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Us army capstone program

Us army capstone program capstone title countryside blackadder essay I've smite great pleasure to welcome all abuse been if you probably have never been to the former ticket office of Artemis editor global and International Studies my pleasure music Christopher chase done oh isn't it distinguished professor sociology and director and cloud reduce super research on world systems at our sister campus down south the University of California Riverside Chris Scott is a doctor man Stanford University and has taught at Johns Hopkins while riverside this research does cross based on quantitative studies the dependent some on the effects of dependence on foreign investment and he studies cities and settlements as well as you learn today I'm sure he takes the long sweep throughout human history his recent research focuses on into societal systems including the modern global political economy and earlier regional world systems one project to give you an example examines the causes of empire expansion and urban growth of decline in the Afro Eurasian world system over the last 4,000 years I want to make sure i did misplace a decimal point there as well as a contemporary process of global state formation you're not going to talk about that in real time yeah yeah and that's the thing we're going to be here till tomorrow another a body of research supported by the national science foundation studies economic political globalization of the modern world system for the past 200 years he's the founder and co-editor of the journal of world systems research which after a long heroic effort on his part become an official journal now the American Sociological Association and he's also edited two series with Johns Hopkins press in 2001 he was elected a fellow of the american association for the advancement of science volunteer who is elected president of the Research Committee on economy and society the International sociological association he is a central figure in modern world system spirit his today's entire the evolution of global governance and contemporary transnational social movement networks let's give a warm welcome well I want to thank rich and the others who invited me here and does everybody have a copy of the handout everybody not have one okay okay there you go now this is an outline and a bibliography I'm going to cover some actually two topics I want to tell you about my research so you understand where I'm coming from in terms of what i'm trying to do in terms of explaining human socio-cultural evolution and i want to talk about what's going on now in transnational social movements and a little bit about the future i'm going to talk too much about the future so it's it's it's a it's a mixture of things that only partly fit together well but i think that i'm trying to explain where i'm coming from because i might be interested in coming over here to join up with people and so they should understand what they're what they're getting I know okay the world systems perspective is the idea that human polities have always interacted with one another and that they continue to do so that that you can't really understand human societies by studying them one at a time that they always exist in contexts in which they're interacting with other human societies and Polly's the structure of authority and that what happens both exactly the events and what happens in evolutionary terms the invention of new institutions needs to take that into account that it's always important that that so all humans since we invented language which is the sort of scope that I'm doing it's a million years ago maybe 500 thousand years ago that's a the temporal framework is is human societies of all kinds small-scale nomadic peoples sedentary peoples people who in first invented agriculture so so and so prehistory and history that's thatthat's thatthat's the scope of comparison and its evolutionary but the evolution I'm talking about is not biological evolution it's socio-cultural evolution is the evolution of human institutions institutions is a word that we use in sociology it means things like money things like markets things like the library things like the gym all know what a gym is everybody has a gym one gym is a little different from the others but a gym is a gym it's an institution humans invent these things and these earlier small-scale societies have some of them but there's others they don't have others get invented later on to solve problems so it's that process of human social or McGann okay this is just societies okay there they are all together they're interacting with one another I'm going to complicate this picture in a minute but some world systems a world system is a system of Polly's that are interacting they're relying and fighting each other fighting here is understood as part of social interaction it's a form of structure interaction isn't all human society humans don't just fight with each other they fight with you in particular patterned ways and that's one of the things that we're studying so it's the international system now except that all all humans as I do this nomads do it too tune-o-matic groups meet at the waterhole whose water hole is it sometimes they agree to share it sometimes they don't they don't have to fight for the waterhole so it's important in all human societies some world systems are hierarchical but others in the modern one is hierarchical so we have the developed countries and the less developed countries and some countries in the middle it's not just that some countries are more developed than others there's a hierarchy it's like in sociology we study social inequalities are socially structured inequalities well world systems are like that some of them the modern one certainly is okay it's a set of structured institutions in which some people have big benefits and privileges and powers that other people don't have and that's reproduced over time it says the all you call it a stratification system it looks like a pyramid those upward and downward mobility here's the United States here's Bolivia and Kenya then there's a bunch of city societies in the middle we call somebody referral they're kind of they're not the most of all some of them are large some of them are small similar intermediate levels of development the first point I want to make is not all world systems have this kind of structure there are world systems that don't have it this was invented it's already institutionalized although it's works differently in different systems if you look at the great great great empires they add this if you look at sedentary foragers like the Chumash people that lived in Santa Barbara before the Europeans got here they basically didn't have much anything like this there were there were areas where the villages were bigger in areas where the villages were smaller Riverside had smaller villages over here on the ghosts they're bigger villages but the people over here weren't exploding and dominating the people in Riverside they were trading with them but they weren't exploding and dominating with a pleasant hiring hierarchies emerged in human history as power people invented ways of projecting power over distance but extracting resources from distant people and exercising military power builders so that's something that emerged just as inequalities within society hierarchies these these hunter-gatherer bands are not very hard they're a little higher but not very hierarchies are invented they're part of an institutional structure there invented for functional reasons and because the people who are high up and them benefit from them and try to reproduce a hierarchy does anyway this is the point is it's the comparative structure here is to look at world system systems of societies and see how their structures emerged and where they emerged and why and when write for me royal rangers capstone project examples American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

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