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U of sc capstone building

U of sc capstone building business policy is a capstone integrative course explain the statement data validation formula in excel 2018 ´╗┐this is a good a script we are changed at our i'm joined by the one and only gigi bowman very beautiful woman who has been running for public office here as a third party and she's been going through a lot of intimidation a lot of harassment a lot of just craziness that's been happening to you Gigi can you tell me what's been happening with your run for political office here in New York State all right well I've been running for New York State Senate District five long island new york and the GOP on long island's did not want me on the ballots i guess the reason was they do not want to lose the Republican seat or the Republican hole that i have in New York they don't want the Democrats to win but I say who gives a damn both parties are exactly the same and the guy that I'm running against voted for the New York SAFE Act which is the reason I was running it pissed me off when he started when he when he pulled the lever and voted for the New York SAFE Act which infringed on our Second Amendment and I watched that vote take place and felt that the SAFE Act shouldn't even have been about guns they should have been about pharmaceutical medication they are used the incident at Sandy Hook to UM talk about and I talked about but they use that incident to push this bill through in the mill the night the check the senator is the assembly hadn't even read the bill when they voted on it and it was just a very quick thing they felt that it needed to be pushed through because of what happened to Sandy Hook none of the legislators stood up and talked about the fact that all of these school shootings one hundred percent of them were done by kids on pharmaceutical medication and adults on pharmaceutical medication that should be the issue that should be with the safe act is about it's not and I honestly decided to run for office because I feel that corporatism is our biggest problem we have a government that's in bed with big pharma and they will not talk about them they will not talk against them they won't even mention them they own the media Big Pharma they own television and right now I've just about had it with all of these news agencies ignoring my campaign I have to have people on Facebook calling up because they're aggravated that they're not seeing me on you know in even in local newspapers are cutting me in even on the ballot it's been reported by other people here who are trying to vote for you that you're not even listed on the ballot which you've been fighting for and you've actually been sued what five times and you have to go all the way up to the New York State Supreme Court can tell us about that what's been happening cuz it seems like voter suppression of the third party happening here in Long Island when you run as a third party you have to collect quite a few signatures i collected 5191 signatures with the help of my husband and some friends it took me the entire summer and they contested every one of those signatures as fraudulent which anybody out there who did sign my petition should be pissed off because you signed it because you felt that I belonged on the ballot and that I everybody has a right to be on the ballot I had 5,000 conversations with people who said after listening to me or reading my brochure I will sign your petition and you deserve to be on the ballot and the GOP decided that I didn't belong on the ballot according to them they they said every single signature was fraudulent I went all the way to the Supreme Court they contested at five different five different lawsuits five different times all the way up to the new york state supreme court and i won four out of five of these cases okay so I am on the ballot but even though I'm on the ballot I still had to send my court papers to places like news 12 news day got it wrong um some papers even said that you were not even running here in Long Island which is again just total discrimination against the third party you have to go through mid-major court proceedings that interrupted your whole campaign you have to go through legal court cases finally you won in the New York Supreme Court case but they defeated you in a way because they they made you spend all your time and all your money and all your resources on the legal battles instead of being able to just a run as an independent free third party well that's exactly it what they do is they distract you from campaigning they're suing you to get you off the ballot and even the small local newspapers like the Oyster Bay Guardian did not post me as a candidate they posted the other two the 20-year incumbents GOP and the Democrat they post them and they don't even mention me I call up when I see this and they don't even give me the courtesy of calling me back this is the same town where I called up to get a table at a local festival which is on the oysterfest they don't return my calls there is a game being played here the government's load whether it's local government or the big you know state government they're all in bed together with the media and it's evidence after running for office that if people I'm just an ordinary real estate agent mother wife from Long Island's people like me need to step up i run the organization's Liberty candidates for this reason I really believe that people ordinary citizens citizen activist need to run for office and you're going to get hell like I did but guess what while I was out there and the and the attention that i did get in the debates i was in i talked about issues that they're not talking about like legalizing industrial hemp for jobs and for you know burning for fuel I mean we have wars for oil and we have people you know don't want fracking nobody ever talks about industrial hemp I talked about things like how about legislative pay in New York is so ridiculously high that the senator that I'm running against his office expenses for one year were seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars and that was in 2010 I haven't gotten the amount for this year but we need to we need to really have more citizens like me run for office and you're going to get hell like I did but in the end it's worth it because you get to wake up some people I've gotten people listening to what I have to say because I'm an ordinary citizen because I'm one of them running for office so even if you have to go through this crap that I went through it's worth it and I really I wish that more people would do this and I will stand behind you with Liberty candidates if you want to run for office the link will be in the description below gigi is a very strong passionate woman here who's been doing a very honorable race even though there's clear voter suppression see still keep up the fight her causes are very much important to a lot of people a lot of issues that you don't see the Democrats or Republicans talking about she's talking about she's personally touched by the loss of her daughter because of the pharmaceutical industrial complex she's fighting a very serious fight unlike the mainstream media unlike all these you know major political parties your voice will not be suppressed here what's next for you um I want to take a big rest because I'm really tired and this is really warming out but I'm going to continue to fight for liberty there are issues that i really feel very strongly about like the labeling of GMO food and you know really it's not so much about labeling i'd like to throw a monsanto the hell out of this country like they did in europe we're being poisoned through our food system they've compromised our soil you know we really need to start fighting back and if we don't then I don't know what we're going to do so we need people to step up and run for office like I did beautiful thank you so much Ajit really appreciate your time ieee papers on hadoop technology ppt order Tandon School of Engineering.

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