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Undergraduate capstone design for money

Undergraduate capstone design for money do my capstone school katy architecture 09 pdf ´╗┐hey guys it's me Dave from the Codel back with a new series of tutorials for you focusing on Steve's cards I did a couple of these in the past when I do a little bit better of a series here focusing on some basic cards all the way up to some advanced cards as you can see in the background here I have a basic card here just doing planting wheat that's when we're going to look at today so let's take a look at this real quick now in the future I'll be doing a bunch of other basic cards as well as getting a little bit more advanced in them but the first thing you're going to want to do is you're going to want to make the card assembler this is where you're going to do all of the building of the orig of the cart and once it's built then you can place down on the track and so it looks like that guy now depending on your progress in the game is going to depend on the resources that you have and what to use so I'm going to make kind of like a middle-of-the-road style of cart here and what we're going to need first is the hull so when you look in here you see this spot right here is where the hall is going to go so we're going to make the wheat farming cart here so I'm going to go with even the wooden standard or reinforced and then there's like a creative one and like a super one too but we're going to go with this standard Hall which not too expensive just iron so standard Hall you need to choose your engine so once this depending on which hole you put in here opens up so many slots that allow you for other additions to the cart for this one we're going to use the basic solar engine a little bit more advanced but still not anything crazy here so let's grab the basic solar engine this is because I don't want to have to deal with putting coal in there or wood in there to burn so that it can stay going and it's just going to run during the day like this guy and you see here energy he stays pretty powered up I mean it runs out depending on how big your track is it's going to run out quicker you may want to do coal if you have a huge track now the attachments we're going to want the basic farmer all and I just broke that alright so the tool you're going to want is the basic farmer and then you're going to want some sort of storage now the solar engine that I'm using puts the solar panels at the top which if you click on here you see it comes out of the top of the cart so I'm going to want my storage on the sides so as you can see here it's starting to build up as I'm using it so the tools and me the basic farmer looks kind of like a combine and then the storage is going to be there and this is all you need for the wheat farm is you can even add a little bit more to it but we're looking at a basic cart now this we can take 14 minutes to make and how you make it is coal to power and once it says that it's ready to go it assemble and start to make it what that's going to do is going to make the modular it's gonna make this modular cart with a standard whole basic solar engine basic farmer there's a hundred percent durability inside test and that's all we need for this guy to run now the other thing you're going to need is the cargo manager and this is just a bunch of iron in wood inside of here is where you're going to see how to how to control what it's doing now once you have the cart made let me pop this guide you're going to set up your track you're going to want an advanced detection rail pretty simple to make right there let me get two of them for that that's going to go right next to your cargo manager so now when put your cart down solar panels come out he starts to charge up you're going to start going around now for the week it's just going to do a line on either side of the track so on either side of the track on the inside and the outside you're going to want water in here to keep this stuff wet so that it grows hydrated is the word I'm looking for so now what we're looking at is we're going to place a little tiny track down make a day time you have your Cardinal manager you're going to change the output I do the output that's facing me facing the track we call that seeds grab a stack of those we're going to put those in there and you'll see that when he stops here and pull all those in there and put them all right in here that's where he's to be planting from and if you have a tree farm or tree farmer they're gonna be in the same spot so anything you'll you'll notice that whatever one that a can reach at the time so it's reaching the yellow and the red whenever it stops the red is going to go from let's click that so the right is going to be anything that's in the cart gets put into the cart manager and then seeds you can change by just clicking here are going to go from a cart manager or the cargo manager into into a cart so like if I take these out and I'm going to that again you'll see once you've stomps so take sow seeds he puts them in there and you can hold three stacks of 64 now it's gonna happen it's when I start to make these things grow he's going to stop and you can pick those guys up now this is where your energy is going to get used up she ran out of power but he's on solar so he's going to slow down a little bit but if you're out farming or whatnot in your mess around this guy's just going to keep doing this over and over and over he harvests puts it in here any extra seeds he puts in his spot there and then he moves on very basic hard one of the first starter carts I always start just so I have a constant supply of food and I don't have to worry about it when I get into the advanced carts will show you the fertilizer so you can have them following around fertilizing all this if you have like a skeleton farm definitely easy way to do that and then you'll want a way to pump out of this you're going to pump out of this into a chest because this will this will fill up eventually but the very very first basic cart is the wheat font not too hard pretty simple to make and like I said it's one of the first ones that I get into when I start my my playing in a new world just because then he's going to sit there he's going to make food for me and I don't have to worry about it we can get a little bit more advanced and with a bigger larger track which I'll show you here in just a second let's get a bigger one going alright so what I've done is I made a larger track put the water in there so I can keep the day outside hydrated I think diesel this one will get hit over here but that's fine that's just something you'll have to kind of mess around with let's grab stick feed fill them up and what he's going to do is weave around if you until the land on either side of the track he's gonna plant that seed and then he's going to move on just got to watch the power but once this is done and if you hydrated there's going to newly grow he's going to keep doing that you're going to have to fooled for days so hopefully this was helpful to you stay tuned for some more basic cards from steve's carts in like I said I'm using the unstable 1.12 pack if you like this or any more comments leave them in the comment section below if you want to support the channel to hit that like button check out my patreon and like always guys good luck and have fun do my kapstone paper and packaging cedar rapids Davis College, Johnson City.

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