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University of alabama capstone college of nursing dnp order

University of alabama capstone college of nursing dnp order do my capstone insurors log in create a report in access 2018 with multiple queries stored ´╗┐all right everybody well this is us moving in this is currently the spring 2015 semester and we just got back to Berkeley as you can see we still have our luggages and look at that mess right there then just let me just zoom me into that cereal box yeah and for those of you who want who are wondering we live in a triple so that means that we there are three people people living here and we still have a bunch of that's my bed right there yeah and then up there hey Kenzie and her little shelter yeah dude it's hella all turquoise nice that's hurt I mean wasps then right there that's why any of you want to go ahead show show us your new makeup Oh anyways just just came back from Christmas you know use my new makeup collection that I cannot wait so you know hello guys so now we're just chilling in our room just give you guys just a mini tour right now of what our room looks like but if you guys want to see our full tour make sure you guys are requesting and coming on the bottom below and let us know so today is Monday and Malc a day and it's my room we're just gonna go check out our classes for the spring you see whereas we don't look like lost hopeless freshmen tomorrow so this is currently the unit two courtyards is where we live and that is our building up there yeah she got her OTD though zoom you in on her feet don't want me to zoom you into the stair in there she apparently dropped chicken on it she can never get us where anyways okay well which don't walk currently lost trying to look on the map for our classes you know so here's just some trees yeah right here a lot of us right it's a lambdas are next to Pimentel there's a statute yeah oh shoot I'm recording oh sorry which no well that's gonna be my classrooms already found one of them we are currently in the one of the chemistry buildings here at Berkeley now we have to do that intro - oh my all right guys sunny it's also cool I like I'll show you guys my class all right guys fine Oh 219 and 206 219 206 yeah what into my class so tired good walk up these stairs 219 and 206 hey to the 90s or here yay oh my glasses in my first class you know that's fine 206 so not to run here all the way to the other side over there it's okay for my lacrosse 2:06 no it's got scary it's okay so as you guys all know this is a say the gay of Berkeley that uh that is enough isn't that so pretty it's most of the students dream to walk under this bridge as you can see just to get into Berkeley but little do they know but how stressful it is just to be here right now so hard on it's so sunny skewer there it's G building Bear Cafe some like that but that's where we get all the bomb ass some chicken tenders and but now since we're on a diet we can't really mmm excuse them since right now we're on a diet you can't really have what's surf at GPC because I mean basically they just serve a lot of fast food you know my favorite their chili cheese price so good yeah right there brow hall just writing thirty one thirty two thousand a year toward UC Berkeley try not to use Farrell you see all these tree you know they're really it's it's really empty right now I mean all the leaves has fallen down like my hopes and jeans just we have no school that's why I mean you see there's brilliantly students but to see us you can't see me again so now we are back in our dorm just trying to figure out our class just crying over in my classes right now because I mean my college you have a lot of options which class you want to take but at the same time it's like which classes that uses to take and you don't know whether they're easy or not well if you guys are wondering you this is the view from our window it's it's pretty ugly me honestly there's always like some random guy popping up in that window I remain it's still not back yet from Korea she's probably still flying on I really hope she knows when we're coming back to school shadow tea Blogilates follow us subscribe all right we just finished working out for 70 or 500 years it's really crazy so you're like I'm not a guy they won in we're so tired guys one day this is why you guys shouldn't eat too much because when I work out 15 is real it's real it is I really become like this so all right so tell us what you're eating right now I mean this is just a little fun fact for you guys this girl hates eating vegetables or fruits anything that looks green eats green well currently right now I'm just on tumblr just thinking about my life gives you you look fat from that side turn-turn dry and fattening this all right what you see right now I'm just not tumblr scoring scoring just scoring her boyfriend scrolling through my life goals I'm just thinking about life in general oh yeah assuming for you going too fast alright anyways for me see homegirl just finished showering huh fresh off the shower you know they say fresh off the playin like hey you know there's actually a new series called fresh off the boat and when I saw that I was like oh what is this whose feature in it it's about you know Modern Family yeah yeah you know how they all like ye oh this one's about Asians oh we should watch it tune in on I think it's not English no it's not ABC I don't know check your local listings well it's currently 5:17 right now we're about to get some dinner I know I know what you guys are thinking you're gonna get our rations for the day please fat ass just finished working out and now they're gonna eat dinner but don't you worry don't you worry uh-uh honey don't you worry guess what I had for dinner yesterday I ate two plates of salads on top of just white chicken to call that healthy and I also ate salad this afternoon for lunch so I think that's what I'm gonna be doing for the rest of my life well until you know I could lose all these fat my stomach I'll start eating out again well I'm gonna head out to dinner soon soon as in 15 minutes all right hi guys so we're back in our dorm it's currently 7:20 and we would just got back from a floor meeting there's actually not a meeting was a social event and they had cheese to expand why but you know we successfully uh was it what did they say avoided the temptation temptation yeah we did it you know successful look so I hope you guys are proud of us anyways it's what time it is it's the first edition of a quote of the night sort of the night of our whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go just remember just remember how far you have overcome you have come remember everything you have faced the other pair is you one and all the fears you know now look out in the window alright guys here I am constantly even started and already have readings to do and this is so boring just imagine reading this every day Oh currently I'm reading an anonymous history no it's Auto anonymous history sorry but it's from my Southeast Asian class that I'm taking and I'm only taking this class for a breath but I'm gonna see how it works out with my other schedule because it's pretty boring I mean if you can see I mean just look at all these reading that I have to do and I'm just I'm just so tired of reading it you know it's making me fall asleep I can't stay up this is why I'll never be a history major well you know what they say you know what Justin Bieber's a never see never so anyways my my over there finally found our headphones although in the bars I have to move that whole bed right there all by myself yes hoping oh yeah and that HPD P I see signs when I made for her this little fun fact alright any more updates you want to tell us all for that well I already finished my camera reading for today and I'm already crying classes everything starting capstone research project outline State University of New York.

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