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University capstone project

University capstone project write for me internet of things iot history make article review on ability I think one the most regrettable thing since 9/11 has been the fact that we've all ended up going at the speed of Islam in theological discussion in societal discussion in moral discussion and I think it's a great shame because whatever Islam can or cannot do whatever the trajectory of Islam should not really be of great concern to Britain say I mean it's we can't have our own future spend endlessly debating the hadith I'm Department emails they're not very good or interesting loads of them are about ridiculous stuff and often say to people that's only because you don't speak Arabic if you spoke Arabic that you'd appreciated the new watch yeah yeah that's right that's right and and all the hadith about what you do with urine on the your trousers and semen I mean all of those are really really great in Arabic and it's just angling doesn't quite work that fast but but you know it sort of it's just it's not a very interesting discussion I mean it is Lamas is quite interesting there's not that interesting and and I certainly don't spend my life and don't want everyone else in my society and cultures spend their lives discussing Islam I think as well you know in most of the things I care about Islam is just the slowest kid in the class and we all end up speaking certainly have done till our 15 years at the level of the slowest kid in the class and I think it's sort of retarding our entire society's ability to discuss things I mean I don't want to talk about whether whether a woman should be giant in front of an all-male panel of Imam in 21st century but I don't want to be discussing I don't be crawling over the the quranic' or any other justifications I just don't want it I don't think it's a wise thing to do in a modern society so there's that first of all the second thing is but I I think it's in it may be Islam can reform maybe it's all going to go through a brilliant reformation process and so on but you know maybe it won't and I for one don't want my society's future to be predicated on bet which which is likely to be lost you know I'd love it if the Reformers I know you know many reformist Muslims and you know I wish them well I really do I want them to win but you know the history of Islam as you well know is that those guys often end up just all being killed and the literally win and you know I think that's a tragedy for Islam but it's not my tragedy not my society it's not my culture not my religion and you know I whilst wishing them well I just don't want American society or British Western European society to be caught up in that and I think that is what is happening as we speak it's what's happening in our societies as well as speaking at the level of the slowest kid in the class we'll all we're all talking that language we're all you know every ethical discussion every scientific discussion is becoming you know a tainted with it and you know all the artistic discussion you know I mean I'm very keen that people know about a lot about other cultures I'm very keen for that I like to you know do it myself I'm not I'm not a nativist sort of I don't you know I think that only preferably British food and British literature and British and yet I don't think I think the world is very very interesting but I don't want the entire world future to be spent discussing Islam and it just worries me normally that is what is happening but then here's is it starting to get if even though you may not be interested in Islam Islam is mortally interested in you and they have or who as the demographic realities change in the West we can't simply say you know what we've had enough of discussing Islam Murdoch so so there is going to be a head you know point a fork in the road and so the question is how do we handle that some for example have argued and I actually raised this with Andrew McCarthy or the guests on my show he was one of the federal prosecutors of the first 911 you know you'd always he's a lawyer he's I think a constitutional expert and I said you know do you ever seek for see a day when as all of Islam is some elements of Islam that are problematic might be rendered seditious and there is a legal argument to be made that to the extent that there are many elements of Islam that are simply there's no way you could reconcile them with some of the liberal values that we hold dear and true then that conversation is going to have to happen and secondly when it comes to say immigration my position has always been everybody is welcome as long as we don't feed a single inch of our liberal values not one inch so you could come in if you're brown purple tall short fat or thin gay or not as long as you abide by our values if your beliefs cultural or religious or others are inconsistent with that you're not welcome here if they are consistent or you're willing to leave them at the door come in my brother and let's live peacefully together do you ever foresee a time when politicians will be able to speak in this very clear manner because otherwise it's going to be Beirut in 1975 all over the world I am you that's a very it's a very disturbing question but I think I think that's the way we're going I have to say I am NOT not soon or anything but look my own view is that we're in particularly in Europe I know most about I think we're missing the opportunity of a soft landing on this you see I've seen in recent years the possibility of having a sort of softer landing on it mainstream politician tackling this mainstream Portage's also know the importance of not doing with certain things you know like the Home Secretary who the former head SEC is now our prime minister to is Manor don't use your your Conservative Party conference speech to talk about your favorite passages of the Koran you know just don't do that stuff and and it it seems to me that for short-term political gain people are still evading doing the things and avoiding doing the things they should be doing and holding the lines that you quite rightly described and we're getting worse and worse at it and it seems to me and I said it for many years but that you know out way way way to my side and I think to yours an answer to this or another kind grows and this really worries me I mean you know I've said for a long time you know if you've got a problem with the existing Muslim communities in your country not they're entirely a problem or a problem but it's very significant problems seem to be coming from them doesn't make enormous sense to keep bringing in more people off that same background because the problem will obviously grow the number of the proportions a number people growth and this for many has been a very controversial thing to say I think it's a very obvious thing to say but it's been a very controversial thing to say I've seen oh let's slow down limit the immigration and you can do something with the people who are here and in time etcetera cetera but now I find myself in this position by energy the president-elect of the United States you know it said on the campaign no Muslims it should come in to the US for a period and I I hear that and far more on the continent and so I find myself feeling um you know like the sort of wet lefty liberal on some of this um and Italy you know two bloodied it's franca this is very very troubling I don't think that everyone on the continent in particular who's opposed the mass immigration I think that is a fascist but we are from it but we really have to exercise enormous care and I think because of the name-calling and the lack of care and the cowardice and a whole set of other things you know we're leaving this job to be done by people that we would not want to do it and and you know they say it's a hard landing will be the only only resulting possibility and that should trouble everybody write for me learning internet of things book pdf Technical Career Institute College of Technology.

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