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University of miami capstone handbook for money

University of miami capstone handbook for money enterprise risk management based internal auditing and turkey practice good pecha ku cha topics for persuasive essays ´╗┐hey everyone its Jill we're with the prairie homestead calm and today I'm here in my barn I'm going to do a quick little video and show you how I go about milking my cow this is Oakley she's our four year old brown Swiss and as you can see I have her just standing tied here I don't have her in a stanchion or a chute this is where I do all my milking usually we have this little concrete pad that came with a barn and we bought it and it works pretty well there's nothing wrong with using a stanchion or a chute but when we got her I didn't have the time or money to put one in and so this is kind of what we were stuck with and so it kind of forced me to have to teach her how to stand tide and hold still and actually it was a good thing in the end so um if you do have a stanchion that's great but if you don't I encourage you to spend some time with your cow and it will help you and her both learn each other a little bit better um I just have her tied up with a really basic horse halter I'm a horse person by trade so I kind of do a lot of horsey things with my cows but it works well and she stands sometimes I'll feed her and sometimes I won't it kind of depends what time of day I'm milking I figure if I don't feed her it's not the end of the world she has so many hours a day she didn't stand out in the pasture she can give me ten minutes of that for milking so what I do first is I if it's summertime like it is right now I'm going to spray with some fly spray this is my homemade fly spray umm I posted the recipe earlier this week on the blog along with a bunch of other sprays and so I spray her down this just helps keep her more comfortable unless fidgety while I'm milking and it keeps me from getting whacked in the face with her tail well I'll probably still will get whacked in the face but I won't get whacked quite as much so I'm gonna spray her down and next I like to wipe down her utter and there's a bunch of different ways you can do this a lot of people use an utter wash or different soap solutions I prefer just a wet towel it does the job and it's not harsh on her skin I know some people use bleach and I really wouldn't recommend that because that's just I don't like that on my skin I really don't think it should be on her udder but this is just a wet towel I saved some towels from garage sales and use those and I'm just going to wipe down her honor this is going to eliminate any manure or dirt that's hanging out on her teets just gets her clean and it also is going to help her melt to let down just the massaging most motion causes that reflux that lets the melt down and so she'll be all ready for me once I get my bucket and start to milk after I wash her I just squirt the first few squirts from each tee onto the ground and this is just fleshing out any dirt or crusty stuff that might be in that tip of that teat and it's just flushing it out some people put it in a cup my barn floor is a barn floor so I don't mind just squirting it on the dirt doesn't bother me so I'm gonna squirt that out oh and I think you should know I'm actually not truly milking right now it's about two o'clock in the afternoon and so I usually melt in the mornings this is just a demonstration only so right now her calf has been with her all day so her udder is pretty empty so just keep that in mind okay my milking stool is really high tech are you ready for this it is a very dirty five-county bucket and it works I guess you could use something fancier this is what I use and it's just fine so I put that there now this bucket is important this is my actual milking bucket it's a 13 quart stainless steel these costs a little bit of money but it is totally worth it don't use plastic don't use glass you really need stainless steel to make sure you can sterilize it appropriately and get it clean I also encourage you to spend a little extra money to get a lid this is going to save lots of milk from getting clods of manure or flies or curious dogs sticking their nose in it so get the lid it's totally worth it and this is just a seamless stainless steel bucket and super easy I can put it my dishwasher to sterilize it or you can just wash it with hot soapy water so this one is important the stool bucket not so much okay so um when I get her feet positioned this is the perfect way for her feet to be with this closed hind foot farther back and the far away hind foot closer and that way gives me nice access to her udder if she's not standing like that sometimes I can readjust her a little bit and I just kinda let her knowing down here um and go to Milken I don't really have a set pattern I just kind of I start with the teats closest to me and kind of go around the utter if I do have calves on or like I do right now I will leave sometimes a quarter or a quarter and a half kind of depending on how many calves are on what time of year it is so and like I said are not actually milking right now because it's the afternoon so she has a lot of well she doesn't have a lot of milk in it so um and as I showed if you've ever watched my goat video this is like it it's really not a pulling motion when you milk it's more of a trapping and squeezing motion this is ruined she's try to get in my mouth buckle so if you just sit here and pull down straight on the teat rule your faces in the way pull straight down on the teat you're not going to get much milk out so rather you're kind of trapping the milk in the teat and then squeezing it out with a wave motion in your fingers so I know it's hard to see because the cameras are far away but it just takes a little practice but I mean you're you're going to get it if you just work at it a little bit so at first I would is melt with one hand trying to coordinate my fingers and then as I got better I could move to two hands and got faster and faster so you're getting rid them and kind of go every other teat and she will whack you in the face especially if there's flies like there all right now and that just kind of comes with the territory generally a milk cows are pretty I mean depends on the cow but they're not going to be violent with their hind legs once they get used to you Oakley every once awhile she will kick the bucket or she'll stick her foot in the bucket but I can usually if I keep an eye on her hind feet I can see it coming and move my bucket out of the way this cow at least is not lightning fast I hope your cows not lightning fast either usually I can see her pull her weight off and get ready to move that foot and I can move the bucket in time most of the time there are plenty of times that I have had to give my milk to the chickens because it's got a foot in it and that's okay too it just happens so I'll go around the teat and milk her all out she's not much under right now and then after I'm done I take the milk to the house right off the bat and I put it I strain it and put it in the fridge as soon as I can I don't really do at eat dip some people do I think that's fine if you want to do that I haven't had much of a need to do that I figure maybe this is poor reasoning but the calf doesn't have the teat dipped after it gets done nursing every time so I figure I'm not too worried about that if we Rutter is dry or the calf has head left bite marks on it I do have my utter ball hey I do have my utter balm that I like to put on or utter that helps with cuts and sores or if she's tapped so that recipes on the blog - I will link this that recipe to this post so there's my really basic milking routine if you have any questions please leave a comment on this post and I'll do the best I can to answer it and thanks for watching we'll talk to you later research paper on impact of information technology for money American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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