cute little box so I don't have any jewelry on because it just filmed a haul video I have my watch on but I was like okay I'm gonna just take it off might as well cuz I'm about to show you guys this jewelry so I've got two new necklaces so each necklace came in this separate pouch this first one is called the summer daze statement necklace and it goes for 2624 as you can see it's a nice statement piece it's clear so it goes with pretty much any color outfit that you're gonna wear and it's gonna dress it up especially if you wear something simple like one of those dresses that I just showed you from a blog and then this is the second necklace that I got right here so it's a bit bigger and chunkier it makes a more of a statement like an white so I didn't want to like crazy colors because I wanted something that goes with pretty much anything that I'm gonna wear and this is called their black and white statement necklace and it goes for 27 34 some like I said these were from happiness boutique calm and I will link their website down below for guys as well and that is it for my hot so hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe and also check out my blog if you're interested in anything that I'm wearing my makeup off your hair and nails everything will be listed on my blog as always I'll have the link below along with my Instagram snapchat Facebook Twitter if you want to add me of your friends and just it so if you guys enjoy it and I'll see you next video bye it's like a moth brown that's so end right now oh my gosh it's not so good with like the kylie jenner at the trend and everything like that i'm going to swatch them all my here for you guys on the hand the top burns capstone en espanol order Lehman College, The Bronx.

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