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Topics for capstone project in finance

Topics for capstone project in finance market capitalization formula meat packing industry progressive movement essay [Music] everyone my name is Sean Atkinson today I'm going to be showing you my music senior project let's start out with a background of project over the last few years 3d printers have been really growing in popularity and it seems everybody has access to one now this trend really inspired me to look into the possibility of 3d printing trombone mouthpieces now 3d printing mouthpieces is not a new concept and I'm definitely not the first one to think of it but I've never heard of a 3d printed mouthpiece being able to match the tone quality of a metal one I really wanted to explore that firsthand and explore the possibility of maybe replacing metal mouthpieces with 3d printed ones now traditionally metal mouthpieces are made one of two ways it's either CNC milled or it tooled on a lathe now a lathe will actually take a shaft or a sock of some metal and Aleksey spin it very rapidly while somebody operates on it with tool and it will slowly cut away material as it spins a CNC mill usually you clamp down a stock piece and they'll actually machine around it using spinning drill bit now either of those ways you get a lot of waste material out of it because you have all this empty space which used to be material until I got machined out now your most commonly used type of 3d printer in today's world that's called an FTM printer or a fuse and deposition modeling basically it takes an object in Printz it layer by layer and it just built it upwards [Music] now for the scope of my project I really wanted to pick a really common filament that almost everybody has access to and can use on those printers and when I started researching it PLA or poly lactic acid came out to be on top it's usually very cheap and it prints at a lower temperature than your normal ABS plastic filament and it comes in a variety of colors same with ABS I picked blue mostly because of BSU blue and orange after I'd finished researching 3d printers and 3d printing methods I had to make a 3d model of the mouthpiece now this may seem simple but it actually turned out to be a bigger pain than I thought I started out using my digital calipers to take different measurements of dimensions of mouthpiece now I chose the model one and a half G and 5g block mouthpiece just because that's what I have on hand and those are really common trombone mouthpieces whether you're a bass or a tenor player in this case I actually did a mold of the inner cut this is mostly because I do not know how to take measurements that deep with this pair of calipers it's just not talked with the accurate measurement and I was really striving to be very accurate so I actually created a mold that I then just took increments at different heights and measured and actually created a profile so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] once I had completed modeling the basic design in solid work it was time to export it as an STL into the mattes control where I was then converted into a g-code and give the printer information how I wanted to print in my first real official print was a 1.5 G or one and a half G that I just did a really simple design no bells or whistles or at all and the main focus on this was to see if the printer could actually handle something like this and it it does but since I printed it with the rim down like this it actually caused my rounded rim to flatten out as you can see and that actually was some of the feedback that I got later from the studio my second iteration on the 1.5 g i threw it a little decorative and hopefully tone enhancing extrusion right here now this one i did adjust the rim so it was it's quite a bit more curved but as you can see it's still printed flat for my third iteration i printed both a 5 g and a 1.5 g and i actually went into the trouble to do class at boise state and had the studio try out my mouthpieces and i gave them an anonymous survey to fill out one of the issues that i ran into with this iteration the third iteration was that i had to do a lot of manual adjustments with sandpaper and an exacto knife and you can still see there's some fragments within the shank and as you look down if I can get the lighting to work you can see a lot of spare extrusion material in there that was really hard to get out with piece of sandpaper and exacto knife just doesn't Bend without breaking at that angle I think part of the issue that happened there is that as I print it upside down that's going to be hanging a little bit too far for the filament to actually print very well and that's probably what caught it but again as you can see I had this sand a lot of this down granted it is a lot smoother than it was I don't think that's beneficial unless it can print like that but we will see [Music] you [Music] [Music] the most common issue that was reported on then anon in the survey was that the throat diameter was too small now while that's really great for tenor players who want to play high it's not very beneficial for us bass trombone players who want to play low it cost us too much back pressure and doesn't allow our lips to actually fully expand and get to the frequency it needs to be after I'd collected the data from the studio I started making changes to the design one major change that I did was that instead of printing with the rim down if so I actually started printing with the rim up now on this particular mouthpiece I actually had to print out a base material like this that would increase the surface area on the bottom and would support it as it prints up one of the issues I had when I did that originally is that I didn't have enough surface tension or adhesion I should say and they would actually lose adhesion with the printbed and fall over that actually was caused by the nozzle running into it as you can see here started out great in this case but since it lost adhesion that 7-hour print was for naught [Music] another big change I made after the feedback from the studio is that I increase the throat diameter you can see here is quite a bit larger and helps bass players play a lower with the better sound nicest thing about this type of printing is that I didn't have to do anything except turn off the very bottom of it and I just did that with a hacksaw [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so what did I learn from this project well with our current technology I do not believe 3d printed mouthpieces will replace metal mouthpieces there's just too many issues with it I spent an entire semester trying to get this thing to print out as beautifully as it did and I will admit Phil does feel a little bit funny on my face just because of the layers now I could have printed this with a higher or a lower layer height which would have decreased the amount of ridges or at least the size of the ridge I could have also used a heat gun to melt the PLA just a little bit so it fills in some of the cracks I could also use a different material there's a lot of different filaments on the market right now you could use ninjaflex or TPU which are both pretty flexible filaments you could use nylon there's a lot of things I could have done differently about this project but I really just wanted to go with normal materials that everybody had access to ok so again in summary I don't think metal mouthpieces are going to be outdated any time soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] write for me capstone project how to write order Watson School of Biological Sciences (graduate school).

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