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Uk capstone projects for money

Uk capstone projects for money do my capstone 1 mock case ne plus reporter au lendemain de la ´╗┐distilling at home for your own personal use is a pretty cool hobby unfortunately there's a lot of people out there that don't legally get to participate at all so today we're talking about legalizing distilling at home and I'm gonna go through five reasons that I think home distilling should be legal for everyone hey guys I'm Jesse welcome to still it this is the channel all about chasing the craft of home distillation and making it a legitimate hobby just in case you're new here I make videos all about distilling so if that's what you are into have a think about hitting the subscribe button down below come along for the ride it'll be really cool to have you okay so today we're talking about the legalization of the Hobby and I think it would be really cool if the rest of the world had the same freedoms that we do here in New Zealand before we get into this I want to point out that I'm advocating for home distillation for your own personal use I do not advocate for moonlighting or moonshining activities that's not my thing at all also this video is specifically about legalization of home distillation in America although I think all of the points apply anywhere else on the globe too anyway let's get started number one developing the community legalization will allow people to get together and openly discuss distilling people could geek out together sharing ideas and techniques I think this could be huge for home distilling how many more people would suddenly start home distilling I mean any home brewers are only a hop skip and a jump away from distilling anywhere right more people mean more minds more problem solving and more development have a look at the home brewing communities that have developed all over the world and have a look at what those communities give back to the Hobby and to the professional world you know what actually I think home brewing is gonna be a pretty good parallel to most of this discussion they've kind of gone along and done this before not only is it a similar hobby but it also attracts a similar type of hobbyist number two safety like anything I think this is kind of a case of safety first dude this is point number two remember safety second anyway I think it's fair to say that if you put in some solid research some time and some effort that home distilling really is quite a safe hobby I think it's also fair to say that with legalization and that improved community that we talked about before the flow and sharing of really good information when it comes to safety would be transferred a whole lot faster I think that joining a local distilling group would give new distillers like me a whole lot quicker induction to the world of safety when it comes to distilling and being able to walk into the local home distilling store would do exactly the same thing now look I know that that's not the case right now but you can't tell me that legalization wouldn't be a step in the right direction number three a faster advancing hobby after safety comes creativity and ingenuity the same freedom of communication we just talked about would likely also allow a faster creation and transmission of new ideas recipes procedures techniques research into the field would all find themselves growing quicker due to open communication and just sheer numbers once again look at home brewing how far is craft beer and home brewed beer come in the last five ten fifteen years I proposed that that was driven due to the DIY creative and inquisitive nature of home brewers if you're familiar with the home brewing world at all I doubt very much you need an introduction to these people just imagine if home distilling had a similar array of hero's how the Hobby benefit if there was a national home distilling competition what if there was such a thing as the distilling Network what about still Asif II okay look I'm not here to tell you that home distilling doesn't have heroes communication ingenuity creativity or champions quite the opposite every day I learn a little more just how awesome this community is but can you really tell me that being able to talk openly to meet to discuss things with a larger number of people wouldn't be a good thing for the community so everything we've discussed already leads in to number for a home distilling industry honestly we're already starting to see the beginnings of this but I think if legalization comes through in America there's going to be a whole lot of opportunities on this front first of all this new wave of distilling enthusiasts are gonna need equipment consumables and education sure right now most of the time it's easier just to do it yourself but perhaps after legalization that wouldn't have to be the case the increased demand and let's call them difficulties with selling distilling products could just lead to much more competitive and competent commercial opportunities once again this is gonna be spurred on by the sheer number of people innovating in the hobby and by the demand itself so the way I see it that's more jobs more paychecks paying yes more tax dollars to number five the craft spirits industry I think that legalizing home distillation could actually lead to more sales in the craft distilling world the newly found army of home distillers would likely become advocates for quality and craft spirits craft ambassadors even once again just look what happened in the craft beer world home brewers didn't stop buying beer in fact if anything they bought more they certainly spent more not only that but home brewers get excited over craft beer and they talk other people into trying and buying it too ok so now we have a higher demand for craft spirits more and more people experimenting and able to develop skills at home and an industry better able to deliver quality equipment hmm no wonder where I'm going with this craft distilleries listen all over the place like brew pubs toot I could get used to that and you know what I feel like that's already starting to happen but legalization could really give that a kick in the pants so once again more jobs more paychecks and probably most importantly for this point more tax dollars for those brave souls out there that have already gone out and started across the story first off you're a badass and you're awesome but more importantly if you're already established or heading that way you're kind of ahead of the curve and you could ride this wave it's an opportunity not a threat anyway guys those are my thoughts on what the legalization of home distilling could change a developing community that leads to better safety faster ingenuity and creativity and economic benefits in the home distilling and craft distilling industries so what can you do to help well first share this video even if you don't plan on home distilling yourself if you're sympathetic to what I'm saying share the video it literally costs you nothing but sharing it might just get this video to someone else that'll be inspired and really help make change second go and familiarize yourself with the home distillers Association there's a link down below as well they're doing good things and kind of tackling this problem from a political point of view I'm gonna leave it to them to explain exactly what they're doing because American politics are not my thing but check the links out down below so thanks for watching guys this is something that I've kind of passionate about so if you liked the video like if you disliked the video dislike it if you agree with me let me know or if you have something to add drop it in the comments down below thanks a bunch for hanging out guys see you do my capstone real estate network las vegas Nassau Community College.

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