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Trident university senior capstone project for money

Trident university senior capstone project for money what is capstone class scientific report structure aim mail ´╗┐everybody welcome back this is my second video with my mantequilla over here huh um and he has agreed to come on camera and we are going to explain a little bit about the Japanese grading system now I'm from America so pretty much everywhere in America it's a b c d f right and a is ninety percent above be is 80 to 90 c is 72 to 80 d was 60 to 70 and a half was below 60 which means you fail some schools you had to get a seer above to pass I think at my college at UCSD you could actually get a D and still get credit for the course so sixty percent or above and we're going to talk about how that compares to Japan but if you live in Australia or South Africa or Ireland and you want to tell us about your grading system please leave a comment below I'm happy to find that information learn about that information and share it with other people and then the other big difference and we're going to talk about this in a minute is GPA which stands for grade point average and this is really important to American students and not so important in Japan and we'll talk about that in a minute so first let's talk about the grades you get now are the grades these grades that we're going to talk about are they the same that you got in high school no no this is only for college okay so this is the gradient system I'm dealing with now as a teacher I have to obviously give these grades and for my classes it's still a percentage I you know if I give a quiz it's worth this many points if I give an essay you know the final exam so and they get basically three grades if they do well okay so the first grade is you okay so that's the hiragana and that's the kanji i drew this by the way no I didn't have Sakia so you is what percentage from 80 to 100 that's right so they don't have like an A or a B so um it's it's kind of weird like I feel like some of my students do really well I get like a 95 but they get kind of the same grade on there you know report card as a student that got an 82 do you see the percentage number or just the kanji yeah yeah see so they don't really know I mean unless you tell them like I tell my kids their exact number via computer but some just see that continue like your parents would just look at it and see the kanji yeah yeah so you could just say hey mom I got a you and it could be an 83 it could be a 97 so all right the next one next one is y'all all right very simple kanji actually haha and this this sound this Ryo sound with the extra boo this is a hard sound for me to say many of my students names start with real like real sky Rio da so I don't know why that I have a hard time saying that sound y'all yeah I know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna practice now so this one is uh what what percentage from seventy to eighty percent so that's basically like a C in America is real okay 70 to 80 and in mind when I went to school in high school and stuff you had to get a 70 to pass Addie was not good enough to get credit if you got addie you had to repeat the class but that's not true here you get credit because you can get this grade which is cop cop so very simple one one one syllable kunge well the country's here in the hiragana there and this one is 60 to 70 so as a college student do you care like if it's caught oreo or you not so much not really because when you know we were just talking in the other video like taki as a senior a fourth-grade student fourth year student and he's out job hunting and they don't really look at your grades so much do they it depends on the company yeah so do you have like an average like they add up like you got this many cause and this many use and ah yes ok so in America GPA is very important like if you have a 3.59 or you know to get to graduate school or to do this and obviously if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer engineer but um if you don't get one of these grades which means you pass and got credit you might get one of these grades hookah so that is unfortunately fail so that is you know I've had to give these out a few times this is basically the student attempts the class comes to most of the classes you know maybe doesn't pass the final exam you know doesn't do homework for whatever reason they don't get to that sixty percent and so you have to give them that that that means that they tried but they just didn't make it and they will have to repeat the class for credit top you have you ever gotten fuka wow you turn here first okay and then the other type of grade which again I've had to give out a few times is this one honky so hokey is um is like if the kid you know like there's 30 class meetings and they don't come to 15 of them or they just don't come at all from the very beginning or something but they're on my you know my role sheet I have to give them this great which basically means incomplete they abandon the course they stopped coming it doesn't mean that you know they tried and they just didn't get the points they needed it just means that they basically didn't even show up so um yeah so those are rare though most of my in my students are so the college life really in Japan is a little bit more relaxed don't you think then then college life maybe have you talked to like college students in Peru or Russia or something I have in the class yeah so we do a video exchange sometimes at my school with other countries so um you know we have to study in America pretty hard in college too you know graduate and want to get a good GPA a high percentage and it seems like in Japan sometimes you get like college is the time you can like have fun with your friends and you don't have a job yet you probably don't have a family yet so you can relax a little bit before you start to have a job yeah so it's it's not bad here unfortunately we live in a very rural town with not a lot to do so there's not so much mischief that the kids can get up to but what are some of the things you like to do for fun in hit around here hmm let me see now do you have a part-time job now yes you know most of my students when I say you know like we have this thing coming up called Golden Week hmm what are some of the holidays in Golden Week I'm kanohi yeah came poking and be good law or something okay and uh meet only nahi okay green day day and kono mama he uh children's shagged yeah so we have this kind of almost it's almost like a spring break later it's like a week-long national holiday everyone gets it off so but a lot of my kids I say Oh what are your plans what you did working my part-time job working my part-time job so but you're not working but you're you're job hunting yeah yeah so any plans for Golden Week anything fun no no really okay well there you have it College exciting college life in Japan so hopefully you'll understand the grade system a little bit better now that we talked about it um yeah I feel sometimes that my kids really as long as they get that sixty percent which is what grade is sixty percent cop car as long as I get that they're happy they really don't necessarily struggle to get you know the high-grade it's not as important like I wouldn't have been satisfied in a class I like with if I didn't get an A you know I wanted to always get an A and the whole like showing your parents you know straight A's this is that important like do they want to see uuuu of course okay now they're spending the money I guess to send you here so but yeah it so that the attitudes a little different so anyway if you have questions for talk to you of course about Japanese grading system please leave them in the comments we'd love to hear from you there's nice chatting with you will see you again soon see ya bye pay for capstone paper for money Weill Cornell Medicine, Upper East Side.

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