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Uic honors college capstone

Uic honors college capstone capstone securities jobs english essays and topics for argumentative ´╗┐hello and welcome to another video from so Nigel Gresley he's the best I'm going to bring you a review of the class 3f Ginty oh yes this is my second attempt for the video and so I pretty much know how she owns them but I'm not going to tell you how she won d it and for many of you and what for my school mates in particular this is the first time you've seen her run and so this will be the first time you'll you've seen her run so um so yeah basically I did get this model from school I didn't buy it but this is from school and it's a DC model actually quite a nice one that's not a DC model and it's a class three of Ginty I did get this well my very my very kind friend Alex honda he is up he's actually got a YouTube channel himself it's just his name so just go along to his channel if well I did get it he let me have it for the day or for the night pretty much that Felice oh yeah and this is actually oh just look at it this is actually horribly it's a whole new model and we'll just look at it it's actually stunning um and well she runs quite really nicely as well but let's take a look in detail first what can I say it for this doesn't she look quite nice look at the front you've got riveting on the on the buffer beams and and well the only thing is she's quite an old model so she must have look she must have lost her buffers over the years you again you have riveting on the front of their the smoke box and then those side tanks look nice with the british rail and logo on there it's really quite really quite cool you can see that the writing is faded over that faded over the years as it's quite an old model yet again I say that and just look at that soup shiny linkage look how it reflects off the camera lights doesn't she look beautiful she's really nice there's that those are red and white lines just they're really pretty i love them and and what's better you even have 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little bit dirty but still I can give it enough reward and yet you can't see it on the camera oh can you yeah you can just make it out she's still moving no country you survive the expert she can she survived the standard corned beef turn out come on she this constantly cuts out no she did not survive the horn be standard point which is fable so killing locomotives let me tell you why if we can see this can you see this black thing there she stuttered on that and this black thing there she stood had done that as well and this black thing there three things which made her stutter and let's see if she can do it again at a high speed oh she was so stuttery those points almost killed her mm-hmm okay hush lass cool and she looks so stunning so nice Panzer get it going isn't that stunning isn't it isn't that looks so nice for the first time she's run in ages that's beautiful now she might go tell on the Express points yet again oh right hmm and oh yes those wheels do look quite dirty and have to give them clean and well she's not pulling anything and yet she has a traction tire two of her still thought she performs really nice and with such a slow motor a really nice slow motor she's brilliant Oh what is going on ah yes here we go dirty track she does not she does not like dirty track at all whatsoever this tiny specks of dirt on it my finger there cool that's quite bad isn't it mm-hmm okay she's she's good it shall be even better if you have really clean truck and telling you she'll be better if you have clean trucks and good points she survived at that time I think it's just well well she certainly does have a slow motor she's not going very quickly she's at one o'clock to take it quite a bit higher now that's me she should be all right and not die on the Express point oh she's she got going again but the points killed her she is off in the distance you that's how it full speed hmm okay okay so if you have clean track and they're got controller which I don't then she'll run well but she does here she running well that moment she's on cleaning such a new track but over there where the tracks all dirty where I never clean it she's a bit stuttery and on this point here so hmm okay running performance is pretty good it just needs to be improved a little bit okay so net review is going to be on the gwr prairie 45 XX this one is quite a good runner I love it the details stunning it's an it's an eight it's a 9 out of 10 for that performance its ass it is about seven because she stutters on dirt trap and rubbish controllers and do it I don't know what packaging is cuz my feelings just a normal 6 out of 10 for the package encouraged I've actually came in that and overall it's about I'd say 99 that said qui NOS model she's discontinued now because then she M she's old so you woke fine during in and you won't find her in them places you we have to find her in ebay but nowhere else have a good day capstone research fairfield nj order Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

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